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  1. not just reinstall windows but remove everything because i cant reinstall windows normally it just gives me an error so my question is how do i do that
  2. It fills up storage slowly and still have it after 2 full re installs of windows i dont know anything that could stop it or delete it any anti virus that could work?? or is there other ways?
  3. RYZEN and yeah but what's the best budget Cpu now??
  4. Hi I'm trying to build a budget pc for playing csgo dota 2 and stuff like that tought about RX 470 but don't know what I should buy to it I don't know much about amd cpus and it's the choice if your going budget so can someone help me with a build max around like 500
  5. hi i tested my mic and it randomly stopped work in rss Rainbow six siege there is a setting Voice Chat Record Level and it resets to 0 every time is there anyone who has a solution?????? im not sure where it should be posted but i mean it got something with audio to do so
  6. i just wonder how i turn Windows compadability mode off i have turned it off in properties but still says its on idk where i should post this so i posted it here edit btw its on origin and i cant play bf1 online with it on
  7. could it be that my psu was on eco mode didnt see it =)
  8. Very big and gtx 1070 gigabyte g1
  9. Just turned off in this pic
  10. This problem is only for bf1 but sometimes my gpu utilization goes way down and fan stop lights up what cold it be???
  11. well next day and cant even start games rip but i can overcklock the gpu