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  1. I have a 16gb Sandisk Extreme Micro SD card which came with my DJI Mavic Pro and it works fine but when I want to delete the footage from the drone it says it is write protected. I am using an adaptor (I have set the lock to both positions and no change) to connect it to my PC and I can copy files but the only way to clear the footage is to format the SD card through the drone which I do not want to constantly have to do. Any ideas how to make it allow me to delete the video and photo files?
  2. Did some googling and found that there is som software that controlls FN keys. Downloading it now!
  3. Since I am playing at 1080p 144hz the small performance loss is almost unnoticeable. When I eventually upgrade to 4K or 1440P then it may matter but for now I don't mind.
  4. I have three fans but I agree, the shroud and fans seem cheap. I had to RMA one as the shroud was falling off.
  5. PC locks up and then does not let me log in

    How do I check that?
  6. Two Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1080s
  7. Last night I noticed my GPU1 was thermal throttling (83c but I upped the limit to 86c after the fact) and I wondered would it be worth changing my 240mm AIO rad to be an exhaust instead of a front intake. Performance did not seem to be reduced but it is a bit unsettling seeing my GPU get that hot. Normally I have fine thermals but it was about 30c in my room when it happened when normally it is lower (heat wave in England caused the high ambient temps)
  8. PC locks up and then does not let me log in

    Yep I have windows on an SSD so luckily the disk repair is rather fast. I will check for updates later and I have a wireless card as my motherboard does not have wifi built in.
  9. So recently my PC has been locking up (mouse stops moving, can't open task manager or ALT F4 or anything) and when I press the reset button it reboots and says it has limited Ethernet connection (I am not using Ethernet) and when I type my password it says it is incorrect and to use the last used password as it is offline but it is the right password. After rebooting it seems fine but does a disk repair on boot up which is expected as I forcibly shut it down. This hs happened twice when I pressed ALT F4 to close Kerbal Space Program (freezes after the game closes) and once when I was playing GTA V. Is this a software issue?
  10. I have an Alienware 13 R3 (specs in signature) and I had to reinstall windows as it had a few issues but when I did, all the drivers got removed so I had to manually install them which was fine. I use to be able to press "Fn" and "F7" (on F7 it says I/D GFX) which would allow me to force the laptop to use the GPU and ignore the integrated graphics (after I pressed the buttons a prompt would come up asking me if I was sure and then it would restart when I pressed yes) but now nothing happens when I press those buttons. Games run fine but I have significant screen tearing in some and forcing it to only use the GPU fixed it but now I can not do that. Any idea how to make that function work again?
  11. PC Powering off Randomly

    If you have a spare PSU try that to see if your PSU as at fault. Also look on ebay and get a cheap GPU to try that (or use the motherboard video output but I have no idea if Ryzen has onboard graphics)
  12. Just wondered if formatting an SD card over and over will shorten its life
  13. New build no VGA output

    Yeah that's the problem. Sending back the kaby lake and ordered a sky lake as I can't afford to get two CPUs in order to update it
  14. New build no VGA output

    What do you mean? Change the source from HDMI to VGA? I tried that
  15. New build no VGA output

    Just finished a build with a Pentium g4560 and a gigabyte b150m-d2v and 8gb ddr4 ram and I connected to a VGA monitor and all the fans spin up but there is no output. What can I do?