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  1. Help with £300 PC

    I have been tasked with building a PC for £300 (not including OS) for media consumption and internet browsing. Ideally with a wireless card and small case (Micro or Mini ATX) and no GPU to save on cost. And help on parts would be great!
  2. Important USB not showing up

    None of them have an LED. I found out that it is possible to get the original video as I am pretty sure, like you said, that the USB has failed.
  3. Important USB not showing up

    I had no audio device connected. I'll try what @Pangea2017 said and i'll see if it makes the sound.
  4. Long story short I have an important USB which does not show up in device manager on any PC that I have tried. It has a video on it but I can not access it. Is there anything I can try?
  5. Best RGB solution

    If you have a spare optical drive bay maybe look for the old NZXT Hue on Ebay
  6. Overkill’s

    Doesn't matter where the radiator goes. I think jayzTwoCents did a video on that.
  7. Fan setup advice

    If the PSU fan is facing down (so it pulls air into the case) it will get exhaused out the back of the PSU and not enter the case. The three exhaust fans and two intakes would be closer to neutral air pressure as the AIO will restrict the air flow. If you want positive air pressure get three intake fans and then the two AIO exhausts and then one real exhaust or for very high positive set all fans to intakes and one rear exhaust.
  8. Overkill’s

    Get corsair HD120/140 or LL120/140 fans as they are some of the best RGB fans and they have good static pressure so you can use them on the AIO. Also get a lighting node pro with the LED strips for case lighting.
  9. Will it fry?

    Maybe get a fan hub with sata power to be safe. I know two fans is fine (as I am doing that) but it can just about run two fans so I would not really risk 3 fans.
  10. 240mm rad aio with 200mm fans

    If your case has mounting for 200mm and 120mm fans you may be able to mount the rad using the 120mm holes and the hope the screws don't interfere with the 200mm fan mounts but it would most likely be easier to mount the radiator on the top of the case and leave the 200mm fans at the front as it probably will not allow for both.
  11. Lower the settings in the games as it is most likely thermal throttling
  12. I have a corsair Crystal 460x with 6 HD 120 fans. Three of them are front intakes (two attached to a radiator), two are top intakes and one is a rear exhaust. I made the two top ones intakes as my case is on the floor due to very limited space and I did not want hot air blowing on me but I am now considering flipping them so I have equal intakes and exhausts. My temps seem ok and I have not had any over heating issues but I wonder if there are any benefits to flipping the two intakes.
  13. I use it when I play Forza with my friends who have an Xbox. Also I have never noticed any performance issues with it in game.
  14. I have had lots of issues with the Xbox app First try going to apps and features and find the xbox app. Click on advanced and click reset. There is a chance it may get uninstalled so it if does, just download it from the store. if that does not work you may have to reinstall windows but make sure if you do, you select the option to keep all apps and files. Also try this before attempting to reinstall windows (it is for a different problem with the xbox app but it worked for me with some other things and do it in safe mode with networking) https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/how-to-install-teredo-tunneling-pseudo-interface/754c8f29-3a87-4e77-babd-a69c8910e17e?auth=1
  15. CPU fan turning on and off?

    A doubt an evo 212 would fit in a laptop...