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  1. well if i spam f2 i get into the bios and can go into the boot tab is that the same thing
  2. i did load optimized defaults no change And i dont think i have extra sata cable
  3. while my main gaming pc is dead from my post below i got another pc from my basement its from my fathers work i guess they bought it a couple year back but didnt use it so they gave it to us because its old now Anyways when i try to install windows 7 ultimate on it after its done installing windows and it restarts then i get a Disc Read Error when it boots back up i looked in the boot setting in the bios and i moved the drive to position #2 because i cant put it in #1 when i move whats in #1 it just gets disabled so idk what else to do i mean the drive cant be dead cause windows goes onto it
  4. well i looked at the 2 blinking lights and they re the EZ debug lights and the ram and cpu ones are blinking but why would there be problem with both out of nowhere
  5. ok new update i took out 2 RAM sticks and now it turns on but nothing goes on my monitors and my keyboard/mouse dont light up either
  6. but why would it corrupt out of no where
  7. noot really we have a family pc but i dont relly want ti mess with it
  8. but why would it just randomly start doing this
  9. how and what happens if i reset cmos and the whole pc was bought on amazon but maade by cyberpower pc it was $720 the whole thing was cheaper then the gpu at the time beacus of mining but i belive psu was thermaltake or something something
  10. i was watching youtube yesterday and then my pc froze so i waited but nothing happened so i held the power switch to shut it off then when i tried to turn it back on it turns on and off then immediately on and off again continuously i have tried unplugging everything and turning it on no change oh and one time while it was tuning on and off it stayed on and got stuck on the msi logo so i turned it off and turned it back on again and it hasn't got to that again screen again PC Stats: Motherboard:msi b250m bazooka hdd:1tb it came with 8gb RAM 3200 but i put another 2x4 gb so 16 in total (this was months ago i added it ) CPU: intel i5-7400 Gpu: msi rx 580 also it windows 10 idk if that helps ok new update i took out 2 RAM sticks and now it turns on but nothing goes on my monitors and my keyboard/mouse dont light up either ALSO i just noticed this now there is 2 white leds lighting up on the side of motherboard they like go up and down NEW Update the 2 lights are the EZ Debug lights for RAM And CPU
  11. ya over the next few months ill due more research and see what i can come up with
  12. its cool and the only thing i would change is the case and maybe the lighting but i would still worry about me breaking something if i was to build it myself