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  1. i was thinking to go for a used 1070 so I dont lose too much If I break it and because RIP ray tracing
  2. Do you pay for floatplane??
  3. Hi, I would like to replicate the Xbox Sleeper project https://www.floatplane.com/video/YqO3Ah3yAx. I have access to all sorts of tools https://theshop.build/ and was would like a full part list of the build and more information so I can attempt to recreate it. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. yolofaces

    Phone Help

    I have an LG Cosmos 3; whenever I try to open the apps it just wont load. Please Help. Thanks.
  5. yolofaces

    Net Neutrality Prank

    Could you please give me some code or something i can run on tampermonkey or something I dont know much about this stuff.
  6. Hello, As an April fool's joke I want to make it so when my friend goes to YouTube or Google he gets a fake net neutrality thing from Comcast. I have access to install an extension on his chrome or some code in like tampermonkey or something. Please help. Thanks.
  7. yolofaces

    Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

    Any good Bluetooth Gaming Mice?
  8. yolofaces

    Mining as a Stress test

    Will mining as a stress test work for overclock stability test?
  9. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    update -.160 crashed
  10. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    update -.165 crashed
  11. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    this is on a y520
  12. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    my temps are great 58 -64 under full load
  13. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    which one XTU or intel burn test now i am using xtu
  14. yolofaces

    i7 7700hq undervolt

    aida 64 ???