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  1. I think I'll cover the sensor just enough to turn on the earphone. Thanks.
  2. I use Haylou GT 1 as daily driver. But the touch functionality turn off the earphone when I need to adjust position. Any suggestion how to disable the touch function?. I've tried googling but no solution came up.
  3. This is exactly what I did, put it in original box then 4 layers of bubble wrap, boxed in wooden crate just to be safe . The monitor did get damaged anyway and the insurance company won't cover the damage (I present photo before and after delivery, heck I even video of the unboxing, the insurance said "sorry, your good value exceeding our coverage", even though my monitor only costs $150 and they say coverage is up to $350) In the end, the lesson learned is to never take people for the thing they will do and there is no such thing as taking precaution too far. Can anyone assure me that the delivery company won't toss my stuff around ?. the fragile sticker certainly wouldn't and insurance company can always bailed out for whatever reason they can come up with. I do have bias against insurance company because this is the 5th they bailed out on me despite my compliance with policy and never late paying premium. I do hope insurance industry get collapsed in near future.
  4. I only took out GPU and CPU heatsink when I move out 6 months ago. For monitor better you sell current one and buy new monitor when you arrive. The monitor won't survive on delivery.
  5. I don't know exactly your usage. If the HDD is only cold storage (storing anime collection, old videos, etc.) the performance will drop but non day to day basis won't be noticeable, If you are storing active files (videos on edit, games) like the guy, it will be very noticeable.
  6. Long story short, my company gave me Logitech B100 as my old one is malfunctioning. B100 retail $5 here (Indonesia). First Impression First thing I notice how light it is. My gaming mouse at home (Logitech G400) is a lot heavier, bulkier, so much so that I need to use palm grip, B100 on other hand is smaller and lighter that I use fingertip grip okay. Why B100 is perfect for office use 1. Cheap. Being $5 even I can replace it every year no issue just for sake of having fresh peripherals in office. 2. Doesn't look flashy. B100 has no blink and looks just right for "office look" to avoid raising suspicion (some office prohibit bringing own peripherals). The plastic also feels nice to touch. 3. it can work without additional driver and precise without mouse pad. Some people here should experience how the new flashy mouse cannot work because it needs gaming software to be installed but you cannot install anything because you are using office PC (I know I did). Also being optical it can still work no issue without mouse pad. I conclusion I highly recommend Logitech B100 as daily driver or default mouse in the office. The only downside I can think of is the low dpi (800 DPI) which I know may not be enough for hi res monitor.
  7. I would: 1. Connect thumb drive directly to motherboard. 2. Use Legacy mode in the boot option 3. Disable secure boot Just to be sure, are you using Windows 10 ISO directly from microsoft?
  8. Have tried removing old driver using standalone software like Display Driver Uninstaller. Hopefully it's just Nvidia driver stuck in your system causing the crash.
  9. Looks great to me, in fact it's 10x better that my current rig that is rocking i5 ivy bridge. Why you ask?, because I only use my PC to watch movies and tv series.
  10. 92 hectares are indeed small by corporate standard. Palm oil plantation can clear 2,500 hectare and still considered "very small plantation", the bigger ones can range 15,000 to 20,000 hectares. I know because I used to work in the industry. Although compared to other manufacturing industries 92 is big industries complex. Honda in Indonesia as example have 45 Hectare, and they are pumping out 5 Million motorcycle and 200,000 cars in a year.
  11. I would replace the thermal paste (either DIY by shop). Like others saying, maybe GPU overheating.
  12. I use , good enough to stay away from government censorship
  13. Sounds like bad driver stuck in the system. Have tried using program to completely uninstall driver like this one? https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  14. Strong statement indeed. As far as I remember only crypto caused colossal GPU shortage, that's why I'm saying it. Often times it was just small hiccup in production, nothing to worry about. Do you remember any other GPU shortage than crypto mining boom?