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  1. Hello! I needed some help choosing out parts for a new $1400 PC. It's for a friend, and this will be his first build. He needs all peripherals with it as well, besides a headset. The build is only for gaming, nothing else, and all he plays is Overwatch. He does need WiFi on the board as well. IDK which parts to choose that would be easy to maintain and be easy to build. I do know he wants a 144hz monitor though, he plays super competitively. Thanks! Oh and a friend of mine is selling his EVGA 1070 SC for $300 I was considering on buying for this build.
  2. I think I can get him to spend the extra cash, thanks for the help!
  3. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/pVrWf8 Heres the final build, but I'm thinking on how to shave a couple of dollars. I still have to get the WiFi card lmao
  4. He does care a lot about the looks, just like most PC builders lol. So I was thinking to add some custom cables and LEDs maybe?
  5. He doesn't need the build immediately, so I do think he should wait for the new AMD CPUs and GPUs.
  6. Are there 24 in 144hz 1440p IPS monitors?
  7. So.. what about something like this? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/qtwjJV
  8. It was 144hz though, the extra power would've been helpful to hit those higher frame rates.
  9. Oh, and he is going to use this rig for gaming, he does prefer monitors above 60hz!
  10. Hello! I haven't on these forums for a while, but it's about time I returned. I need some help planning a new build for a friend. He is new in PC gaming, but he knows enough to build one. He understands what GPUs are, and CPUs etc.. Point is, he has $2k to blow on an entire rig. The budget has to include monitor and peripherals. And he doesn't use ethernet, so WiFi is a must. Oh, and we want this to be as future proof as possible, meaning he won't have to upgrade major parts of the build within 4 - 5 years. (We can go past $2k a tad bit if required). - Thanks!
  11. The more important question is why are you getting an M.2 SSD? There really overpriced and show minor performance gain (in real world usage).