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  1. I took up the advice of my fellow comrade and purchased a Lenovo T460. It arrives on Saturday. I'm quite surprised however, on the upgradable potential for such portable devices. I didn't Imagine said potential for low end devices like the one previously mentioned.
  2. Hmm the T460 seems like a decent deal even though its a bit above my intended price range. But it does seem worth the extra cost
  3. Greetings gentlemen. I am seriously considering purchasing a Chromebook due to the simplicity of them. however I have been detached from the technology world for a couple years now and have no clue what is best. I'm not entirely sure how they function but I am very drawn to them. My price range would be around $200, $300 if absolutely necessary. I mainly plan on using it for websites and documentation. I would also like it to be able to run Android apps so I have the option to play games on it. Thanks in advance gentlemen. Your shared knowledge is quite appreciated.
  4. Recovery mode says its running properly and doesn't need to recover, and well reboot mode I couldnt get it to work because of the wifi thing
  5. I dont know what that is or how to do it Update, just tried it and couldnt download and when I start download I get a Starting WIFI failed!
  6. Phone: Honor 8 Model # FRD-L04 EMUI Version 5.0.1 Android 7.0 I did a factory reset recently and notice that I couldnt type in anything, I could only use text to speech, didnt think much of it so I downloaded google keyboard apk. But I also noticed that I didnt have any apps installed, like any at all. No storage apps or anything like that. Just settings camera and gallery and playstore. I thought this was a good thing so I wouldnt have to uninstall any unwanted apps. But then I noticed that my bluetooth wasnt working, so I knew something was definitely wrong. So far Ive tried factory reseting again, Safe mode, airplaine mode and a few other stuff, dont know what the heck to do, right now Im trying to rollback to android 6 but I wanna ask you guys if there is anything else I should try.
  7. I did a factory reset and now every time I try to put in the password for wifi the text to speech from google pops up and I cant type it in manually. I tried skipping the wifi part but I also get it in the damn pin code part so I cant even use my phone at all.
  8. OH lol, sorry, Im a techy guy btw
  9. But what are those adapters for if I the cable still has to be set?
  10. Basically my brother playsi on a pc, modem is a few rooms away, Dad doenst want him to drill the walls, so hes stuck playing with a wifi adapter and it really sucks. What can he do in his situation to get better signal?
  11. Yesterday my mic went all sensitive all of a sudden and The level on it was at 100. But Idk what the levels were before the incident!!. I was messing around with fl studio If that helps at all. And these are the levels im referring to!
  12. Basically I have an Akai MPK mini which is a midi controller and was wondering if it could somehow be turned into a controller for functions on obs, pretty much like a stream deck.
  13. Your pfp scares me 

    1. minibois


      *Instantly gets flashbacks to "Nvidia Engineer talks about GTX 970 3.5GB"-videos*

  14. Yeah I can get them with inspect as well but I can only get them in 640x640