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  1. But a single 2400 4DDR would be 1200mhz you need 2 to get 2400 at least that's what I have always been told so 3200mhz would be equal to 1600mhz in single channel 2400 is higher then 1600mhz
  2. The scenario you buy a laptop or pc single channel ram 8gb but it ddr4 3200 mhz the pc has only 2 slots you have 2 matching dimms but its only ddr4 2400 from old laptop dual channel. You are not going to have money to match the 3200 stick for a long time do you mix and match 3200 with one of the 2400 or do you pull the 3200 mhz and uses the 2 8gb 2400. what would be better faster
  3. im looking at a laptop that comes with 1x8gb 3200mhz i have 2x8 2400 matching sticks would you temporarily remove the 1x8 3200 stick withc is single cannel and use the 16gb 2x8 2400 dual channel if you didnt want to spend more money quite yet.
  4. So question is I'm look for something I have a 1540 model Xbox one h Ave few generic pdp gamepads. Questions is there anything like a wireless USB hub idea, is like a nano plug in to like a Xbox wirelessly connected to a device like a USB charging station so the cable aren't just crossing the room to the console please if anyone see anything as described let me know I do plan to get wireless game pads but thinking what if I have friends over and don't want to spend $200 on 2 more gamepads also what if you to watch a downloaded move you put on your phone or on a USB flash drive instead of having to get up plug in the drive into one of the only 3 USBs you can just have a hub sitting on the end table next to you I deal is in a living room area.
  5. SI remember back with linus last balance video about how to provent a from a gpu bottleneck a cpu and vice versa but it was with high end stuff like what gpu would you pear with a first gen or second gen i3 would a 1030 run the same as a gtx 660 if not not a little better or at would a 1030 run same as a 1050 on a slow or old cpu like. The video on the r7 240 and gt 730 that may turn into the next gt210 my dad had one of them and it died sent him to best buy to get cheapest card they had and it was the r7 240.  so he could have his pc fixed that day he only had a amd x2 300 you wouldnt pear a gt 1050 with a amd Athlon x2  300. 

    1. I-r0k


      Is there anything you would like me to comment on?

  6. Linus? remember you mini fridge pc video how about getting one with a freezer put a water loop in it Drill holes in side of fridge so you can close door. Some silicone sealant and let fridge get to about 0 to 20 f use 50/50 auto antifreeze. Just have fridge near the pc.


    1. iKingRPG


      Nice idea! Hopefully he will give you credit I don't know how I never thought of that! He should get a medical freezer or something that gets real cold.