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    cockpit of a Me 262 (in my dreams)
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    memes, computers, cats
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  1. From your DTOM pic thought youd like this...



    1. Tiwaz


      Hey I aint american but i like the whole idea of liberty which is still very important in in a few countries (especially in the US)

  2. Tiwaz

    Need help urgently.

    did you try removing the battery and putting it in again`?
  3. I personally think that Dean Martin was a bit of a better singer and entertainer than Frank Sinatra, but Sinatra's awesome too

    deanmartin gif.gif

  4. y'all really need to shoot a Sharps Competition .45-70 Government if you ever get the chance to! so much fun

  5. thinking about getting a Savage .22lr bolt action to replace my older german 22lr 🤔

  6. Pewdiepie is sugondese :)

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      man, we're all very high at this point.

    3. Tiwaz


      i dont take drugs, i just like to shitpost with other folks here :D

    4. TheRandomness


      We can lock status updates too. This was getting out of hand.

  7. found this beautiful pic on google 😍

    91-30 Pu sniper forest.jpg

  8. wavecheck ✅


  9. Tiwaz

    Hyperx cloud revolver or Alpha

    .38 Spc or .357mag?
  10. everybody loves somebody sometime...

  11. Tiwaz

    GTX 570 Dead ?

    in our first gaming pc at home we had a gtx 560 and that one had the same issues after 3-4 years of use. I think there isnt much you can do and for a card that came out 2010/11 thats a pretty good lifespan
  12. check if both ends of the video cable are plugged in properly. Wie VGA and DVI sometimes the cable gets lose and the monitor shifts colour because there isnt enough input