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  1. it is a place of sanctuary, it will be here when it's needed
  2. AMD has Linus proofed their Radeon RX 5700 XT by Pre-denting it XD
  3. It's kind of both, Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C Connection, No USB-C no Thunderbolt 3. This dock has what it you need, but it is worth to mention that the version without the mention of PD does not charge the laptop while it's connected. ( If you want this for your macbook the 60w (watt) version would be enough as the included charger is only 30w, having more w wil not damage your computer as the computer will only take what it needs.) Also it effectively only has 2 video outputs. HDMI 1 and Displayport 1 are shared, as are HDMI 2 and Displayport 2. This will work with your macbook. And if their info is correct on the site this will also work on your current Laptop. "this dock is compatible with older USB 3.0 notebooks, as well new USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 machines."
  4. Looking through the specs of the monitor it's even verified to work with Mac. and it's also not thunderbolt so whoever made that choice knew what he/she was going for i think. Even so these don't cost that much so maybe even a monitor swap could help him out
  5. it wouldn't really do any harm to the Mac if you plugged it in to test it. If it does work then great :D. if it doesn't then you can look for other options.
  6. I also tested this out with a Non thunderbolt, Powered HP USB-C dock so that could be the difference between your experience and mine. which USB-C Dock did you try? Edited: if it is a single connection then usually they will work, but multiple connections are most of the time the issue
  7. i haven't any adapter/converter yet that does 1x USB-C to 2x HDMI without it being Thunderbolt. so you would need Two USB-C to HDMI Converter like this one: https://www.apple.com/nl/shop/product/MJ1K2ZM/A/usb‑c-naar-digitale-av-multipoort-adapter Or if you don't want the additional USB-A port and power Passthrough this is also an option. https://www.apple.com/nl/shop/product/HKQ22ZM/A/belkin-usb-c-naar-hdmi-adapter Although there are cheaper alternatives than the official Apple site ones. most of the time they will work anyway. Having that said, IF your current Lenovo Laptop Supports Thunderbolt 3 on the USB-port ( usually indicated with a little thunderbolt icon ) you can get a fully fledged thunderbolt dock, then both the mac and the laptop will be able to use that one.
  8. One thing i miss is the reinstallment of the Videocard drivers,( or i didn't read it properly ) are the SSD's both plugged in at the same time? In the Bios are they both set to AHCI mode instead of IDE ? this can be the cause of some issues, especially the AHCI mode setting.
  9. Looking at the USB-C dock, it just that, USB-C and unfortunately in your case not Thunderbolt over USB-C. Which means that the Macbook will not recognise the devices behind the USB-C Dock. so to connect your macbook to these monitors/displays, you would need a thunderbolt converter or a mac compatible USB-C to HDMI converter ( then again you would actually need two to convert two USB-C port to two HDMI ports ) i don't know if that is what you want. but the current dock will not work.
  10. this is a bad idea but fill the holes with something like resin and tap new screw holes seems like an option. OR replace the case. Or use slightly wider screws. Anyway I would make sure that the battery does not swell anymore/again ( I assume it has already been replaced)
  11. Note that this is a Turbo boost, not a full time set clockspeed. But you can extend it with the Intel Extreme Tuning software, i can send you some screenshot's of my settings when i get home if you give me a DM. Unless other people want to see it too which i doubt
  12. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    Then it's the panel itself that is broken. this one can only be replaced. or you can use it as a light...
  13. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    For as far as i can see it doesn't need anymore testing. you can press the OSD menu on the display buttons and see if that works okay.
  14. I have the Same CPU and you can over clock it by changing the power limit With Intel's Extreme Tuning software. then it can hold it's turbo for longer if the cooling allows it. which i think it does because i have the X1 Tablet and it holds up pretty well, and a laptop should do even better .
  15. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    Looks like that panel is done for.