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  1. 1.8tb written on 850pro

    It depends on your usage, we can't say how you are using it. It could be 48GB a day but when you download for example GTA5 on it it is 90gb for the game.
  2. Dell optiex 790 front panel pinouts

    could you try this?
  3. Dell optiex 790 front panel pinouts

    Can't you check it in the old case and compare?
  4. Anything I could get cheaper?

    this wil increase the cost considerably right?
  5. neither am i, just looking at posibillities here. It can also be tested using CPU intesive loads with and without the GPU installed to see if that increases the performance.
  6. it also depends if its 80 Silver gold or platinum rated. of not at all it could be under delivering power.
  7. You could remove some Harddisks and just connect the minimum. like 16gb ram 1 Harddisk/SSD and keyboard/mouse minimum load is 624W
  8. you can use the calculator on this site to put in your own setup. but the only way you can test this is to have a higher wattage power supply connected to see if it helps. if not then it is something else.
  9. https://outervision.com/b/ZZuGWz sorry to say but it could be that your system is starving for power
  10. what's the wattage of your power supply?
  11. Does this apply to you? https://www.anandtech.com/show/11726/retesting-amd-ryzen-threadrippers-game-mode-halving-cores-for-more-performance apparently the threadripper has a gaming mode. I do not know enough about this myself just yet.
  12. Just a guy interested in tech, and having stupid ideas that i'll post here on the forum :D

  13. Would it be a stupid idea to use a eGPU case and strip down a NUC to make a minimal sized gaming computer? most eGPU cases have some room left in which ( maybe ) a Intel Nuc size computer would fit without the casing. adapting the eGPU case of course. i kinda got the idea to do this as i was looking at a intel Haydes NUC. When you loop back a Thunderbolt inside the case you would ( in theory ) have a smaller computer with gaming capabilities. then a Mini ITX build. or just bolt it underneath and call it a day although you would need 2 power connections. or power the nuc over USB-C from the case... which i doubt will work
  14. Anything I could get cheaper?

    Differences here are €149 2666Mhz and €364 for 3200 any case, yeah that's a better option then
  15. Anything I could get cheaper?

    then we in the netherlands get S****ed with pricing on that... only $20?