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    Positive Mental Additude!
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    IT system/ Network specialist /Control application engineer/ AV Associate


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    I7 8550U ( OCed at 4,0Ghz constant)
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    Gigabyte Gamingbox GTX1080
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  1. Note that this is a Turbo boost, not a full time set clockspeed. But you can extend it with the Intel Extreme Tuning software, i can send you some screenshot's of my settings when i get home if you give me a DM. Unless other people want to see it too which i doubt
  2. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    Then it's the panel itself that is broken. this one can only be replaced. or you can use it as a light...
  3. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    For as far as i can see it doesn't need anymore testing. you can press the OSD menu on the display buttons and see if that works okay.
  4. I have the Same CPU and you can over clock it by changing the power limit With Intel's Extreme Tuning software. then it can hold it's turbo for longer if the cooling allows it. which i think it does because i have the X1 Tablet and it holds up pretty well, and a laptop should do even better .
  5. FastRDust

    Dell S2240L

    Looks like that panel is done for.
  6. FastRDust

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    I guess waiting would be the best option? It wouldn't get any updates i guess so getting it on release is not a must in this case. I would wait to see how some people compare this movie to Kimo no na wa
  7. Could also be a case of not receiving a chip before release. Reviews also take time so probably in the next week or so a review will be completed.
  8. FastRDust

    Noob question

    What kind of options does the sound card in Windows give you ?
  9. FastRDust

    Noob question

    Could be a setting in the Game, what sound type is selected? could be Headset, Hi-Fi, TV or maybe Surround? Also in Windows selecting Virtual surround could be the problem or solution.
  10. Benchmarked or full review: Supposedely a Review :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osSY5i62Vhg And Benchmarks:
  11. This is probably due to the 9700k being an I7 chip and not a I9. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-core-i7-9700k-9th-gen-cpu,5876.html I mean looking at the title it looks like you where searching for a I9 9700
  12. FastRDust

    Please login as administratior

    This is supposedly an update because before windows 10 you couldn't paste with the mouse, you would have to use the menu up top to paste from your clipboard
  13. FastRDust

    Please login as administratior

    Run the setup in Compatibility mode as well?
  14. FastRDust

    Please login as administratior

    opening the computer management( right click on the Windows start Icon) you can open "Local users and Groups" > Groups and there is an administrators group. add your account there as well if it is not yet added.
  15. FastRDust

    Please login as administratior

    So your account is an administrator account but is it also a member of the administrator user group?