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    Intel Xeon E3 1231v3
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 3
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
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    MSI GTX 780 Twin Frozr
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    Seagate 1TB
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    be quiet! Pure Power L8
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    Asus VG248QE
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    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
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    Corsair K40
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    Mionix Castor
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    Audiotechnica ATH-M50x
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    Windows 10

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    In a city that is in a country that is totally not on earth.
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  1. They don't have anything that great to offer on the HEDT plattform. Buy Threadripper, Coffeelake or Ryzen.
  2. Ryzen 5 1600 or Ryzen 7?
  3. AMD FX 8350 + DDR4 ??

    @Colty It is worse for future upgrades, since you are stuck at 6 cores whereas AMD has 8 on their mainstream plattform (Think Ryzen 2 and so on) It's also much more expensive. Comparing amazon.com: Ryzen 5 1400: 170$ i3 8350K: 210$ B350 (depends on model): 70$ Z370 (depends on model): 120$ cheap cooler: 20$ Ryzen total: 240$ i3 total: 370$ I think it's obvious which one the better buy is for right now.
  4. AMD FX 8350 + DDR4 ??

    Buy Ryzen 5 1400 and B350, best option out there for around 250USD.
  5. Get the first option, the GPU can be easily upgraded later on.
  6. Why the liquid cooler for those builds? Single fan liquid coolers are garbage. Drop it and get a SSD instead. I would get the AMD one since it is cheaper.
  7. Is 360 security virus free

    Best antivirus is common sense and not downloading fishy stuff. Some free anti-virus software just slow down your PC because of the high system usage, but aren't able to detect recent threats since they haven't been updated.
  8. R5 1600 is still a great and inexpensive alternative.
  9. Probaly power throtteling, the Older E chips have super low power limit. It's a way to prevent it from using to much power for little performance gain.
  10. Best Anti Virus for Business?

    Common sense.
  11. Crossfire 470s vs 580

    Crossfire and SLI all aren't perfect solutions, if you are fine with it glitching out some times or just straight out not working, then get the crossfire solution.
  12. Good build?

    Get the 2 GB version of the RX560, it will make no difference, especially not in CSGO.
  13. What’s good with a 7600k

    Then the Ryzen 5 1600 will still be better, its better than the 7600K in almost everything (new games, production, streaming...).