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  1. Most Storage devices are wired to the chipset, which also has "lanes" (depends on chipset). There won't be any interferences.
  2. As I can see from the video you have a hyper212 evo. It has a sleeve bearing fan, which means that the fan isn't as durable as others (which have better bearings).
  3. BTW: Typo: changed to "don't recommend it". The RX 4xx cards have different settings. I have a 780 and a 770. These 2 cards both have different power limits.
  4. Then it's probaly hard locked, but there is still a way around it. You can try flashing to an unlocked BIOS, but it's risky and can be a big hassle. It is a viable option and this has been done before, but I still don't recommend it. Do it at your own risk.
  5. Haven't heard anything bad from them.
  6. Should have put /s after it (No, this is not a joke).
  7. Radeon Wattman (software from amd, if you don't have it, search it up and download it from amd website)
  8. I think you can do it in Wattman.
  9. Try reinstalling the ram and see if that fixes it?
  10. Core count (alone) =/= performance Clockspeeds (alone) =/= performance Performance is based on a combination of: architecture, clockspeeds, core count, ram speed/latency, cache and multi-threading (with or without) and more. If you want to see performance of a cpu, look up Cinebench r15 benchmark (insert cpu name).
  11. G4560 and H110 mobo. Should be able to get them for 100$. Maybe you can find a mobo that supports ddr3.
  12. Budget? Cause there may be better options.
  13. Save up and buy ryzen?
  14. Another one. And another one. Jokes aside, it's good to hear that ryzen has oc potential. Edit: With that i meant, that it is good to hear that 4.1Ghz isn't a hard barrier and it has the potential to go higher (with sufficient cooling).
  15. Do not Base clock oc, you can damage your cpu and even destroy it in matter of seconds (without the ability to recover). If you want to oberclock you have to buy a ix -xxxxK chip. There are safety measures in the bios that prevent you from damaging, if you oc via multiplier.