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  1. Not all, only the same architecture, you can't crossfire GCN cards with TeraScale.
  2. Get something like a used i3 haswell, like the 4160. You can find some for probaly 50$ and a h81 for 30$. For the GPU I would recommend the RX 470 new.
  3. I can recommend buying the 6700K and Z170 mobos, since skylake and kabylake are pretty much the same. The 6th generation is pretty cheap now, or you can consider Ryzen 5.
  4. Does your mobo have a debugger led, if yes, check your manual and look for the number it displays. If the debugger cannot detect anything wrong, i would go into the bios and check there if all your hardware is detected. Report back if nothing works. PS: OMG I wish more people could spend time and make a post like yours. Most people just say "My GPU doesn't work" without giving any details.
  5. It does, but it's not a problem by far. Power on the new Polaris architecture is under control. Defitnely get the RX470 if you're not using cuda acceleration in programms (which you probaly don't).
  6. RX 470 is much faster and still under 200. Take a look at that. It's the best price/performance card under 200.
  7. For Gaming, both GPUs are extremly bad (even in price to performance, a 90$ RX 460 would be more than 2x faster for not much more money than those cards). Ultimately I would recommend saving and getting a better cpu and the RX460 or GTX1050 (if you want to spend even more). Neither of the listed cards can play any AAA games at a okay quality.
  8. What are you using your PC for? Gaming, Browsing?
  9. You can only crossfire that with other amd gpus of the same architecture. I recommend the r7 370 (maybe it also works with rx460, correct me if i'm wrong)
  10. Usage? Current setup?
  11. The 8300 can oc very far, you could probaly get it up to 4Ghz easily with that cooler (just turn up fan speed). At 4Ghz it should be enough to keep up with the RX470 and not drop frames, getting the i5 is a pretty bad decision since you have to get a whole new mobo and ram. Not worth. But if you really want to upgrade, I recommend @Droidbot's build, I have that Xeon and it performs just great.
  12. Not really, you can get a G4560 for very cheap. Making budget builds still viable (The G4560 has 4 Threads)
  13. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2851126/far-cry-4-woes-with-dual-core-processors-point-to-a-bleak-future-for-budget-pc-gamers.html
  14. If you're thinking of buying one of them, I would get the i3. Some games just do not support 2 Threads anymore. If your budget is higher, I would get the G4560 which is much better than both. Next time, it would be great if you could give us some more info.
  15. Recommend the amd RX 480 since it's the same performance and cheaper. AMD also has a video capturing software called relive, it's also been tested and seems to be on the same quality as shadowplay.