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  1. It's very bad XD. I heard so many stories, of how Geforce experience fucks up the game badly. Like the overuse of Tesselation in The Witcher 3, which gives you no visual improvement (from a certain point), but decreases FPS by more than 20.
  2. Get a RX 470 or 570 they are both much better than the GTX 1050Ti. The 1050Ti has bad value.
  3. Could be, try turning it off and see if there are improvements.
  4. Sorry, but some games do have negative scaling. Try turning off SLI.
  5. http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2724-gtx-780-ti-benchmark-in-2016/page-2 Pretty sad to see GTX 780Ti = GTX 960 in most newer games (not a hate comment towards nvidia), I own a GTX 780 myself
  6. I was talking about Kepler, since that was the last time they changed something that affected gaming performance.
  7. What BS? I own a Kepler card (GTX 780) since 2014 and seeing how much it has been crippled without proper game optimised drivers really shows this.
  8. RX 580, since you have a freesync monitor, why not take advantage of it.
  9. Would stick with the RX 580, nvidia keeps changing small stuff in their architecture and stop supporting their old one pretty early.
  10. RX 580. It's a tad bit faster than the GTX 1060 and has Freesync. Go with GTX 1060 if you dont care about freesync or g-sync, if it is 20$ or more cheaper.
  11. 7970 since it still officially supported by AMD. GCN still gets driver updates.
  12. Yeah, now it makes more sense, should have put it in the main post.
  13. Would recommend the RX 470 / 570. Since you are gonna get CPU bottlenecked. Your CPU is pretty outdated and slow.
  14. If you already have a card, it sure is worth to wait. Vega will launch this Quarter.
  15. Italian uses the normal euro. The same euro as germany and most of the EU.