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  1. No ram was applied when testing this, only a cpu cooler a cpu and a motherboard. And no when it runs it does not crash at all.
  2. Fans spin, motherboard leds are fine no error codes or red lights. No beeps either.
  3. Hello guys I got a question! I am having issues for the past month with a 6700k in combination with a Asus Z170-Pro. 50% of the time it doesnt post which means I have no clue if it is a problem beeing caused by the cpu or motherboard itsself. It also does it without any other hardware enabled such as GPU ram etc. Anyone has a clue since I am reading Asus motherboards have more of these issues in the past. Every driver has been reinstalled and is up to date, I also tries diffrent versions of the BIOS but nothing seems to work. Any info would be nice! TLDR& BIOS posts only 50% of the time, is it the cpu or motherboard?
  4. Do you think there will be a big diffrence in temps after adding the 2nd rad? Because I feel like its only a minor diffrence..
  5. Dear fellow clockers, I bought a new Gaming rig about 4 months ago and thought about OCing it for quite some time. I got as far as going to 4.6ghz at around 73 degrees while running aida64 full load on the package. I was wondering, I am using a custom loop made by EKWB because I wanted to overclock in the future. I got a 360mm rad for both my 1070 GPU which is not OCd yet, and my 6700k which is running stable on 4.6ghz at around 1.330 vcore. Can I get anymore juice out of it, because when I go to 4,7ghz it wants me to go towards the 1.360vcore which makes my temps go around 90ish.. What are my options, I could fit another 240mm rad in my case but I dont know if its a big advantage or delidding is an option since I see people get 20 degrees off their CPU. Im running a Asus Z170 - Pro motherboard with it. If you would like to know my full hardware list of the PC please let me know!
  6. Is there any way I might be able to talk to you in person, since you seem to know allot about it and I have some questions left.. Like throught skype or teamspeak by any chance?
  7. Yeah, I want transparant fluid either way to start off with. But if I would want to add dyes later on that I can atleast see it
  8. Is nickel the best you can use for watercooling? Or can I instead of the CPU and GPU block that you selected take the transparant ones?
  9. Yeah I got that, thats what jay2cent told me aswell otherwise its never gonna fit propperly ive heard.. But thanks for the headsup
  10. Yeah ive been looking into his links for the past week thank you. The only thing I need is a list with stuff that I have to purchase to start building at this point.
  11. Alright I will keep that in mind, I know he has worked with acrylic bending before. Is there any way you can make me a list of components that I would need?
  12. I know that, but I need the i7 for the power. And the graphics card is going to be overkill, so its just for future preferences. Also my dad is a plumber, so I should be fine with the tubing since he has been using and creating tubing for the past 25 years.
  13. Hello LTT, I am planning on making a project which as you can see in the title, I want to be fully custom watercooled with hardtubes. Since this is my first project when it comes to watercooling, I am looking for someone that could make a list of components that I would have to purchase for my build. In the attachment I did put a picture of the hardware for the PC that I have bought so far. If it would be possible, can you send or create a list with prices included of components that I would need for watercooling. The website I want to purchase the components from is; EKWB. Other websites are fine aswell, I just need quality an as less problems as I can get. Thank you for your time, its really appriciated! Sincerly, Michel van der Donk
  14. So BCLK OC would be a thing I could do with my MSI B150 motherboard or no?
  15. Could you tell me what the biggest diffrence is between the 2 asus motherboards?