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  1. muzza246

    Windows problems

    Apologies for the very delayed response. after playing around with the machine i think it ended up being a dodgy sata cable connecting to the hard drive. Thank you for the help
  2. muzza246

    Left ear not working properly

    Hi I have a sennheiser gsp 500 headset. It works great but every so often the left ear seems to become incredibly quiet and it stays like that for long periods of time. It doesnt seem to be a connection issue as i can sometimes fix it just by testing the audio in the windows settings page for sound. When it plays the two beeps to test often that fixes it. But recently it has stayed broken. Anyone experienced this or have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. muzza246

    Windows problems

    Ok I'll ask him, he does say the computer clicks though.
  4. muzza246

    Windows problems

    Hi Hoping someone could help, my friends pc is experiencing lots of issues, his desktop is very unresponsive. when he tries to right click on desktop it freezes for ages before presenting the right click menu. When he right clicks the taskbar disapear too. Other functions still work like icons on desktop. Never heard of this happening was hoping someone could help. Thank you
  5. muzza246

    Controller on Dark Souls

    Ok thanks guys, i got it to work. I disregarded big picture mode because it hadn't worked before however after fiddling around i managed to get it to work, i think input mapper was interfering with the controller. Apppreciated
  6. Hello Ive been struggling for a while to get a ps4 controller to work on dark souls. It used to work but recently it does not whilst using input mapper. I dont need input mapper to work just any program that will please, if anyone could let me know how they run controllers on dark souls it would be very helpful. I have already tried Input mappers solution, to exclusivity problems but it hasn't helped. The input mapper program works fine for other games ive tried e.g. skyrim, fallout, dark souls 3 I suffered similar problems with DS4 windows Thank you
  7. muzza246

    Overclocking monitor

    ah ok, ill double check which cable it is, thanks a lot for your help!!
  8. muzza246

    Overclocking monitor

    its a gtx 1080 and its display port, ive tried changing the cables too just incase
  9. muzza246

    Overclocking monitor

    basically despite even acer saying that the monitor should be able to run at 144hz at 1440p i cant get it to overclock at all using the nvidia control panel, was hoping i might have missed something but i guess, going by that video it must be a hardware problem in the monitor
  10. muzza246

    G-Sync problems

    ah ok, thanks for the info, ill play around with it
  11. muzza246

    Overclocking monitor

    Hi I bought an acer predator XB321HK monitor, it says on several websites that it is overclockable to 165hz, i can not however get it to overclock at all using the nvidia control panel, any suggestions? am i missing something basic, i contacted acer "tech support" but they were useless. Thank you
  12. muzza246

    G-Sync problems

    One last question sorry, the monitor natively sits at 4k 60hz, if I run it at say 1440p at 144hz will gsync work all the way up till 144hz or only 60hz still?
  13. muzza246

    G-Sync problems

    OK ill give that a go, thank you
  14. muzza246

    G-Sync problems

    Hi I bought an acer predator XB321HK mostly because of the gsync but despite the nvidia control panel saying its on, i still experience tears in games such as siegfe, battlefront and fallout 4. Is there anything i could have missed in settings ? i understand theres a minimum frame rate but im not running lower than 55 fps. Any help would be majorly appreciated because i dont wanna have to go through customer "support". Thanks
  15. muzza246

    Overclocking motherboards

    Thanks for the help!