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  1. Valve is a very unorthodoxly run company so it's hard to say what their strategy is but I'm sure they're not just ignoring what's going on with the Epic store. My bet would be that they're waiting for things to settle down a bit before making big moves. I don't think that the Epic store will be able to keep up it's current pace of offers to developers and deals, including guaranteed sales, for very long. If valve reacts too strongly too early they might end up putting themselves in a bad position in the long run. Better to let things play out a bit and then have a response rather than rushing out of the gate. This is only compounded by the amount of hate that both the Epic store itself is getting as well as developers that announce exclusive deals are getting. It's not like consumers are flocking to the platform. I think it still very much remains to be seen where the Epic store will sit in the PC gaming eco-system.
  2. Anyone had problems using Xbox One controllers via USB after the update? I'm not sure if it's just coincidence but I started getting massive frame shudder issues in a couple of different games that went away when I unplugged the controller after the most recent update a couple of days ago.
  3. Unfortunately the legal system in the US doesn't restrict people who have no right filing a lawsuit from filing said lawsuit. The courts can throw out a claim but that takes some litigation and doesn't stop the suit from being brought in the first place. It's kind of stupid IMO but realistically you can sue pretty much anyone for anything. It might get thrown out but that's a process for the courts and lawyers, there isn't any barrier to entry in that respect besides money. But I agree if their contract had a clause that made it void if Yahoo got sold then this won't take much discussion.
  4. My guess is this is on Verizon for not completing their due diligence. As long as Yahoo didn't actively hide the contract terms from Verizon it's the purchasing company's responsibility to be aware of all the contract terms that the company they're buying are bound by. If Verizon missed this in the Mozilla contract then they have no one to blame but themselves. Though that doesn't stop them from trying via a lawsuit...
  5. That has to be one wicked exponential curve to jump from 16GB to 16TB
  6. I love how advertising corporations are trying to sell the impact to their business as something that is anti-consumer and will hurt end users. Most end users will probably be happy about this not hurt by it. Honestly I don't think anyone in history has ever been hurt because they didn't see a product advertisement.
  7. Beyond more course work and tutorials the best way to learn is to come up with a project on your own. Try to think about something you'd like to do or a piece of software you'd like to have and set out to write said software using the C++ knowledge you currently have. This will force you to work on the knowledge you already have and seek out new knowledge that you don't have to solve problems you run into along the way. If you can't think of any project you want to work on I'd suggest checking out C++ GitHub projects as well. Depending on the project you can find good issues for beginners and it will have similar benefits of working on your own projects with respect to finding answers to problems you've never had to solve before.
  8. More than anything VR suffers from a lack of selection of software over a lack of quality in hardware. If there were more awesome games and applications for the expensive hardware people would be shelling out even at the current price point. Because it's still gen 1 and there isn't quite the developer support there yet it's hard for many people to justify the large hardware expense it takes to have the VR experience. As the mentioned in the article, the price drop expands the market out to people that are almost ready to buy the headset but don't see the value quite yet with the current hardware price and available software. I personally haven't tried VR but many people who have seemed to love the experience. I'm going to need to wait to see some really great software available personally before I go plunking down some hard earned cash on a headset.
  9. Always a big fan of watching the build and unbuild v-logs specifically the crazy or unconventional builds for shits and giggles.
  10. It doesn't mean you can't give your opinion on it but it does mean your opinion doesn't do much to inform on what Microsoft's goals are. Of course you're not going to like a product if you're not in the intended audience, they're not trying to get you to like or buy it. Is the fact that you can't upgrade or repair the thing bs--yeah--but the people Microsoft are targeting at buying these things wouldn't want to do that anyway. Videos like this are good and it's a great thing for iFixit to get out there so people can make informed decisions when buying but at the end of the day the importance of repariability will be proven out in the sales of the product. If people find it that important, they won't buy it and it won't do well. If they don't care it will do just fine and we will continue to get mainstream products that can't be easily serviced.
  11. Saying that tablets were going to completely replace laptops/PCs always seemed ambitious to me. The experience of using a tablet in the same way a laptop is used is pretty terrible. Mostly because tablets are made to be huge smart phones and their really successful use cases come from that area, not the laptop/PC area. I know you can attach Kb/M to the tablets to make them more into a traditional form factor but at that point you might as well just get a really thin laptop and be done with it. Tablets are great for "I want to sit on the couch or in bed and cruise the internet" but when it comes to getting real work done laptops and desktop PCs still are pretty much king. I don't think tablets are going to die off as a product but I just don't think, for the time being at least, that they're going to drastically change how people interact with computers.
  12. Getting patents in the US is actually pretty easy. The patent and copyright laws here are really messed up which is why patent trolls even became a thing.
  13. I think pretty much from various responses "I've had a terrible experience with x brand" or "I've had great experiences with y brand" the conclusion we can make is that a lot of it depends on sheer luck. In mass manufacturing there are always some defective products that make it out to the market I don't think you can say that any product from any company is going to be perfect 100% of the time. IMO the most important thing is how a company's customer service responds when you do have a problem. No matter what my issue is a company with good quality customer service will always get my money again.
  14. SYW might be my favorite series on LTT. It's awesome watching them build these crazy cheap systems and see what they can pull out of the used market. I pretty regularly re-watch the 4 seasons of SYW they have up now. As far as ideas go I don't thing that I really have much of a preference but I would be down for whatever they come up with next. Fingers crossed for more SYW!