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  1. When I tried to use a windows backup for my old drive it says I can't due to it having being created using the incorrect bios? (this is from memory so this may not be the reason but it had an error message concerning this, I am using the same motherboard as I was when I created the image on windows is the weird thing). My question is is there no way to get the data or a backup off of it, would copying and pasting it work? I really am stuck. Edit: I have both tried software like macrium reflect & backing up onto a 3rd drive and then moving it over via windows usb stick but nothing has worked.
  2. Hmmm, dang, I mean usb 2 devices + normal speed ethernet should work I just wish someone made a product like this.
  3. OK, is there another way to get such a system to work? e.g. Could I get a dongle and then just replace dongle and laptop upon a new laptop? Or is it possible there are docks that support thunderbolt and then separately USB 3?
  4. So, I really liked linus' video on the cleanest setup and I realised it would solve many of my problems as I move from place to place a lot and do need a laptop save for I don't currently have a thunderbolt laptop. Nor will I be in the market for one until big navi, intels gpus, zen 3 and all that jazz coming up. So, I was wondering if you could use a USB 3.0 A to USB-C cable to get everything great about that setup - the cleanness, except for the eGPU with a USB 5gbps connection? (As my current PC has only USB 3 A but has a good GPU) I made an immaculate diagram in paint (it was a 2 minute job, you get 1 dig lol) to help describe what I'm on about. TL;DR I want to be able to have my dream setup today minus cool future laptop. And then keep upgrading the laptop over the years I'll own the setup with very little friction. P.S. Is there any dock such as Linus' that isn't £200?
  5. No, as I said all I know is that is makes me wanna tear my ears out. How would I even find out? Is it worth bothering a doctor over?
  6. OK, thank you, I'm just the kind of person that doesn't think about allergies and things often enough for me to discover them.
  7. OK, thanks that sounds like it could work.
  8. Sorry for the "meaning" comment I'm tired so I read your bowl of chocolates line as the reply, I edited the message. OK, so would a cheap alternative to find a bunch of materials that are non allergic and just keep cycling through them to see which ones aren't irratating? I mean I could it just seems like it might be expensive but I guess over the long term it is better then limiting myself to 5% of the market. Or are you suggesting to somehow actually *mold* a material because surely that would take a significantly higher temperature to set in so a) I would need to go somewhere to get it done or b) heat up the material and then place it in my ear.
  9. Edit: I don't know what it is they just make me wanna tear my ears out.
  10. OK, so I know there are a TONNE of great ones out there but they *all* seem to have silicon in them and for those allergic/irritated by silicone like me this makes them unusable but when you pay even £20 for specifically airpod clones they are entirely worse than £1 earphones. So basically extra sealing for noise cancelling or not, I cannot use 95% of wireless earbuds on the market and don't want to spend £150 on airpods or get them used and get 3 hour battery + earwax. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. Does this mean the drives act like they have say 1 GB + 1GB cache instead od a pool like if they somehow combined to make 2GB or would something about raid or such cause issues to make them only 1GB or 0
  12. So does this mean you'll still get a roughly equivilent benefit from the cache as if it were shared?
  13. What other cache would I be talking about And what do you mean by neither? Does it just rely on one drives cache?
  14. I've always wondered if cache would doubke like the rest of the storage or would it lay dormant kind of like VRAM for GPUs Don't say "I would expect"... I can make guesses, I'm asking if anyone *knows*