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  1. 1 hour ago, DnFx91 said:

    i noticed this recently on Resident Evil 7 as well, i think its a common problem with reflective surfaces in certain games. It never really bothered me enough to try and fix it though. try playing with the lighting settings, like SSAO and stuff, that might make a difference

    no luck,i have tried ssao ,no difference ,only thing that helps a bit is dsr ,but even that doesnt get rid of these ugly shimmering pixels on wet surfaces like that body on the ground in witcher and drowners...

    its annoying as hell with no solution in sight,its wierd not more people notice these.

    if only there was a way to make them less visible,that actually worked .

    but well i am not the only one noticing this in modern titles ,well that makes me hopeful for a solution in future.

  2. Ok so this issue has been bothering me for a long time.
    I get these weird dots/pixels shimmering ,almost sparkling over certain surfaces in witcher 3.
    It usually happens in and around shiny surface like armor ,edges of sword,more akin to texture shimmering on these objects,which can be negated by applying DSR.
    But what can't be avoided is the same thing happening over wet,and /or blood textures/surfaces,or anywhere where there is a wet shiny surface involve.
    Its very difficult to show in screenshots cause its only noticeable in motion.So i uploaded a video to youtube and will be sharing a link,and another link from one other guy who has the same issue.
    I have gone through 3 GPUs,suspecting it was something with the hardware,a 970,980 and now on a 1070,with a change of Motherboard and CPU too,safe to assume now its not a hardware issue and probably something to do with the way the game is rendered,and in that case i have a few questions

    1  is this how the game is supposed to look?? i doubt it but ..well 

    2 did you notice this annoying thing while playing this game??

    3 is these any solution?? 

    The video i posted is running on 4k dsr so the shimmering on the armor and swords is nearly negated,but you can still clearly notice shimmering pixels on the blood textures over the body on ground.


    Second video is posted by another guy ,so i am not the only one noticing this thing.


    there are several other examples on  youtube too.

    It happens on some other games too,like Rise of the tomb raider mostly on wet shiny surfaces,and snow textures and to an extent in AC: unity ,but witcher 3 is the most annoying.

  3. On 5/5/2016 at 4:04 AM, Monarch said:


    Most games have inadequate anti-aliasing techniques, either due to engine limitations, budget constraints, or performance cost. After all these posts, I haven't seen a single instance where anything was abnormal or had to do with certain hardware only. But you mentioned TW3, which has pretty good AA solutions, so unless you turned AA off it shouldn't be as bad as BF4, ACU and FC4. 

    But in my case its actually the worse in witcher 3,with or without aa there are these white dots on all over chainmail,metallic edges,wet surfaces ,slimy monsters 

    I dont know what it is,aa or something else but sure know its happened aftrr i upgraded to 970 .