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  1. So I am selling my rig on Facebook and honestly I am not sure if my price is too low for a number of reasons. Here is the listing: I have a few concerns with my buyer. At the start of our negotiation he was talking about how it was a little over priced for the specs, which I expected, except with zero convincing he now has agreed to buy it. This concerns me because if he was just trying to shave off a few dollars this approach wouldn't really make sense, but if he knew I was under valuing he wouldn't have any resistance to me denying a lower price (like what happened). To continue, I forgot to mention the storage specs in my post and before I even realized he already agreed to buy it. This is the biggest thing that is putting me off. And finally, after some negotiation, we agreed that I would just buy him a new HDD instead of me transferring all my files. He agreed and even was willing to pay more to compensate for a new HDD; this is all odd because of how he said it wasn't worth as much at the start of our conversation and now he is willing to pay MORE. On top of all this, he looks like he is 17 maybe 18 and talks in sort of a rude manner so he may just be sharking and doesn't really understand the ethics of doing it. It all just seems weird and I need a second opinion. Is 1.1K cash the right price for this system?
  2. I am selling my personal rig so how would you guys price it? Here is the link All parts except the 1070 & SSD were purchased within the last 3 years
  3. So basically i let my friend borrow my CPU cooler for a little and when he returned it and I reinstalled it my PC wouldnt post. I think it was on really tight so I reinstalled it again properly and it still wont post. What happens is I get ZERO error lights on my MoBo, my GPUs fans twitch every 5 or 6 seconds, and all the fans spin fine aside from the GPU. I have tried a seperate PSU just incase it was dead to no avail. I believe it is bent CPU socket pins, but Im not sure. I've tried reinstalling my CPU tons of times and still to no avail. Anyone else ever have a similar problem who can help me? All wires are secure and UNCHANGED prior to the problem. No post to the MoBo onboard graphics either unfourtunately. Thanks all for reading. i5 6500 Z170 Pro Gaming 1070 SC 8GB CX 500 Frio Silent 12
  4. So about a month ago my family moved into a new home, and since we were moving we decided to get a new router, the RT AC3100. Now when I play games on my computer, every 5 seconds I get around 300 ping for a short burst then it goes back down to normal. This is especially appeasement in Rocket League. Are there any settings on router.asus.com I need to change to combat this? Also I have been using a A700 wireless USB adapter for intern, but the problems were apparent when since the new router so I don't believe that is it. Thanks for any help you guys can give on this issue, it is really annoying.
  5. So I have a new 240GB HyperX Savage SSD and have installed windows and some games on it. It is working properly, keep in mind. Because I run windows and my internet browser my SSD, all files I download are downloaded on my SSD. Is there a way I could have it downloaded to a different storage device such as my HDD? Thanks!
  6. So for my 14th birthday I recieved a HyperX Savage 240GB SSD. I already installed windows on it and it is completely working properly. I was just wondering if it was possible to transfer all drivers and software of my choosing from my old HDD to it. Does anyone think they can help me? Thanks!
  7. Sorry, I can't type today. What I'm trying to say is I will be using 3 of the PB279Q's in my setup. I was just asking if those monitors based on my preference are ideal. Please only reply with answers, I think now I have been clear enough.
  8. Ok thanks! I was planning on buying the 980s soon but thanks for changing my mind!
  9. Sorry, I just did that so you saw my last post
  10. I get what it going at (I know it's f****** expensive!). I will using three of the PQ279Q.
  11. Sorry, but what are Pascal cards? Are they more expensive than dual 980s?