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  1. Ok, so you saying that if I factory reset the windows, and Sign in with my new Gmail account, MS will still remember me as a license key owner? (because the license key is linked with my mobo?) As a safety precaution, should I somehow get my license key from my bios/mobo via cmd or an app?
  2. Hello! I bought my laptop last year with windows 10 pre-installed. I signed in with my microsoft account with my previous hotmail e-mail address. Since then microsoft locked me out of that e-mail (which is still connected to my laptop). I want to change my administrator user's e-mail to my new e-mail address, but I cannot log in to my locked hotmail account. I've read that factory reset could solve my probrem, but I am not sure if I can complete it without knowing the license key. (since I bought this laptop with pre-installed windows 10) Will the factory reset work for me and help me in changing my administrator user? Do I need to know the license key to be able to complete this process? Especially if I want to remove the administrator user with my previous e-mail address (from which I am locked out) and have a fresh start with my new hotmail, being the only administrator user on my laptop. Thank you for the help in advance.
  3. Guys, I've tried the M50X's and DT 770's, sennheisers and some others aswell (some cheaper and some more expensive ones). And I get it why you don't really like the M50X's, it was the most obvious against the DT770's. The DT770's was more clear, and more balanced ("flatter" aswell). But I liked the M50X's the most, I felt like the song was more alive, and I really wanted to dance if that makes sense. And It has more bass, (but not too much for me) and I liked the elevated highs aswell, which wasn't hars for me. Ofc the sennheiser ones and the beyerdynamic ones was more comfortable and a bit more clear, but for my taste I'm going with the M50X's.
  4. And guys, for real. If my phone and my PC can drive these headphones, will I get better sound quality still with a proper DAC+AMP? or the boost in quality only comes when my PC or phone can't drive it correctly?
  5. There are no zen dac or hipdac in my country, and the cheapest shipping here is 30USD Fiio's are widely available.
  6. B85m-g43, it has a Realtek ALC892. My phone is a Samsung S9+.
  7. I'm looking into those. The problem is that I'm living in a small EU country, and a lot of gadget are just way more expensive than in USA.
  8. Aren't there any much cheaper? Or a DAC+AMP that costs like 50USD ain't better than my phone's or PC's?
  9. I wouldn't go for the 250Ohm ones, max the 80Ohm ones.
  10. I searched some DAC/AMP-s but I didn't find a good one that fits my needs. If I can find a good DAC+AMP combo for cheap, and I could use with my phone (and also with my PC) that would be great (USB-C, not apple lightning). Could you recommend one? I don't need super powerful one, I'm not going to have high-end headphones.
  11. Durability is another important topic, because I rather spend 100USD more, to have 2-3yers of extra lifetime.
  12. And whats your opinion about the Arctis pro's vs DT770's or M50X's etc.?
  13. Thanks, I also noticed there is a 32Ohm version of the DT770's, whats the difference between the 32; 80 and 250Ohm one's from an audio quality perspective? (I know what it means, it's harder to drive, and since I'll use it without a DAC the 32Ohm one would be the best choice I think) The bigger soundstage is a good opinion thanks for the advice. I'll travel a lot and don't want to disturb my roommates, so I won't get open back headphones. I live in a small country, and there is few options to try out headphones, however I found a shop where I can try out the Beyerdynamic DT770's and the M50X's, but not the AKG ones mentined above. I'll keep you updated about it. Is there any more headphone recommendations, you can think of?