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    Greece .Thesaloniki
  1. alexxis98


    Looking forward to see the build .Followed
  2. alexxis98

    8 SSD workstation Build

    JmWell .. I think that i am the only one who wants this build to be successful. Wish you lack ! Alex from Greece <3
  3. alexxis98

    Code name: Scarlet SkyTerror

    Why the SLI is there?
  4. alexxis98

    650D re/build log

    Waiting for more pics .. Looks great !
  5. alexxis98

    The Cube |Air 540| Case Swap Log

    Can you post more pictures! Great build!
  6. alexxis98

    DNA - Home Server 2.0.1 - Retired System

    I mean the whole build ! Are you going to make changes?
  7. alexxis98

    FX9590 Project Cool Down

    Thats build is awesome !
  8. alexxis98

    So WTF is bitcoin?

    hmm ty !
  9. alexxis98

    So WTF is bitcoin?

    Ok, all i get is that its virtual money and use some GPU AND CPU power , or something like that to mine coins.. But can you actualy use them and buy something?
  10. alexxis98

    So WTF is bitcoin?

    I am so idiot , i still dont get it !
  11. alexxis98

    DNA - Home Server 2.0.1 - Retired System

    Can you post more pictures? I want to build a server with that case ! And how much all cost? Lookks SICK!
  12. alexxis98

    Caselab : Red Hawk

    So Beautiful !
  13. For me is the most beautiful build i have ever seen in this site ! That case ... and so clean ....and 2 colors that match perfectly ! Waiting for some scores !!