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  1. Oh the nightmares of this design. i use to own one similar and the racket and noise from those fans, my god its worse then a vacuum cleaner at full throttle
  2. It don't matter what the inside story is or if that's even true. What matter is the final product that came out and its shit on the power consumption
  3. Why are the members on this forum so in love with exaggerating AMD products? like come on, does history not show that crappy company can’t roll out a decent GPU for the past decade? What changed? They invent a new manufacturing method? Nope They get a genius scientist on their team? Nope they get a giant influx of investment from a third party firm? Nope
  4. I stick with the LG model instead. Samsung is not particularly known to be a good brand when it comes to high end computer monitors.
  5. Something doesn't seem right with this story. Did you specifically select Amazon or Noctua as the seller or did you just let the auto selection in the checkout pick for you?
  6. If someone does buy a cheaper version they would be seriously limiting the kind of games they can play. a lot of the good ones take advantage of the motion sensors so I don’t know how they will get past that issue
  7. ya it is then if you mean it that way. Sekiro knocked it out of the water this time
  8. Don't matter if its cracked. I downloaded the cracked game and still bought it on steam afterwards
  9. Monopoly at its finest in Canada. There's no hope for our telecom companies so it was just a matter of time before they pull this crap. And no, for those that say to use the small telecom companies that's leasing the big three's line, they are just as bad in a different fashion like charging a technician to come fix the line, or something like troubleshooting and etc. BS all around.
  10. I say it’s more likely your monitor if it’s flickering black. Gpu deaths are usually more obvious
  11. Yes, it is absolutely a better experience to use a controller. However, for easier parrying, a keyboard is better but more rigid to move because you have the buttons scattered. I'm having a blast on Sekiro, downloaded the cracked version ahead of release and still bought it on steam afterwards. This game rocks!!
  12. Just grab a set of NF-P12's for your water cooler. They will do you proud with the noise and performance ratio. Note: Do not get the NF-F12 model, they are disgusting in every manner.
  13. I'm gonna buy the game on playstation to play with my friends, but... I still downloaded the cracked version to try it ahead of time. Couldn't resist One thing missing is the controller support in the chinese cracked version, it doesn't work
  14. Oh boy if I was a animation artist right now I be leaping with joy. this is obviously aimed at the professional segment
  15. Wow I actually didn’t think something like this would come. thought amazon would be smarter than to pull a stunt like this.
  16. I actually don't get why people would be annoyed. The game is still coming regardless of the platform. All they need to do is download the Epic game store, how hard is that?
  17. Now this is hilarious. When making a huge announcement like closing all their physical stores, wouldn't someone at the top ask their finance department if it was even doable or the type of obligations they have? Like seriously, this is kinda one of the first questions one should have when leading a big corporation, "Debts and Obligations".
  18. Really, couldn't you have chosen something better than that? I think even intel's stock cooler is better than that isn't it?
  19. It's safer to assume its just age.
  20. Well its the internet, there is no line to be drawn, that's why people like it. If you want lines to be drawn then i suggest you look to China for that, they draw alot of lines, some bad and some good so ya, there is competition. Just need to know where to look like: Baidu, Tudou and such.
  21. And why not, it is their platform. Youtube owes its creators nothing in terms of obligation. It's open, use it if you like their terms and not if you don't. You don't just waltz into someone's property and start making demands on their turf.
  22. Here’s a simple one, do something else in life
  23. Everyone has options in life, this is one thing a lot of people can’t grasp