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  1. No but they are one of the best. Go woth silent wing 3 if you dislike the poop color.
  2. i vote for the NF-P12 fan because that's what i use. It's a all rounder fit for everything and the noise level is second to the quietest fan in the noctua lineup.
  3. there's no good or bad, just what you intend to do now and the future. When i bought my first CPU, i splurged on it over my gpu because i knew i be upgrading my gpu in 2 years.
  4. can i ask something, why do you even care how high your clock speeds get? you have 2 1080ti in SLI, it will destroy any game out there in terms of FPS.
  5. This is the first time i've seen a gpu in such bad condition, it's no wonder your gpu overheats. Clean it top to bottom and replace the paste then come back and ask.
  6. Bcat00

    140mm Fans

    Ok, i'll admit, it's good marketing on their end because it worked and changed the industry naming scheme.
  7. Bcat00

    140mm Fans

    I'll just point this out to you, all fans have a certain level of static pressure. It's corsairs fault for coming up with the "STATIC PRESSURE" gimmick years ago to set themselves apart from their competition. Just get airflow or whatever, it won't make that much of a difference compared to a bigger radiator or heatsink/pipe. Hell i just recently got the arctic accelero cooler for my gpu and removed the onboard fans to mount my NF-P12 noctua fans on it. Not static pressurized fan but i can keep it at 600 rpm without my gpu going 55C.
  8. If i'm not mistaken, this new thing costs 80$ us or cad currency i cant remember, so do your math. Does it make sense for a regular person to buy it after adding in the ssd and hdd or simply get the bigger ssd. the only demand i can see for this is small time business that runs a server and cant afford lots of ssd for their raid.
  9. I highly doubt anyone that can afford a Kabylake cpu is hard pressed for money to get a 500g/1TB SSD. If they are hard pressed for money then the builder or whoever chose the parts need to redo their list.
  10. Let's face it, this is just going to die out like some of the previous ventures intel tried before. SSD are cheap enough as it is now and they made this thing to be Kaby Lake only???? Really, if someone can afford that cpu for their build, they can afford a SSD.
  11. This brings back the time where i had the pleasure of playing ping pong with a neuro helmet that reads my brain wave, by far the coolest experience i had the pleasure of doing. and no im not joking.
  12. Don't even bother with massdrop anywhere outside of US. I live in canada and the shipping alone kills any possible deal they provide, that's not even including possible taxes for coming in to the country.
  13. It's true glossy does have more impact when being looked at, but it also strains the eye alot more. Pick your poison here wisely.
  14. If anyone can make their fans run at 600rpm during high load then i give them a thumbs up - air cooling of course. The lowest I've managed to push my system without going into thermal throttling is 700rpm and that's me cutting a giant heat sinks onto my gpu back side to lower its temp by 4 degree.
  15. This topic is so controversial its hard to say. I myself find contents recorded at 4k look way better but at the same time, the industry as a whole just isn't there yet. Still, i prefer the manufacturers pushing for new heights rather than stay put, that's what tech is, they push the limit of boundaries and not stay put. Cough cough, (AMD needs to learn this logic)
  16. The only cable that should be anywhere close to confusing after reading the manual is the power on cables. Atleast that's how it was for me when i built my first computer.
  17. Sorry to break this to you, driver support and game support isn't quite there yet for 1080ti SLI. Wait a month or two for it to smooth out because you are not the only one getting it. There's already some vidz on youtube stating this problem so just wait it out by using one gpu for now.
  18. The only thing that popped into my mind from this is that does this mean people will have a much easier jailbreaking the switch?
  19. Ya this monitor goes on sale once in a while. Just a few months ago i saw it at costco for $779 CAD.
  20. Guess i'm one of the few that really liked vista when it came out, oh well.
  21. if it sounds like a vacuum then those AIO on the market will sound like a rocket next to you ear
  22. go with air and be done with it. AIO is simply not worth it unless you grab a 360 rad and those go for $100 and up.
  23. Its just ended up that way after many years of trial and error.
  24. If your budget is that high you might as well just go all the way and get a bose 35. You just can't go wrong with bose no matter what application you use it for.