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  1. Maybe a ram stick just kicked the bucket?
  2. Come again on how this is a bad thing? They ditched Linux gaming to further prevent hacks and cheating in their game, I say "GOOD FUCKING JOB!!!"
  3. I don't know what they were thinking. I sure as heck aint going to stream a youtube video on a super pricey TV, that's so off point with this product. If someone really did buy this just to stream from their iphone or android then they need to have a look at their heads for insanity
  4. Not really, for me when i had the issue years ago I just tossed it out and bought a ps4 controller instead. From what i hear, it's simply the hardware inside going crap
  5. That’s the controller alright. the Xbox controller is infamous for that issue due to using crappy material
  6. I laughed at the article claiming it’s a grind and bad difficulty spike. do they realize this is mortal combat???? hello, huge difficulty spikes are highly sought after features in this genre. Also, randomness is like one of the tradition aspect of this genre....
  7. Oh man whoever leaked this must have one hell of a grudge against the site
  8. It’s perfectly fine, I’m running such a setup the only annoyance is that when you move browser tabs from 1 screen to the other it will resize according to the resolution
  9. I’m not surprised since I use 123456 for unimportant accounts too likely a lot of people are in the same boat as me who just want to create a account for 1 time use stuff that doesn’t involve money and etc
  10. I'm assuming you are using a laptop. This is likely your sound setting or driver issue and not the mic.
  11. Apparently they own some of the biggest cash cows in the mobile and PC market in Asia
  12. I get it, I felt the same way until a couple of months ago where i began to make long trips for business. Carrying around 2 items vs 1 is very much worth the extra dough in my opinion when your work could easily net you that money back.
  13. But then you will need to lug around 2 items I felt the same way as you until recently, it does make a huge difference for those with money and want the convenience
  14. Yep this is about right. tomb raider can hit up to 12gb of memory depending on what setting you raise
  15. I personally own the A2+ and they do sound nice but there's one issue, white noise in the background. Most of the time i can't hear it but i do once it goes into the dead of night. Also i recommend you look into Kanto since they're a bit more up to date and sound very similar in quality
  16. My suggestion, get a high quality hand vacuum like the dyson and clean everyday to maintain it. ONLY WAY AND ANYTHING ELSE IS A LIE
  17. Exactly my point, this law may make sense in a well developed country but in the countries located in the african continent, its practically sweet talk without substance
  18. So what does it matter? this law is not going to be enforced anyway considering it’s coming from Africa. No offence but passing a law is nice, it’s another thing trying to enforce it in a nation that doesn’t have the resources to back it up
  19. Don't bother if that's all you want to upgrade to, just not worth it.
  20. There is going to be a certain level of bleed regardless. Now the issue is whether or not you are fine with it. If not then send it back
  21. I remember this dumbass. He caused a unrelated person’s death because of his crap. Should be a death sentence if you asked me. The guy is a repeat offender and even bragged while in prison when one of the prison computers glitched up and allowed him on the internet during his imprisonment