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  1. Here’s a little story from me. Bought a noctua fan and thought it was broken and made a rattling noise. Emailed the company and they sent me a new one only for me to realize a week later it was a wire hitting the blades inside my case. Got 2 for the price of 1?
  2. Didn’t think I would be saying this but I wouldn’t buy this even if they cut prices. i don’t know but the 20xx series has left such a bad taste that I’m not even interested, anyone else feel the same??
  3. Ya man, totally agree with you. i had to sacrifice quietness for the mechanical keyboards because my fingers were starting to hurt from typing so much. Just can’t have them all
  4. Wow why would you even consider a sketchy site like that. One look and I can already tell it’s a scam
  5. I never use Yelp nowadays. The ratings on their site are always below what I expect. heck, the last Italian restaurant I went to because it had a high star rating on yelp turned out to be utter garbage. Tabasco sauced pasta with some sliced grill chicken, yuk ? Realized pretty quickly all those reviews were from influencers and likely paid people to bump it high
  6. This is why I won’t buy MacBooks or iPads. They’re just not that great. I do own a iPhone though because I only want a phone that works and nothing more in terms of needs.
  7. This is not going to slide with the other big nations. imagine putting ads in front of another nations people, there would be a uproar
  8. I don't know why Canon is blaming the smartphone for their failure. My friend is a huge photo guy and I asked him whats the take on Canon's losing sale. First thing the guy said is they're outdated and will only buy Sony and Fuji. There you go people, smartphone is taking the low end market but the market that is the bread and butter of this camera industry has left Canon behind.
  9. I don't see the issue here. If the fact that Rockstar could take such a huge sum shows that the country have almost no other developer so kudos to them for being smart. It's not like the other game companies couldn't apply, they just didn't or didn't even know about the program. if anyone is to blame its the government or department in charge of this program.
  10. It means they are ordering the item from the factory after you paid and actually don’t have it in stock.
  11. Its definitely nice and all but as someone who owns a F150, ill damned to take it in electric form. People buy these trucks for heavy duty use or for work, they are not going to take the risk of being stranded because they can't find a damn charger where as gas is at every every block of the city or every few miles in the countryside where alot of people DO buy these models. Big ass publicity stunt, though I do like the fact they're at least trying to push the boundaries. But no, its not going to sell to the main target audience for these F150 trucks.
  12. Never been much of a sound guy but guess the market isn’t completely gone.
  13. But didn't they allow quick fixes when it arose during the launch? I remember the fix was some sort of cotton pad to the wireless receiver to avoid conflict. I'm guessing this time they will outright send out a new one to anyone who calls with the updated controllers.
  14. Well atleast they finally got the idea. they just keep pumping out new features that’s hardly polished and with tons of bugs. people want quality products not massive junk. It’s like they didn’t get the memo
  15. Sometimes I really wonder what these tech sites are doing aside from making click bait stories. ya they can exploit this vulnerability but that means getting access to the real thing after bypassing all levels of security and personnel inside the building. If you can do that then who needs to use this exploit? I can do much worse when I’m in front of the computer and insert a USB with all I need to destroy the company
  16. I can already see this as the turning point to more mobile OS coming to market.
  17. Well it is their platform. Beggers can’t be choosers.
  18. Please don’t be ignorant, stuff takes time to be adopted even if it is a good feature. As you can see, it’s moving along quite well
  19. So they changed from steam to the epic store, the issue? not like they’re running away with the money and not delivering. Never understood why all the bitching
  20. I love apple phones but ITunes should’ve been scrapped years ago, hated it when I used it years ago
  21. I'm not surprised this could happen. Fedex has had one of my packages that is supposed to be sent from West Coast Canada to the East Coast but ended up detouring all the way up to Alaska for some reason before arriving at some US state then back to Canada.
  22. Then don’t buy because it’s just not worth it unless you really have the money to burn for very little boost
  23. That’s a cloud service. in return for paying a smaller repeated monthly fee, you get to use their product and is required to update when possible. though I find it harsh to say they would sue if you don’t update, I can understand why they want you to though
  24. You don’t care for those days but I’m sure many more people do. i for one say kill those jobs.