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  1. Arctic Xtreme iv

    Anything that can act as a layer to shield the components from the backplate is fine. What I did before is buy 2 piece of the bigger sized thermal pads and covered the entire pcb on the back side. Worked like a charm and made sure to cool every part in the process.
  2. Which 1080 Ti?

    Piece of advice, buy what your heart tells you. a big buy like this should please you first before anything else like spec and whatnot.
  3. Your point stands but i've seen first hand from those i thought were quite smart taking these fake news articles as real.
  4. Flying car named "Blackfly" a game changer?

    Very true, but they would need to do some serious GPS system on the cars to make sure no one randomly runs off rail and start crashing everywhere. Honestly, i don't see air cars to be a thing until they make it automated, we have enough trouble getting people driving properly on the ground let alone the air.
  5. A certification means nothing in this day and age. I've seen all too many time those so called qualified experts botch a job and then make excuses.
  6. $10 - Silent mouse

    Oh I see, thought it was just a slight problem. Carpet usually softens alot of the creaking. I suggest you talk with your parents to fix this issue, not expensive actually just a rental drill and a special drill head. I did it myself for my old floorings a couple of years ago, really worked.
  7. $10 - Silent mouse

    get a carpet and don't bother with the mouse. I never heard of a mouse being non clicky at all
  8. Youtube always slow

    Likely your internet provider throttling your youtube's IP. Not unheard of for to happen
  9. What you talking about, it never went away to begin with lol. If you want to conduct business in China, you are forced to partner up with someone living there. Otherwise, a big fat X is what you will get.
  10. Wow, that's one of the dumbest comments i've come across in a while. A single province in China has enough buying power to cover several countries in the EU, you think they would want to pull out of a market like that?
  11. Need Headphones for Gaming

    Then you might want to up your budget then. 70$ USD won't get you very far nowadays.
  12. Need Headphones for Gaming

    The Corsair Void headset will fit your criteria, i use it for PUBG and Fortnite. Of course, the cheap price point mean it will suffer in certain areas like loose ear cup that move if you swing your head too hard and a mic that will pick up everything unless you tweak it in the settings.
  13. Help finding REALLY rare 5.25 bay device

    Duck tape, it solves everything if you don't mind the ugly looks
  14. AMD do control the console market so what you expect?