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  1. Cooler comparison

    Ya, it makes no sense why you wouldn't just go noctua for the cooler if you just gonna swap the fans out.
  2. CPU cooler on GPU?

    Why not just buy a aftermarket GPU cooler? The temps from modding a weak cpu cooler like that onto a gpu is barely worth the effort and you still gotta buy the thing anyways.
  3. wireless speed question

    There's alot of factors in play here, but most of the time its a signal issue. In your case, i suspect its just your wifi card inside you pc being the limiting factor for the weaker Mbp. Regardless, the slower download speed doesn't mean much unless you are constantly downloading something or streaming at 4k standard. What will make or break a wifi user is disconnecting constantly, if you aren't then you are good.
  4. I have to agree with the bashers here, mine worked great until it just died on me randomly 1 day. The RMA was smooth and quick with razor but its a real pain to pack it and send it out. Then there's the wait time for them to send you a new one. if you want a recommendation, get the corsair keyboard or Logitech. i personally prefer corsair now because of the open board design for easy cleaning and their volume rolly thing is amazing.
  5. Now that's where you are wrong. It only seems like it has a small market because people source it from outside the country. You see, China usually don't get the same release date as the western world. To remedy that, a huge chunk of their users buy it online through third party means and have them shipped over by package at a higher price than buying it directly from Apple. I know, i did this back in highschool. Made me quite rich for a few years being a student and all so being able to flip a newly released iphone for 200-300 premium was very nice. Plus i didn't just sell one or two, i actually at one point sold over 30 in one month so you get the idea.
  6. I'll just point this out before anyone else does, that 35% profit is mostly made up of Chinese consumers. They don't treat phones as a device, they treat it as a status symbol like girls treat their Gucci bags. And before anyone says there's Samsung phones too, sorry, but that name doesn't even stand close to Apple's status symbol in China.
  7. I simply can't stop laughing at this. Talk about the perfect way to hide your porn subscription.
  8. Hmm, i'm willing to bet the US already has the routers hacked and is just waiting to use them.
  9. Indeed, when i built my first computer years ago, i went for a expensive i7 4770k over getting a better GPU. Worked out great and my sister is still able to play modern games easily with a new graphics card. While my friend who went with the i5... well, you get the point.
  10. Need help with Cooling

    If you are replacing the front fans then get some air flow fans, not the static pressure kind. Static sacrifices the amount of air they can push in order to make it go in a straight line, thus making them unfit for case uses. Only time you might want to use static is on radiators or the coolers itself.
  11. How to pack a desktop computer for shipping?

    Before you go ahead, you must let us know if you are shipping international or between provinces/states. If you are going international, your best bet is to remove everything and do it separate because custom will open up your PC packaging if they detect something odd, which happens more often. The scans can't really make out all the strange wiring and stuff if its all jumbled up.
  12. Want to cheat at PUBG, buy a Dell

    You can tell someone at Dell is gonna lose their job. This is such bad PR lol
  13. Same here, I know WordPress have server side hosting and a package for those that want to get their own server and it didn't state any of that in the article
  14. 1080ti upgrade H100i reusability? HELP!

    Yep, there's no reason to go water cooling unless you are really out for the looks. At the end of the day, what helps cool the thing are those metal fins. The more surface/mass ratio you have, the better the cooling so going bigger is usually better here.
  15. 1080ti upgrade H100i reusability? HELP!

    Of course it would be, the loudest thing on a AIO is usually the pump if you are using a decent fan. AKA, not corsair fans would be the first step to take.