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  1. Bcat00

    Machinima wipes all videos without notifying it's creators.

    Why would they just nuke the videos? It would still bring in revenue for the channel so to kill one of their asset out of the blue just strikes me odd.
  2. Bcat00

    Apple's doesn't want to support Nvidia in macOS

    Who cares? If I got snubbed by a company then I wouldn’t want to do business with them moving on either. whats so hard to understand on this?
  3. Bcat00

    So this happened today.....(story)

    Just leave the old man alone, he’s part of a older generation that doesn’t follow modern day tech so it’s not something surprising or to be angry about. most people that age are at the point of stagnation, never learn and never change, hence the saying of “stubborn old man”
  4. Bcat00

    Unknown GPU Heat problem HELP!

    Time to RMA then
  5. Bcat00

    Bose soundlink 2 headpgones not connecting to pc

    Then you are good
  6. Bcat00

    Bose soundlink 2 headpgones not connecting to pc

    From what i remember since I also own one of these, it requires a decent bluetooth adapter of a specific higher standard to work on the PC. So if you bought one of those very cheap ones then you are not likely going to be able to connect. Anyways, if you can return it then i suggest you do. My experience has been piss poor due to the terrible white noise the cups make even with any volume.
  7. Bcat00

    Windows 7 enters its last year of support

    Finally someone with some sense on this forum. Linux will do that, Linux will kill this, Linux is problem free, that's all they say on this forum whenever the buzz word comes up.
  8. No idea why people are making fun of this, it’s actually common to find such toilets in Korea and Japan, and some parts of China in fact, it’s specifically western countries like America and Europe who’ve shunned the idea so it’s not them, it’s “us” who has the problem of advancing
  9. Bcat00

    Project Silence

    Just make sure you get the "P" series and not the "F" series.
  10. Bcat00

    Project Silence

    For the best overall 120mm fans, get the NF-A12 if you can afford it, otherwise go with the (NF-P12) and not the similar F12 series If you want the 140mm model fans then get the NF-A14/15, these 2 models cannot go wrong. Now for the PSU, if you are afraid about going fanless then go Bequiet, its as quiet as it comes in the market. If money is a factor or if you are not willing to fork over 200$ or more then do what i did as a test run, rip open the PSU shroud and remove that loud fan inside your thing and then drill a hole through the side of that metal plate. Afterwards remount the thing with the noctua fan in it and then run the fan wire through the hole into your motherboard. Now you can control the fan speed according to your preference. As for the Arctic Accelero IV, i own one of them and its good no question about that, but is it worth dumping that much money right away? I say not yet until you try mounting a new fan to your MSI cooler first. If temps aren't good then buy, if its manageable then buy a VGA wire and you've saved money
  11. Bcat00

    Project Silence

    From what I can tell, the biggest culprit of the noise is 3 things: PSU fan, GPU fan, and your harddrive. Here's a test solution for you that i tried in the past to save some money. 1) Remove the shroud from the GPU and the fan as well, then buy a VGA wire adapter to hook up some bigger fans to the GPU cooler 2) get some SSDs, 960 evo since its the cheapest with the highest storage level currently. Replace that harddrive. 3) get a new PSU that is fanless or get the Bequiet PSU / replace the PSU fan with a new quiet one then drill a hole through the side to hook up to your motherboard
  12. Bcat00

    Apple's earning revision

    What they expect when their phones have pretty much lost its magic? I still use the iphone 8 because it suited my need when it came time to change but i highly doubt I will get another apple phone in my next upgrade. Most likely Samsung's note phones since they are exactly what I need if i'm not using my computer.
  13. Bcat00

    Tom's Incoming Foldable Phone Review

    No No No These company don’t get the right to claim they are the first to make bendable phones, that honour belongs to the big
  14. Bcat00

    Titan V ray tracing (almost) like a RTX 2080 TI

    Really don't understand why all the hate, can't people just be happy they aren't sitting on their asses?
  15. Hmmm, i'm already rocking the Acer 4k monitor, but if the price is right on that thing then I might get it