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  1. That's how it is when you get companies raking in cash. Not much incentive to improve.
  2. I really do like the Witcher as a game, but the story itself loses my interest to be honest
  3. Not surprising. the easy path is now used up so now the harder path must be taken.
  4. Bcat00

    Meshify C and incredibly bad airflow.

    I highly doubt its a airflow issue. I say its your cooler. Either its badly mounted and needs to be redone or needs a upgrade.
  5. Umm, from what I recall, a chip will react differently once the modules and stuff are changed. unless they are selling the whole package right from the factory then this might burn the board partners.
  6. Bcat00

    Do wifi cards change the internet speed?

    Just bite the bullet and get a better wifi card. Those cheap old 20$ wifi cards can't get anything decent in terms of signal speed to begin with so making sure your ISP isn't throttling the connection is pointless to begin with. You gotta have the gear first before you can take advantage of a service.
  7. Bcat00

    SUE ME! - Vizio TVs will advise you to sue Vizio

    Okay... I don't know whether to be happy they are going to such lengths or sad that they sold me out before lol Good thing i don't own any of their brands, not that a Sony TV was any better
  8. Bcat00

    The Most Defining Key Factor of Air Cooler Performance?

    From what i recall, the pipes are better off in smaller/medium size with more pipes versus having a couple of giant pipes. Other than that, nothing else all that much in term of fins aside from molding it to fit the air flow better.
  9. Really now, a budget card expecting to run a brand new feature that devours even the higher end cards is asking too much. Its like having a crying baby demanding something that their parent can't offer them due to their limitations
  10. Bcat00

    New AMD Zen+Vega CPU for $55!!!

    Wow, that's truly a bargain for the chip. if anyone simply wants to build a system for small task works then this is it.
  11. Bcat00

    Siemens eHighway

    Its nice when its moving, but the second the car stops and allow the passengers to get off, that's when the trouble starts. Then there's the issue with the wire maintenance and track upkeep, its far worse than simply using a bus.
  12. Bcat00

    Siemens eHighway

    Don't get your hopes up, we have this in Canada and I can tell you it's a nightmare for traffic
  13. Bcat00

    WTF - type C port on RTX graphics cards

    Design the block around it??? am I the only one having problem understanding the issue here?
  14. Bcat00

    Why Are White Things So Rare?

    I've always liked be the pure glossy white color but that's just me. theres also the cost involved. From what I heard, its harder to mix a dye into white for components vs black, thus raising the initial cost by a good percent