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  1. Does noise matter to you?

    My entire system runs at a constant 600rpm regardless of load or idle. Did some modding on my gpu and psu and now i'm all happy. No need to deal with annoying fans or pump noises that water cooling provides.
  2. New build loud with top end spec?

    nooo, my setup runs at 600rpm constant load and idle. just a matter if one is willing to forgo looks to mod some stuff. 1080ti gpu and 8700k cpu.
  3. Replacing GPU Cooler

    Wanna explain why you want a new cooler? if its the fan breaking then just rip off the fan shroud and tie a third party fan to it with a vga wire adapter.
  4. Asus AI suite 3?

    I love it for controlling my fans back when i was tinkering with different fan models and brands to see which was the quietest among the batch. Very easy to use, way better than all the rest on the net if controlling the fan is all you need.
  5. IPS vs TN?

    if you are trying to point out TN is better then you chose the wrong video. that TN is blurry as fuck next to its IPS counterpart
  6. Dell P2717H vs LG 27UD88-W vs LG 32UD89

    it means you cant go wrong with those 3 choices. all up to your preference at this point.
  7. Dell P2717H vs LG 27UD88-W vs LG 32UD89

    no matter, all 3 are poison. just a matter of how you like to hurt yourself.
  8. sigh, nintendo does it again. my poor wallet!!!
  9. Not everyone is a fanatic about the game. I own it but haven't touched it in a while. Heck, i doubt all that many people even bought the DLC in the time it came out. And angering fans? I'm a fan and i don't care that they pulled it. It's just 1 week, go play something else in the meantime.
  10. Reading this just makes me cringe. Ubisoft is a big company so they need to keep to schedule on releases. There's a shit ton of stuff they got to keep to like contracts and stuff. Just to please a few whiny fans they will likely face a fine on the contract clause or be sued by other parties. Man i can't believe someone is even bashing them for this. It's practically common sense to pull it.
  11. This is just silly, what they need is a private league where one needs to play X amount of games and reach a certain account level to qualify. If they are caught cheating then they get kicked out. Worked for dota/cs for years so i'm sure it will work in pubg eventually when the structure is set up.
  12. Noctua NF-F12 PWM, 120mm as cpu fan

    use a zip tie or some metal wire to secure your new fan, problem solved.
  13. Mechanical keyboard recommendations

    Lol, i love how there's no mention of a razor keyboard. Just had mine die 4 weeks ago after 5 months of use so stay away!!
  14. Airflow and aftermarket fans

    Arctic fans are good, issue is their quality control. Had the Accelero IV cooler for my gpu once and one of the fans was out of balance so it shook alot.