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    i5 2500k
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    P8Z77-v Deluxe Asus
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    RX 570 Gigabyte Aorus
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    MS Falcon pro
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    1Tb wd
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    Corsair vs650
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    LG 25UM58-P Ultra-wide
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    CM hyper 212 evo
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    Redragon Centrophorus m601
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    Windows 7

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  1. So do you maybe know what is mh/s for rx580?
  2. I have got few rx 580s for reselling them, so is it worth maybe to start mining right now?
  3. Very rare youtube problem with video playback

    Wasnt about modem, i found out that youtube it self was slowing me down because apperently i "watched too many videos" or started one video over and over so it is some security thing, so people cant push views so much or something like that..
  4. About 4-5hrs ago i noticed this problem, on youtube video is forcing me to play it at 144p and slow buffering even at that resolution (at 720p or 1080p wont even start buffering). Everything else is fine, twitch 1080p sorce no stutters.. But when i play some new random video, it buffers fine at 1080p, and if i restart page and get back to video, that same video WONT buffer, and force me to 144p (before reloading page video was buffering just fine, after i try to play it later it wont buffer.. So i play oneNEW video, any video it's fine, when i try to play it for second time, nop it wont buffer and force me to 144p. I tried another PC with windows 7 (mine is w10) same thing, that videos that i have been watching for once, wont play again.. Same on mobile phone. I did restart cable modem, and my router, its not fixing it (same thing when i plug directly LAN cable into modem). Not logged at any account or using any adblock etc.. Is there something i could do?

    Getting a new PSU wont help you at all.. 1st of all that q6600 bottleneck your gpu BY a lot, that gpu should play mw2 without problem even with that cpu combo, check your settings, resolution scaling etc.. P.S. if you do break your gpu, it wont decrease FPS.. So you are fine on gpu side...
  6. X5650 bottlenecking?

    I dont think x5650 will bottleneck 1070 at all (if you get decent OC) x5650 is on pair with i7 6700 stock, so you will be fine..
  7. I had similar issue on i5 2500k (4.5ghz) with GTX 770.. i played mostly big open world games, and fps was good, but it felt like i was playing 30-40 fps max.. I switched to ryzen, and used same gpu , fps was not much higher, but expirience was much better. When much is going on in game (many players at same place) on i5 i couldnt play at all, fps was 40-50 but it felt like 15fps.. on ryzen 1500x fps is similar but gameplay is fluid..
  8. I solved that problem 2 months ago.. Well other then ram issue i had no other problems.. Only 2 options for b350 when i was buying mobo were msi b350 and asus b350 prime (and some mini ITX), asus prime looks terible imo, i hate red mobos, this one looks very good, and asus prime had bios issues aswell.. It's not much about msi or other brend, ryzen was still new 2 months ago, and bios'es were terible, update fixed everything.. P.S. i bumped up ram to 2666.. 8gb DDR4 here in my country is as expensive as new mobo right now..
  9. Radeon R7970 Wont boot

    Well if gpu works fine on your main pc (stres test it) and it doesnt boot up on second one then it is most likely PSU..
  10. Radeon R7970 Wont boot

    PSU might be problem. HD7970 requires good psu.. Swap psu from your main pc to other one and check again..
  11. Yes, i just saw picture of motherboard...But i have seen 500w PSU in my town with same connectors (16 + 8 and lot of PCI 2x6+2 pin for 5$), is it posible to use that one?
  12. This is motherboard i guess.. It uses 16 + 8 pin rofl
  13. I have found old WS with xeon 4 core 8 thredas (1155 mobo), but it has only 300w PSU (with some weird connectros). Can i change that psu, are pins any different? I think mobo uses 20 pin for powering only. FUJITSU CELSIUS W510 (model of WS). I want to stick some powerful gpu and use it for some games....