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    i5 2500k
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    P8Z77-v Deluxe Asus
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  1. As far as i know top two slots are x8 speed when used both (sli) and third is always x4 speed.. I guess that x4 pci lanes are going through chipset and not directly to cpu ( that can cause your gpu to run slower then usual)..
  2. It wont bottleneck it, but right now it is pointless to get i5 of anysort (only if it is crazy good deal). If you are no tight budget get r5 1600, it is newer cpu, uses ddr4 and has 2 more cores and 6 more threads then i5..
  3. Assuming you have 2nd gen intel cpu, dont go above gtx 1060 or rx 580, or you will be bottlenecked by cpu itself, otherwise pci 2.1 wont be a problem, if you are not using some pci cards like gigabit internet or some highend sound cards... (if you are using only 1 gpu you wont see any difference between pci2 and pci3)
  4. You want probably to use that ram from your laptop, but even tho ram prices are high, you will not get good deal with your combo, just go with normal mobo.. That mobo you want will most likely be micro atx or some wierd form factor, and will probably be way more expensive then regular non overclocking board..
  5. I have Seasonic S12 II 520 PSU, it is bronze rated, and high tier PSU, but i dont know if it can handle r5 1600 and gtx 1080?
  6. It is very likely to be chipset p67 b3 related, i had problem with asus p8p67 with 2500k, and at random moments both pci slots stoped working, when i re-installed gpu (plug it out then plug it back) it would work just fine, tried other gpu same problem..
  7. PCB quality nowdays is very high, if it works fine you didnt damage anything.. P.S. you wont short your gpu's life span by pushing it to fit..
  8. Check with another cable or another monitor, if that doesnt work then it is probably gpu issue, try another port (hdmi or dvi). P.S. if you are using DVI to another port adapter then try with new adapter.
  9. My friend have had similar issue.. I think when you switch bios'es you cant use afterburner.. Go with PrecisionX (i have seen some patches for afterburner for specific problem like this)
  10. Online benchmarking websites for older gpus are not accurate and i wouldnt trust that much for hd 7790. Check this one,4388.html They update this link very often, it is not like which gpu is better but what tier it is.. GTX 560ti is one tier above HD 7790.. As far as i know that is pretty accurate..
  11. I can access iPad, i can go online everything, but i have no app store at home screen when i go to settings in appsotre option, it ask me for password.. So do you think if i reset it to factory settings it will remove all accounts?
  12. She's gypsy, i know her name, i know her, it comes with box and everything.. And when i go to settings, it is locked on her email.. Can i jailbreak it, and if i can, then can i download applications? I need it only for media
  13. Sad part it is not stolen... She forgot password, it is her name on iCloud >_< But if i jailbreak it, can i download apps? I mean, i can go online watch movies etc, but i want to download yt etc..
  14. I have offer to buy for around 50$ iPad air 2, but iCloud it locked and i cant download anything, what can i do, can i jailbreak it or something?
  15. X58 is not place for you if you want low power draw.. Xeons like E3 are usually good, but for video editing you can use a bit high core clock (im not expert tho). If you want x58 combo with motherboard, cpu ram and cooler will cost you probably 200$ (or around that because 1366 mobo is 100$ or more) I would suggest you r5 1600, it is 65w TDP (yes i know TDP is not whole power draw), but is 50% less then xeon, and has same amount of cores and threads as xeon, higher clock, comes with good cooler, it is new platform which you can reuse after some time..