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    i5 2500k
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    P8Z77-v Deluxe Asus
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    RX 570 Gigabyte Aorus
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  1. Well actualy ZOS makes ESO, yea i know it is not optimized good, but still people can get more fps then i have with same or worst hardware.. I dont run out of ram, but that is most suspicious thing for me, because when i bought my mobo cpu and ram, mobo couldnt detect 8gb, just detected (8 gb detected 4 usable only even tho w10 64bit), and now even tho it detects fully 8gb, there might be some problem with ram..
  2. But problem is same, i had GTX 460, i had bad FPS, now i have way better GPU and FPS is maybe 6-7 more then i had before.. In Fortnite i see 150 fps more then i had, and in heaven benchmark around 120fps more then i had..
  3. Its not i have 100fps while not in combat..
  4. Yes, game is hugely not optimazed for everything.. But still, some people say that their FPS is good even tho they have worst hardware then i have...
  5. Oke now i am so confused... I have r5 1500x, GTX 680 (which i bought 2 days ago) and 8gb of ddr4 memory (2x4 gbs paired), and in MMO game ESO i cant get more then 40 fps in combat..Before i bought GTX 680 i had gtx 460 (1gb ddr5), and i had almost same FPS with GTX 460 as i have now with GTX 680.. .. In other games i see huge difference between old and new gpu, but in Elder scrolls online (eso) i see 5-6 fps maybe more... Btw i play at 720p at medium textures,and everything else is LOW or off..... I have pretty old HDD tho, i think it is sata 2 (but 100% health and performance) but as far as i know HDD doesnt impact my fps... So CPU is fine i guess, GPU is much better then i had before(gtx460), ram is decent kingstone 2400mhz ddr4.. (my temps are good, and when im playing game, i see only 30-40% overall CPU usage, same is with my GPU usage, but still i have terible FPS......)
  6. I have 720p monitor, gtx 670 is 10$ more then rx 460.. But it is way older... Not sure if performance is much higher on GTX 670 then on RX 460? If it's like 10-15% difference(in games) i would go with rx 460 TBH, lower power, less heat..
  7. What is the difference between rx 1050 and rx 460 (2gb) in performance? I was looking at some benchmarks, but they are so much different, some shows that they are very similar some of them shows that 1050 is much better.. Is rx460 in range with some old gpu's like GTX 760/GTX 670 / HD 7870?
  8. I need a decent gpu to play some MMO games at 720p mostly. I can get for for similar price: RX 460 (2gb), GTX 670 (2gb), HD 7870 (2gb) All gpu's are used, but price is same on all of them (around 90$), i think that the GTX 670 is best here (10 more $ then RX 460) but it is very old used GPU, not sure if it is worth it to go for GTX 670?
  9. Elder scrolls online. For some reason cant unlock sliders for temp and power limit (but can unlock voltage control)
  10. Cant increase Power and Temp limit for some reason, only can unlock voltage control...
  11. It is pretty old GPU, gtx 470.. I dont think i have option to overclock
  12. Im having issue with playing online MMO game, i have r5 1600 but still cant but some decent GPU, and i need to wait a litttle bit longer.. I have low fps mostly because my gpu (1gb ddr5), can some software like Razer cortex booster increase FPS, is there even point in downloding it?
  13. So do you maybe know what is mh/s for rx580?
  14. I have got few rx 580s for reselling them, so is it worth maybe to start mining right now?