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  1. What do I need to know about SLI? Any extra drivers? Wiring? Anything I need to know please tell me below...
  2. Hello all, I've been hearing dx11 and dx12 recently and I want to know what they are, can som one explain? Also what impact does it have on gaming?
  3. Can that happen in the U.K? Sounds cool! If so what are the requirements to become or get selected for Jury Duty
  4. Thanks, I've looked around but they just look shady af.
  5. If I'm correct don't most AAA games require 4 cores...
  6. I wanna avoid the hassle (please don't tell me there is no hassle) and I want to get it professionally built so as to not have any future problems.
  7. If that suits you then so be it, I would have preferred a i5 at the very least. How many cores does the i3-6100 have?
  8. Hey all I was wondering is there a company in the uk that you can give your PC parts to and they'll build it for you. I want to have a custom PC with the parts that I choose and then send it to a company who can build it for me. If you have any company (s) who could build it for me that'd be great. Also please try and get the company to be around London, specifically Barking and Dagenham... P.S Please don't tell me to build it myself, I want to avoid the hassle of doing that.
  9. Might wanna get a better CPU. I think it'll bottleneck your GPU
  10. You my friend are a FUCKING boss! Thanks ever so much!
  11. Hey all, I have some homework that I need to finish by Monday. Any help would be appreciated. It's an extract from bleak house by Charles Dickens. I need to analyse it, it must include Contextual Links and a deep analysis...