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  1. 15-20 days 4 times a year? Might as well get the laptop if all you want is bloodborne on the ps4. *edit* Just to add, the PS4 library isn't that expansive and 2016-2017 is when the games will start coming out. So it's really up to you if you want to get it and wait for the games. The laptop will just be more versatile imo.
  2. If it's comfortably at 30fps then that's fine. If it dips, I would go to a lower reso.
  3. Even if there is, I doubt the durability/quality is remotely as good as the official one. Just wait for a sale if you're trying to save money.
  4. tomshardware tests Is it faster? Yes, but seeing as how the majority of games rely on dumping a lot of its data into the hard drive, you would be restricted for space. A 1tb SSD would set you back around $250~. Is shaving a few seconds off of boot/game loading worth that much? Up to you.
  5. Late reply but there's a bot on his stream. Type !music in his chat and it will give you a mega download link for his entire playlist from earlier this year.
  6. Made me smile more than it should have.
  7. Username: amasev 2 Fav Videos: Video 1 Video 2 Social Media Shares: Tweet Facebook Congrats on the new platform!
  8. You're gucci. It will just ask you for the code in a month or so.
  9. Fire Emblem has an "easy" mode if you just want to play it for the story so that would be a good choice. Another game many others would recommend for the story would be Bravely Default but I'm not sure how difficult the game is. The Phoenix Wright trilogy just came out so I would give that a shot too. The puzzles are a bit hard at times but the game is good.
  10. . Ooo I'll check those out too. Thanks.
  11. Sempai, instead of being vague in your post, do you mind actually giving me a recommendation for "quality" earbuds under $30? Idc if it has a mic or not.
  12. OK, so I ended up just buying both of them (the isurus and the m9p). I'm no audiophile but I'll compare the two to other earbuds/headphones that I have owned.
  13. Aside from gaming, what else do you plan to do with the system? You might only need just the i5. I own a Kraken x40. I don't like it. It's a lot noisier than the corsair equivalent I put in my brother's system. I would get the Noctua NH-D14.