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  1. I just draw over my scratches with a vivid, kinda works and is cheap as chips!
  2. When you read through this whole thread and agree with mostly everything!
  3. When you read through this whole thread and agree with mostly everything!
  4. Dang this looks sick man! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Hey LTT forum, I'm looking for a good PC component store within the New York area, closer to times square the better. A bit of backstory, my dad is going to NY for work and asked if I wanted anything, long story short he might be getting me a graphics card as the prices in america are far more reasonable than in New Zealand. Closer to times square is better as I fell like he will be more likely to buy it if he can get to the store easily. Second question is what graphics card should I ask for. Of course I will ask for the best but if it is out of dads budget is it worth getting a mid range current gen card or going crossfire and getting another 6950? I believe the correct answer to my own question to be to get a new mid range card however theres something about having two graphics cards that seems cool to me. Thanks in advance Destroyer.
  6. This looks wicked! I'm keen to try it just because its blizzard but if its good thats even better!
  7. 1080p will live far to long, just like 720p has.....
  8. Destroyer

    350z Or S2000

    NFS UG2 was the best until my save corrupted and yes 350z cause eww honda
  9. Nice wish I had a way of aquiring stuff like this in NZ, I would love to have a mess around with running a server and stuff like that.
  10. Awesome, i've messed around with linux a bit before but nothing really serious as this was when steam did not support linux and there were limited games which supported it. This is going to be enough to give me that push to go and give it another try.
  11. That link looks pretty blatantly off to me but I guess some people dont look at what their clicking and just blindly click on links?