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  1. Somehow the rollback worked with a recovery disk, it said it failed, but it loaded in perfectly fine sooooo, thanks for the help
  2. So, The last backup was 2 monthes ago and that isn't close enough. And we don't have a legit windows 7 disk to reinstall windows.
  3. Yeah the stuff is very important. I'll see if we can roll back. I can't get to a check disk so if i can't rollback then i'll have to transfer
  4. Yeah safe mode doesn't load in either but we do have a windows server for backups, we might be able to do that, but getting the cd for it is going to be annoying, and hoping for a simpler solution
  5. It has one drive and is set as AHCI. No idea why it would be raid or ide in the first place so i'm going to trust that it was ahci in the first place. Right now he's running some sort of troubleshooting disk for windows 7
  6. I could try but my dads computer is an hp, and has been pretty default since we got it, maybe it went from hp default to windows default
  7. Me and my dad were installing some lights in the garage, wiggld some wired and the breaker flipped for the downstairs. When we turn on his computer, everything looks fine, untill it gets to a specific screen http://i.stack.imgur.com/IDLox.jpg that isn't my picture, but exact same problem, different situation. After 30 seconds it goes black for half a send and goes back to this screen, and it just loops like this.
  8. I recently reformatted as well and have the same problem, have you found a fix? I was running windows 8 before and it was perfectly fine, reformat and somethings screwed up. Youtube lags when playing a full screen game, never used to do this. AMD 4100, GTX 560, 8 gb 1333 ram
  9. Yeah I have a an on off and volume control in line with my speakers but my cable management is the worst. I do have a Logitech g510 I think with audio passthrough but the headphones use USB power. And I hate them
  10. Speakers and headphones are 3.5 mm jacks. Speakers are 2.1 and headphones idk
  11. I use a desktop mic, and when we get into games, I have to use headphones. Sometimes I just like to use headphones, especially at night. But my headphone jack on the front of my computer is broken. I'm just curious what combo of sound card and onboard sound, maybe some software, or maybe an external sound card. Hardware switch or software switch, what's the best solution?
  12. He's not worried about detail, and the monitor I'm giving him isn't 1080. And an A-10 6800k is ten times better than any Intel integrated solution
  13. I'm just saying, he's saying in a year he might want to get a new graphics card.
  14. Yeah its so easy to run. He said that he wants room to put a graphics card in like a year down the road, maybe an 860 or something. So bigger case and psu is necessary. But idk anything about budget psus
  15. I play league regularly and I've never seen a performance difference since last year. The game also looks the same, but I do remember they tweaked the dbgine and the map last year