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  1. *Sorry for necro* I've got a 780 Ti and I was wondering has anyone tried out the latest drivers with the 7xx series? I noticed a halving in performance going from the GTA V drivers to the Witcher 3 drivers and I'm wondering if the problem has been fixed or are people just not raising their turnips to sort Nvidia's shit out.
  2. This would likely expose the super shady developers. As I guarantee you the second any developer places a ban for a shady reason on someone, you're going to see it everywhere, and that developer will be no more.
  3. Exactly, and the developer would die in a fire almost instantly the second any word got out that they were doing some dodgy things.
  4. And that's their loss. If they pull shit, they get destroyed. Which in this situation is completely fair. It would actual do a natural selection thing of sorts, destroying the bad developers and keeping the good clean developers in business. And would probably discourage developers from carrying out such an act by seeing the consequences.
  5. The game critic then could easily publicize the false ban and completely destroy the company that was doing the false retaliation. The developers would have much more to lose from falsely banning someone from their game for that reason, as it does not stop them from telling everyone else in other places about the wrong doings. Which would spread like wildfire.
  6. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7849-Radz-6869 You should have added some clarification for the 'If you are VAC banned you are vac banned in all games that support VAC' As that isn't completely true. But on the actual topic I do think this implementation is a good idea. Yes, there will be developers who will exploit it and I'm sure Valve will deal with them quickly and swiftly if things begin to get out of hand. Games like Payday 2 are riddled with cheaters and up to now there hasn't been much in the way of counteracting those cheaters, they have implemented some cheater detection but only properly works when you're the host. I don't quite understand all the hate that has been brought up for this as I only see this as a good thing, yes there will be a few bad eggs, but I highly doubt they would stay in position especially for the fact of how publicized developer shenanigans gets. Additionally I'm under the assumption that the policy for lifting the bans will be much more lenient, let's say a user is able to provide proof that they were falsely banned I'm sure Valve would lift the ban as it is a completely different situation than the VAC Banning. And if from that proof it showed that the developer was doing some fishy stuff in terms of banning, I'm also sure that they would get banning rights revoked.
  7. My performance would probably die if I was to try that.
  8. I'm using 3 monitors, but not ingame. The game only runs on 1 monitor, I find the other two way too useful for use as game screens.
  9. and you have a 9590 and SLI 780 Ti's. What are you trying to say? I can put them all on max, I don't know how much of a performance defecit it will have.
  10. I don't only play games. What other things would I benefit from getting an I7 over an I5? I occasionally render (not on a regular basis but may be more often soon). Because I would much rather get the best that I can now instead of having to upgrade in a few years. Similar to the mistake I made when selecting the 8320 a year and a half ago.
  11. I've been able to scrape a bit more money together, do you have a solid recommendation for an i7 such as an 4790K and a solid motherboard for about ~£340 all together maybe with a CPU cooler aswell.
  12. Remember, I am using a stock cooler on mine. So my Overclock is not going to get up as high as yours. I can probably boost some more of my settings up but I don't want to touch them since what I have currently is perfect. Game looks awesome and I'm getting a decent stable fps.
  13. I done some changes that I found people mentioning that would fix the issues. Most are gone now mostly stay above 60. Had to change Shadows to High and modify some stuff in the Nvidia Control panel. I did get a nice overclock on my stuff in the process though
  14. There is a definite correlation with FPS Drops and higher CPU Usage when I am playing. Currently i'm trying some overclocking which seems to be helping it stay above 50 FPS.
  15. It does seem to be the main difference between me and the people with similar GPU's. Now that I remember my CPU usage is about 58% on GTA so with it running in 4 Cores(?) would that mean that it is maxing out the CPU it has been given.
  16. As the title says I'm having some fps issues with my 780 Ti on GTA V. I've seen people who have been able to run all on max with a 970 + i5 so theoretically I should be able to get a similar experience considering the 780 Ti is a stronger(?) card than the 970. I have a feeling that it may be my CPU holding me back but that may just be my imagination. I'll try and include as much helpful information below as I can: GPU has stock cooler +137MHz on Core Clock +150MHz on Memory Clock Max Fan speed + Overvolted through EVGA Precision Never goes above 80% Gpu usage when ingame Monitor Overclocked to 66Hz Drops to 40 FPS while driving and in other areas. Also fluctuates around 50 normally but does have areas where it will stick to 66 for a while. I never notice it going below 40 though. CPU has default overclock to 3.7GHz currently Game is on my HDD If upgrades are needed I've got about ~£200 to spend Normal RAM is freed up I have about 80% total usage when playing GPU Never heats up to a bottleneck point CPU stays at a good temp ~60 Degress Celsius Power usage is normally at 60-70% Windows 8.1 Specs should be below but may be slightly outdated for what I am actually using. This has been when playing GTA Online, I haven't tested single player as of yet. Settings: Ambient Occlusion: High Anisotropic filtering: x16 Dx 11 Windowed Borderless Distance Scaling: 100% FXAA: On Grass Quality: High Population Density: 100% Population Variety: 100% Post FX: Normal Reflection MSAA: off Reflection Quality: Very High Resolution: 1080p Shader Quality: Very High Soft Shadows: Softer Tesselation: High Texture Quality: Very High Water Quality: High VSync: On -Same On or Off MSAA: 2x - Should be all Don't kill me if I forgot something crucial
  17. Time to get tons of ram alongside my new ssd
  18. I feel like it is going to turn into Transformers(Money grab). But the way they edited the bus bit was stupid, Getting unrealistically 'dinked' by a car and instantly cutting to it flipping in the air farther along the bridge
  19. Silly combination? There is next to no difference for Gaming between an 8320 and a Intel processor, only a few FPS difference.
  20. What do you mean by "decent specs" I have a 780 Ti and an 8320 and it stutters for me, not all the time but it happens
  21. Ok, So whenever I Alt Tab into Payday 2 my other two monitors which are not running the game start to Flicker black and white. Where the whole screen is unlegible and the only bit that I can properly see is the very top. I have been able to fix it by unplugging a monitor and rebooting but I'm looking for a solution to fix it without Rebooting or a Way to Completely prevent it.
  22. As far as I know there isn't any here. But you can go to some of the Payday communities such as T$E who are really friendly and you can play with them
  23. So a new Payday 2 DLC has been announced You can find the Steam community topic here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/243514122985972661 and the Official website for the New DLC can be found here: http://www.overkillsoftware.com/gageassaultpack/ The DLC is set to include: 4 Weapons, 28 Weapon mods, 4 Melee weapons, 4 Masks, 4 Materials, 4 Patterns and 10 new achievements. From the Video running in the background we can see weapons that look like: The GL40 ( From Payday The Heist), a Famas, a Galil and a G3 with 1 Melee weapon being shown looking like a Sledge Hammer. With the Day 2 Announcement we can see all the weapons and Weapon mods Which include: GL40/M79 FAMAS G3 GALIL BAYONET HATCHET Some sort of knife thing? ( Bowie Knife) SledgeHammar/Knife Combo thing. The page is clearly a parody of Battlefield: "Q: I recognize this theme... A: Not really a question, but yes, this is us at OVERKILL tipping our hats to a fellow Swedish game developer. " Many of Payday DLC's tend to have a repeating sense with a Clear example being the "Gage" figure The price is $4.99 USD and £3.99 GBP ( I'm not sure what price Probably similar pricing to the other weapon DLC's) More information will be revealed tomorrow and Thursday before the Release. Let me know if I got any information wrong I will update this topic with any new information revealed.