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  1. Yet another person who is under the attack of the media and public view for having an opinion, daring to express it and also caring about themselves. Look at Trump. He said so many stupid things that should outrage the people but nothing is happening. He doesn't care.
  2. Imo, I see this is an experiment from Google to see how well a new, modern OS, based on a microkernel would work. It could be successful and become something big, or else it would bring a lot of insight into developing a new operating system, since the base of current ones were written decades ago and they might not be the best solution to modern problems.
  3. Mozilla the internet villain is not a designation I would have ever thought about.
  4. I've considered those and the UX433 seems like the best for me.
  5. Around 4000 RON. Max weight around 1.5 kg I think. Battery life should be enough to last a day (~8 hours) of light use. 14/13" display, better display quality is always welcome but not necessary. https://www.pcgarage.ro/ultrabook/
  6. Not available here. Same story for the Matebook. Thanks for your input.
  7. Hello guys. I'm looking for an ultrabook in the $1000 range. I currently have a Lenovo Y50 which has good performance, but it's too large and too heavy to carry around campus and the battery barely lasts 2 hours. I'm looking for something portable and with good battery life. I'd also like a good keyboard, but I don't know how much of that I will get in a thin ultrabook. Also, I expect a decent screen at this price point. What will I be using the laptop for? Other than basic use cases such as web browsing, I'll be doing programming-related tasks, but nothing too demanding. The most demanding thing I'll be doing on it will probably be to run a few VMs once in a while. Also, I'll mostly be using Linux for what it's worth. I'm not sure about games though. I do occasionally play titles like Hollow Knight, at least that's what I would consider the "average" game for me in terms of graphical intensity. The most demanding game I would play might be Dark Souls, since I like to come back to it once in a while. I'm pretty sure Intel graphics and Dark Souls don't bode well together, so I might consider an ultrabook with an MX150. But I don't necessarily need it, I will keep my gaming laptop and I could game on if I wanted to or on my desktop. So I'd say a dedicated GPU would be cool to have, but not necessary. I'm buying from Romania, prices differ here a little bit. I ruled out the XPS 13 because it's too expensive here. I considered the Thinkpad X1 Carbon, but again, it's out of my price range. My best option would be, I think, the new Asus Zenbook UX433. https://www.pcgarage.ro/ultrabook/asus/14-zenbook-ux433fa-fhd-procesor-intel-core-i5-8265u-6m-cache-up-to-390-ghz-8gb-256gb-ssd-gma-uhd-620-win-10-home-royal-blue/ It's really compact, has an appealing design (those thin bezels are really nice) and it looks to be pretty ok. I would have liked for it to have Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C charging, but those features are hard to find at this price point. There will also be an MX150 model available for what it's worth. Another interesting choice would be the HP Envy 13: https://altex.ro/laptop-hp-envy-13-ah0011nn-intel-core-i5-8250u-pana-la-3-4ghz-13-3-full-hd-8gb-ssd-128gb-nvidiar-geforcer-mx150-2gb-windows-10-home/cpd/LAP4PK27EA/ It's definitely a good option, it's just that the Asus has a more interesting design and a slightly larger screen. Any suggestions?
  8. Actually it doesn't really emulate hardware. That's what an emulator does. A virtual machine "virtualizes" hardware, if you will. For example, there are specific instructions that split a CPU into more vCPUs. That means that you can't run a virtual machine that runs on a different architecture, eg. ARM guest on x86 host, you'd need an emulator for that.
  9. Oh man, I haven't played ps2 in such a long time...
  10. I'm not saying they couldn't, they definitely could. I just think it wouldn't be as profitable.
  11. A lot of smartphone makers have a similar release schedule, in the sense that they release 2 flagship phones in a year, but not in the same lineup. Samsung has the S line and the Note line. LG has their G and V series. Huawei has the P and the Mate series, etc. There are 2 phones being launched every ~6 months, packing the latest hardware but with minor differences to appeal to various niches. To me it looks like OnePlus just want to tap into some extra market by offering new hardware and new features more frequently, which should appeal to their target audience: tech enthusiasts. They are a "relatively small" company, and making two different phones might not be that profitable for them. Refreshing their flagship 6 months after release surely brings them more sales without the cost of designing an entirely new phone, so it's a good business plan. They tried to change things up a little with the OnePlus X, but we haven't seen anything like that since so I reckon it wasn't very successful. Unlike other tech companies, they don't have other businesses they can rely on(eg. Samsung has highly-profitable semiconductors, Xiaomi has more profitable internet services, etc.), so OnePlus needs to have a good business model. This model is part of a bigger plan though. OnePlus phones were always very similar to the Oppo F series. Just look at the Oppo F9 and the 6T leaks. Both companies, along with Vivo, are owned by BBK. The parent company positions OnePlus as the premium smartphone, Oppo as the "average" smartphone, and Vivo as the cheaper option. This is why, I think, OnePlus doesn't need to appeal to more niches. On a side note, Sony's smartphone business is almost irrelevant nowadays. To me it looks they have given up on it and instead decided to focus on more profitable areas, like the Playstation, or the semiconductor market (with their image sensors). It's pretty easy to see why they made this shift, since making smartphones is becoming less and less profitable. That's also why Samsung is letting Huawei take the crown for the biggest smartphone maker(which should happen in the near future).
  12. OnePlus has had face unlock on their phones for a while now. I even got an update that added face unlock on my OP3, but I don't use it.
  13. I love single-player games and I don't find much time to play multiplayer games. It's interesting to see people with such varied preferences.
  14. Hello guys. While trying to open up a Lenovo Y50, I've come across a pretty annoying problem: one screw is totally stripped. I've tried using different screwdrivers, applying more force, using an elastic band, but, alas, nothing worked. Any suggestions?
  15. Lenovo Y50, back from the days of Nvidia's 8xxM generation. Battery life is a bit meh, only ~3 hours, but the performance is still good even to this day. However, I also game on it, so there's that. I'm pretty sure I could do fine with just an ultrabook, and that's probably what I'm going to switch to in the near future.
  16. It's a pretty cool proof of concept, but I don't think it's going to be a really big thing, like seeing only automated restaurants. The founder presents an interesting opinion on the matter. He says that machines like this allow the staff of the restaurant to focus on more creative, more fulfilling tasks.
  17. I think the title is a little bit of a clickbait. The point of the research was to show that training neural networks on biased data will yield biased results, something which should be common sense in the world of machine learning. The findings should encourage people to pay attention to their data and to check it for biases, leading to overall better practices in the field. Comparisons to skynet are a bit exaggerated imo.
  18. I think LG was among the first ones to go with this trend with their secondary screen on the V10.
  19. I didn't have an SSD until a few years ago and I definitely noticed the difference. And yes, I should have been more clear. I'm not buying in the US, I'm buying in Romania. Prices are on average 20% higher over here.
  20. It's more expensive here, almost $800. And an SSD is definitely a must-have. It makes all the difference.