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    Master's Student


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    Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ
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    LENOVO LNVNB161216
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    16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q
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    Samsung SM961 M.2 NVMe SSD (256 GB) + 1 TB HDD
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    1080p IPS Panel
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    Corsair Sabre RGB Optical
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. The screws are held in place, so even if they're loose all the way, they can´t drop out of the heatsink.
  2. Hi, everyone! I have been having overheating on my laptop. It's a Lenovo with a i7 7700HQ and a GTX 1060-MaxQ and the heatsink is crap. It's a 2-pipe single heatsink shared by both the CPU and GPU. Lately I've been hitting close to 90ºC on the CPU and close to 80ºC on the GPU (which I never saw above 72ºC) so I decided to repaste it and clean all the dust. I used an old MX-4 I had for like 7-8 years and the thermals were even worse after! I figured the paste had gone bad and so I bought a Kryonaut tube and applied it and the thermals did not change! I was hitting 93ºC in the CPU and high 80ºC on the GPU. I opened it up again and this was what I saw (this is the CPU but the GPU looked the same. Usually you see a lot more paste when you open it up. Does this mean I used too little thermal paste? I used the pea method. Also, then I figured that MAYBE the screws on the heatsink are not meant to be tightened to the max and googled it and I guess that's right. Tightening it to the max can squeeze the thermal paste away from the contact zone so it should be tightened like 60%. I tested how many turns the screws had and it was 5 turns. I turned them 3 times each and that time I used the spread method like this. After testing, the max the CPU got was 87ºC and GPU was 74ºC, so either the spread method, the looser screws or both helped! Any ideas about this? Best regards!
  3. Hey guys! Very simple question: which way should I go? Buy a bigger, 65 inch Samsung Q67R or a smaller and better 55 inch Q70R? The 55"Q70 is 970€ and the 65"Q67 is 1300€. I think that given the price difference, the Q70 is better, right? What if I find them at the same price a little down the road, say, Black Friday? Thanks!
  4. Hi, everyone! I recently bought a Samsung NU8005 4k, HDR TVs and I can't seem to activate HDR through windows! I can get 4k @60 Hz but when I go to the TV settings and activate the HDMI UHD Color, which is necessary to activate HDR on windows afterwards, it just goes black and doesn't work! The HDMI cable is HDMI 2.0, or else I wouldn't get 4k @60 Hz, right? Or could I really be having a problem with the HDMI cable? Anyone can help? I'm going crazy with this
  5. The guy is willing to lower the price to 80€, so it's a good deal. The cheapest I find here is 107€
  6. Yeah, very, very confusing! But, @syn2112, it's not always true. There are some M.2 2280 PCI SSDs that use AHCI, which if that's the case, it won't work on my laptop...
  7. @PopsicleHustler, But NVMe are also M.2 xD But there are different keys, and that defines the notches. The thing is that I can't find anywhere on the skhynix site or anywhere else the word "NVMe" and I'm afraid it doesn't work on my laptop
  8. @Minibois, Hmm, I see... I think so too. By the speeds, the form factor, everything it seems to be an NVMe. My fear is that there's a fundamental difference between PCI e and NVMe and that it isn't compatible with my motherboard. I know that, for instance a M.2 2280 SATA SSD doesn't work here and I'm afraid that if it isn't specifically NVMe, it doesn't work either ?
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm looking at this SSD to buy from a guy but I am unsure if it is NVMe, and my laptop only supports NVMe ones. It is an M.2 2280 form factor, which is what I want. By the speeds it can't be SATA interface, but I'm confused as to whether PCI e gen 3x4 is NVMe or if those two are two different things! Looking up the part number online, I can't find anywhere saying "NVMe", so I'm afraid it isn't... aren't the only 2 protocols SATA and NVMe? Isn't PCIe gen 3x4 just another "synonym" with NVMe? Thank you so much I advance! I'm really confused now
  10. @WoodenMarker, @Tibon, @Jurrunio My GPU is the GTX 1060 Max-Q which runs REALLY cool, even pushing it to the limit and overclocking. The max temperature I've seen it reach was around 70ºC on a really hot day, but usually it sits around 60ºC. BUT, I did download the superposition GPU benchmark (the newest from UNIGINE) and ran it in parallel with Prime95 and the CPU temperature did rise 6-7ºC while the GPU benchmark was running. So you guys were right! But still, why does Intel XTU, Cinebench and Prime95 give me different temperatures while all of them put the CPU at 100%? I guess maybe there's a lot more to the CPU load than the usage percentage? PS. And yes, the heatsink is common to the GPU and CPU. Although it has 2 pipes and 2 powerful fans, I guess that contributes a lot to the thermals.
  11. So I put a graphite pad on my laptop's CPU and, oh boy, did it lower the temps comparing to the thermal paste I had (arctic silver)! But I started noticing something weird... Doing a stress test on Intel XTU the max temp I got was 67ºC, on Cinebench, the max was 74ºC but playing Battlefield V, it reaches 85ºC... How come the temperatures vary so much between what should be somewhat equally demanding tests? The CPU is an i7 7700HQ, btw.
  12. DFS was set to auto. I set the channel to 44 now, randomly picked between 36 and 48 as you said. I'll see if it solves it! Thanks, guys!
  13. @79wjd Give it long enough? How long? I mean some very loooong years, right? After that time I'd either not mind that much loosing my phone or already have a new one. Since when does "hunting down" means physically confronting the guy? Of course that's not what I meant! By hunting them down I mean know their whereabouts and get the police! Of course the police care, are you crazy? I don't know where you're from, but here in Portugal, the police sure care and will help! An elevator? Seriously? So you're telling me that a mugger would either happen to be near an elevator straight away and stay in there for hours until the battery drains or go running to find one? Think realistically! Someone mugs you, takes your phone and then needs to go either home or somewhere else where he can, hypothetically, hide it inside a metal case/fridge/basement, wtv, before trying to reset it and sell it. Before he has the time to reach home, I have time to borrow a phone or PC, go to Samsung's site, find the location, meanwhile I've called the cops and they're on they're way, (and trust me, here in Portugal, they would help!) and try to get to the guy before he can actually drain it or hide it, that's the whole point! No, I don't need to get my priorities straight, I do have them right, I just worry about different things than you, that's it. If you can't help, why bother commenting and saying that this is incredibly stupid? If you think this is stupid, then don't waste your time nor mine! What the hell...
  14. @dizmo Well, of course I'd want to hunt them down if someone mugs me! And how would you prevent being mugged? Please, master, tell society how to end that torment. Dude, of course there's common sense and I shouldn't go to dangerous places or walk alone at night, I know all of that and I've never been mugged in my life, so I think I know how to behave relatively safely, but that doesn't mean there won't be a time I actually do get mugged and I just want to have enabled all the measures I can enable to make it more likely that I get my phone back, that's it. PS. thanks for the heads-up about tagging people
  15. Well, mine doesn't! What the hell? I have to dig up the settings to enable that! Thanks for letting me know there's hope ahah