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Status Updates posted by Windspeed36

  1. Vancouver sure is a pretty city

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    2. Dawson Wehage

      Dawson Wehage

      long time moderating administrator

    3. Nerdom


      so is gatlinburg

    4. Windspeed36
  2. Finally got a HP 1030 as a replacement for my T460P for work and it's pretty great. Now kinda understand the benefits of the Windows Store apps from a usability perspective.

  3. It's been a real roller coaster these past 4-5 years around here but certainly a lot of fun. However, it's time for me to call it a day as an admin and move on with other things in my life. If you needed assistance from staff, please use the report functionality and someone will certainly be able to help. You might still see me on Steam :)

  4. When you're stuck in the office doing migrations, you need the one and only




    1. Tarun10


      Wow never knew there was a Uno Movie. Guess I got to watch it.

  5. Just saw A5+ speakers are now nearly $600 AUD - they were like $399 2 years ago..

  6. There were so many young people at FOB on Sat night that I'm 99% sure weren't even born when the band formed..

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    2. Windspeed36


      Lol Fall Out Boy

    3. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      Fall Out Boy is a band, which doesnt ring a bell, are they a one or two hit wonder?

    4. Windspeed36


      I don't Care, The Phoenix, Thnks fr the mmrs, This ain't a scene..


      They've had a fair few

  7. How to end a shit week? Olympics aerials, a slab of beer, house mates (who can sing unlike me) and the Hamilton soundtrack 

  8. Best thing about being in the office 2 hours ahead of everyone else is that you just get to chuck the speakers up and let it jam

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    2. Windspeed36


      Nah - trying to fix a VPN server that's been giving me shits for 4 days

    3. Windspeed36


      Shits fixed, time to go home - screw the rest of the day...

    4. revsilverspine


      That's the spirit!

  9. Looks like an ideal day to spend patching Morrowind: 102F and 80% humidity.

  10. I think I'm beginning to like Edge as a browser..

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    2. Windspeed36


      It's saving so much time tbh

    3. MCManiac52


      Fair enough, hopefully one day every browser will support everything.. maybe

    4. Johners


      Edge is a good browser to be honest. It's great on battery life and has Windows Ink integration which makes it a great choice on my Surface Pro 4. I do have my issues with Edge which mostly includes lack of extensions and Google sites feeling slower than other browsers, especially YouTube. If they can get HTTPS Everywhere on Edge, I'll switch on my desktop.

  11. So my NAS keeps sending me messages saying that the power has failed and is shutting down shortly. I'm wondering if there's an overdraw from the UPS due to a Plex server ramping up draw?

  12. Can’t believe it’s nearly been 5 years..

    1. Str_Mape


      It's certainly getting there, sub 500 forum club :D

  13. Why do battery banks have to be this years go-to promotional give away item? They're a pain in the ass to fly home with xD

    1. captain_to_fire


      If only shipping charges aren’t so expensive you could just send it to me at PO BOX... 😙

  14. Debating buying a Switch

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    2. legopc


      Ask looney about his 4948e-f, its really swanky. 

    3. Johners


      The Nintendo Switch is pretty good. I've got Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Lego Worlds, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania, Retro City DX and Fast RMX which are all good games. The hardware is great and Nintendo have really nailed the software. I'm hoping the virtual console brings game cube titles such as Super Mario Sunshine plus I'd love another Mario Party game.

    4. Windspeed36


      Just bought it

  15. To those PM'ing me for FloatPlane support, please see the pinned sticky in the Bugs & Issues section of the forum for assistance.

    1. JaeDee884


      what supports does float plane use, wood or steel? how is the structure build, what about the foundation :P

  16. Get a Tiny PC for the TV, doesn't work with HDMI on my TV :(

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    2. revsilverspine


      You could leave your friends behind


      Don't get a cheapo DP - HDMI adapter off of ebay. I got burned with that and never again.

    3. iamdarkyoshi


      I wish everything just used displayport...

    4. captain_to_fire


      Does it have to do with HDCP? 

  17. So itanium have a 9700 series that are apparently now a thing.

  18. > In InTune

    > allow cookies in Edge for O365 login

    > cookies blocked ?????

    > block cookies

    > cookies now allowed in Edge?

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    2. Windspeed36


      I do what I want

    3. cw49327


      >y so many arrows?

    4. ben_foster04


      cos why not have sooooo many arrows?

  19. I have a re-energized hatred for TeamViewer

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    2. Windspeed36


      • Their security process is a pain in the ass
      • Their support for corporate is terrible
      • Literally am not getting emails from them for password resets and browser verification

      I could continue

    3. RedyAu



      I thought something was wrong with my email address, but good to see, that's not the case...

    4. Windspeed36


      Yeah - spent about 3 hours looking through Exchange Online mailflow to see if I could find them. Turns out they simply didn't turn up

  20. So the end of episode 23 (S8) of NCIS LA has a very familiar soundtrack...

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    2. Windspeed36


      Yeah used to what that, NCIS &a Hawaii 5-0 but gave up on those two cause it got rediculous 

    3. Sharif


      I just take it as a weekly dose of just casual watching plus criminal investigation never gets repetitive for some reason 

    4. pierom_qwerty


      @Windspeed36 i remeber a few episodes ago they raided some IT couple's house. They looked at the fancy-ish computer setup and said: this isn't your normal home setup (or something like that)


      every PC Master Race member: try me

  21. I'm so done with crappy UniFi products :(

  22. Spending the night ensuring client systems are all up to date :(

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    2. pierom_qwerty
    3. themctipers


      don't be an idiot like my parents


      35 years and nothing. 

    4. wrathoftheturkey


      "Worth it if you win"


      Yeah no shit.

  23. I swear if I have to use IE or Edge one more time, something is going through a wall

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    2. VerticalDiscussions


      xD, keep calm and use a pillow instead.

    3. wrathoftheturkey


      Yeah. Use a pillow for your browsing needs instead.


      But Edge isn't all that bad....

    4. Desertpunk


      The only thing IE is good for is installing other browsers.  

  24. War Gaming have really broken World Of Tanks now - arty can keep you permatracked?

    1. Ostwind


      they could do that before, lefh, bert, bishop, birch gun. Pretty much anything with near 6RPM can keep you tracked unless you have a repair crew/ toolbox or they miss.

    2. GzeroD


      all you need to do is git good.