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  1. There are only three advantages that fibre provides over DAC when talking 10gig/40gig Better compatibility with GBIC's versus DAC cables Longer runs availible Slightly lower power consumption (scales when talking an entire data hall)
  2. As mentioned it is always better to set the IP addresses statically via the DHCP server. This prevents double leasing and makes it easier to manage. Double leasing can occur with a device that is manually set through its network properties to use an IP address. While that device is offline (powered off or removed from the network, eg. laptop or phone), that same IP address may be leased to another address. When the first device returns, it will show connectivity errors as the IP address is leased twice.
  3. Can't go too in depth but basically the DC we were using at the time used Cogent as a primary provider.
  4. Well actually remember about 18 months back, maybe 2 years?
  5. Not necessarily - I recall seeing a client having issues trying to run a similar 92xx series Intel branded LSI card in a Z77 (or Z87?) Asus board a few years back. Put the thing in a Gigabyte board and it worked without issue. As explained in much greater detail above me, why do you require a RAID controller?
  6. Wouldn't get the USG - terrible product that is very limited in what it can do. Better performing model. The ERX has limited RAM and onboard storage which complicates things, especially when doing firmware updates.
  7. Go the ERL over the ERX - much better product.
  8. I've already previously instructed the mod team to notify a user with their content is removed.
  9. There are a few things you've highlighted that we're mulling over
  10. I was actually having a chat to my partner regarding this and Morrow is right. NBNCo class Superfast Internet as gigabit. What he states is that even if it were free, the majority of Australia would not utilize gigabit infrastructure at this stage. For the vast majority of users in Australia, they don't consume high amounts of bandwidth. Sure everyone might sign up to Gigabit internet but you'll only find a small fraction of that user base utilizing the full gigabit bandwidth of that infrastructure. Having said that, 100mbit NBN needs much much wider availability and ISP's need to start offering 200+ mbit plans at affordable prices.
  11. The original code of conduct was far too long and wordy with lots of clauses and exceptions to certain things. We subsequently rewrote it and renamed it to the community standards. The majority of it can be summed up to the following three points. With the exception of rules relating to signature lengths and advertising, this should pretty much be the entire code of conduct in three lines. We do not permit the topics relating to a Hackintosh due to previous issues regarding DMCA take-down notices from Apple Inc. There is no issue with relation to the modification of Windows.
  12. 9207-8i may be a cheaper option that the 9211.
  13. Long shot but have you tried changing the display port mode from 1.1 to 1.2? By default it will ship with 1.1 for legacy support. As far as I know display port is the video component inside thunderbolt.
  14. Updated February 9th 2017 No Trolling This includes flame wars such as NVIDIA vs AMD, political or religious debate.