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  1. So spare hardware inventory

    • 3 x Intel 535 240GB
    • 1 x Intel 535 120GB
    • 1 x Intel 535 480GB
    • 1 x Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
    • 1 x OCZ Vertex 4 128GB
    • 1 x Sandisk Extreme Pro 480GB
    • 1 x MSI GTX760 4GB
    • 1 x HP ML10v2 (E3 1220v3, 16GB RAM)
    • 2 x Seagate 1TB ES3 SATA
    • 2 x unknown 256GB M.2 SATA


    I should probably come up with a use for this stuff

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    2. VerticalDiscussions


      Mega giveaway ehehe..

    3. Droidbot


      so much shit i'd buy off you haha.. I need a Kepler GPU and a new SSD. 


    4. Implosivetech


      @Windspeed36 *cough* Server *cough*




      *cough* Give it to me because i have no money *cough*

  2. Welcome to the concept of a blade server
  3. That's fine We want to avoid people being like "hey this should solve your issue - eBay link to their item"
  4. Just to clarify what you've said, that's called a lab environment. A production environment is a live operating environment where there are other people relying on the systems to operate. Failure for availibility usually results in the IT team being yelled at and business profit loss.
  5. Otherwise if you're with QNAP (Maybe Synology too?) you can just order storage through Azure and ship it there. 2TB a month is $50-$60.
  6. Yeah I've got a similar problem - got a fully populated IBM blade chassis with I think 14 blades sitting on a pallet that I can't spin up due to the 3 x 15Amp power feeds that it wants. Needs about 7.3KW at full load.
  7. Looking at getting rid of my tower and getting a Metabox laptop (Clevo) - reading through their warranty terms and conditions and having a good laugh given how illegal they are.

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    2. Windspeed36


      Considered doing an ITX build but being portable is more convenient. 6700K and a 1070 in a laptop is more than enough

    3. VerticalDiscussions


      xD, illegal warranty terms!?

    4. Windspeed36


      For warranty you apparently need to return it in the original packaging (ACL sates you don't need to return in original packaging for a fault)


      They state you need to pay return shipping (" You are entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the business if the product is confirmed to have a problem, so keep your receipts.")

      You only have 2 year warranty period (goods are protected under the ACL for a reasonable time. Eg a $4000 laptop should last longer than a $1500 one.)



  8. What models of devices have you got so we can confirm what you want to do will work?
  9. They'll work in the same way a hub does - a completely dumb device. What this means is that you'll end up with collision domains. If device A is transmitting and device B tried to also transmit, you'll have transmission failure - this is called a collision domain whereby two or more devices are trying to transmit simultaneously. Transmission domains do still exist in modern networks using switches however they are limited to the switch port and the device connected to it whereas a hub will have collision domain issues with every device connected through it simultaneously.
  10. AD and GP are Active Directory and Group Policy (GPO's) - GP is applied to certain areas or all areas of the domain to implement conditions and settings. This could be things like removing the ability for members of a certain group to be able to shut down a machine (essential for Window's VDI's) or allowing certain groups to remove into PC's. Active Directory is where you manage users and groups (alongside other objects) - each PC is joined to the domain (provided the OS is compatible) and will use the active directory server to authenticate onto the domain. Each user has an account setup inside active directory specifying their details as well as what user groups that are apart of. These user groups are good ways to set permissions for things like shared drives and access to features such as remote access or administrative access. The main reason you would want to use active directory is to have a central place to manage users and user access. Instead of having to navigate to a system to allocate a user access to a shared folder or printer, you simply add them to the predefined group that has that access.
  11. That's fine - what's going over your head?
  12. To further note, the ERL is also not ideal if you're on gigabit and want to run QoS. Without QoS it can handle 1000mbit routing without a problem but QoS really takes a toll.
  13. As someone who not only deploys the Ubiquiti routers for businesses on a daily basis but also worked for the largest Ubiquiti reseller in Australia for 3 years , the ERX is possibly one of the worst products that Ubiquiti has ever released, running a close 2nd to the UAP-AC-LITE but I'm not going into that now. They used to be quite difficult to use and for some things, still are (eg L2TP VPN server) however there are a heap of guides out there on using the CLI (the L2TP vpn server is handy for a more secure way of connecting client devices eg tablets and laptops into the network as PPTP is insecure) Assuming you're using an external switch, you'll want to first do the firmware upgrade to the router as they ship with 1.2.0 and they're up to 1.9.x which includes a heap of bug fixes and new features including the wizards. Once you have 1.9 loaded, run the 1 WAN plus 1 LAN wizard - DO NOT USE the bridge LAN or 1 WAN + 2 LAN feature as this uses software based switching between eth 1 and 2 (as a joint LAN interface switch0) meaning that it impacts performance. Routers and switches are physically different in design in terms of their electronic layout and switches aren't designed to route and vice versa. No - see above. Only issue is it's not designed for it. The ERX was a budget product variant of an already budget product. It has less RAM, less storage and overall lower performance. Hardware offloading was only bought to their software after users complained about terrible performance. DPI used to crash the router when running at high load - I know this for a fact when I was given evaluation models. They've also got an annoying issue with their linmited storage whereby load 1 or 2 firmware versions and their storage is full meaning you have to use command line to delete the secondary boot files and ensure you don't brick your router while doing so. Technical people can do this but it's most certainly not ideal for someone who doesn't understand what they're doing.
  14. Correct - currently most N and AC devices will support SU-MIMO however moving forward you'll start seeing MU-MIMO (multi user)
  15. I've seen them a hell of a lot cheaper than that. Otherwise try searching for the XR620 or X2