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  1. Gun Control - Explanation

    Let's not get into this argument as you end up just throwing mud at each other and nothing positive comes of it.
  2. Starting an ISP, how hard could it be?

    Don't worry - was showing up differently for me
  3. Starting an ISP, how hard could it be?

    So Project Loon? Also please fix your signature (see Community Standards linked above) It's not that difficult depending on your area however a few key things to keep in mind: Billing system and legal requirements.E.g. here in Aus, ISP's/telco's have specific requirements for billing set by the government. Installation restrictions (if you're a WISP) - mast heights can become an issue with local council and aviation authorities The actual implementation itself is fairly straightforward - purchase bandwidth from 2 or more upstream carriers, have an MPLS (preferably 2 or dual wireless link) between the data center where your networking equipment is and the tower space you're using. Where you'll come unstuck is costs: Automated billing costs (fees from banks) Bandwidth costs (from your carriers) Insurance & other legal costs of doing business Installation licenses (depending on what you're doing, you may need to be a licensed electrician)
  4. LTE modem? I have a Verizon sim with unlimited

    Could you get a USB modem? Then get a Dovado unit and use that??
  5. WANTED: Tablets That We Can Remote On To

    Have a look at the HP 1012 G2’s that just got released - a few of my customers are looking to replace Surface and iPad Pro fleets with them.
  6. How to end a shit week? Olympics aerials, a slab of beer, house mates (who can sing unlike me) and the Hamilton soundtrack 

  7. Yeah just crashed Safari..
  8. Good explanation of DNS Record Types?

    Registrars rarely setup DNS entries for you. I don't have the time to give you specific things but look into: A records CNAMES SPF TXT MX NS Less common but still needed for other web services DMARC DKIM SRV
  9. Which program use NVMe

    Database & general storage caching
  10. LTT is looking for an IBM Model M Keyboard

    My boss is ex-IBM corporate, I'll have a look and let you know
  11. Home Networks Shenanigans

    PowerLine? Wireless Bridge?
  12. Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit System builder

    So it's a little more complicated than that Retail licenses like this one are available to anyone to purchase - there is no requirement set by Microsoft for their purchase. However, you need to retain the COA (certificate of authenticity) which is that little holographic sticker with the product key on it. This is essentially your proof of purchase. OEI / OEM keys are designed for system builders / system integrator. They're cheaper because they come with less support (essentially no level 1/2 support) from Microsoft. They require the purchase of certain hardware alongside them however rarely is this rule followed. Generally these keys are bound to the BIOS of the machine when shipped from the manufacturer while they used to be attached as a little sticker. Some smaller system builders however don't have this tech so they still put the sticker on. The functionality of an OEI vs Retail key however is the same for day to day use. I won't get into EA's with MAK's and then Microsoft 365 subscriptions
  13. Best thing about being in the office 2 hours ahead of everyone else is that you just get to chuck the speakers up and let it jam

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      Nah - trying to fix a VPN server that's been giving me shits for 4 days

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      Shits fixed, time to go home - screw the rest of the day...

    4. revsilverspine
  14. To elaborate, we don't allow them here in hot deals as where do we draw the line on reputable brand? We turn a blind eye though in things like the parts specific subforums.
  15. Gavin Free and Meg Turney's home attacked by unhinged man

    Likely they'll move, Gavin will also likely change the filming situation for SlowMo too