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  1. This is pretty much why we originally created it - in the same way Twitter has a way to discern legitimate accounts from everyone else, it was more to protect brand reputation.
  2. You're still around o.o

  3. I know you're watching us...

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      Yes and @leadeater works for the GCSB

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      No comment. 

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      So it's true

  4. That is entirely dependent on the services running on the virtual machines and whether they support that. For example, Exchange 2016 does not like any live failover/migration situations as it has its own systems built into it to achieve this. You'd have to ask the application developer.
  5. Uhh that’s entirely different - this is in reference to a commercial space where you need uniform centralised management, something that is somewhat non existent for Linux.
  6. I don't see how this is at all news anyway? Windows 10 auto-pilot has been available since late last year and provides automatic device provisioning Microsoft already provide Surface-as-a-Service platform and both HP & Dell have similar offerings themselves. You can also just arrange a lease agreement with a finance provider to solve the financial side of things. Intune device management already gives you the option to customise the Windows Update schedule for Windows 10 cloud managed devices. Failing to see what's new..?
  7. Any dramatic shift in temperature doesn't go well for people: case and point most of Australia is fine with the heat but the death toll during winter doubles that of Sweden because people (particularly the homeless & elderly) aren't equipped for the winter: houses aren't built to withstand it etc.
  8. What OS is the media server? Could be an SMB1 issue - seen problems where you can’t connect via hostname but that primarily affects SBS / 03 and maybe 08 Windows server versions.
  9. The fault was with the original ISO that was loaded from VLSC - missing some part of the Windows update mechanism. Issue occurred when you reboot if you had BitLocker.
  10. Vancouver sure is a pretty city

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      Dawson Wehage

      long time moderating administrator

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      so is gatlinburg

    4. Windspeed36
  11. Can confirm Teams is the replacement for Skype for Business Online: https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-roadmap?filters= As for the whole TeamSpeak vs Discord thing, just use what works best for you??? I personally hate Discord's interface and overall branding but to each their own.
  12. OneDrive now includes on demand / offline file support. It used to be all or nothing but now there's a bit of customisation to it.