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  1. If you two both don't cut this out I'm terminating both of your accounts.
  2. Any other devices having the same issue? Is the DHCP lease table full?
  3. It's being done to offset installation & setup charges for the project.
  4. It's a mixed bag - some people find they can, others can't. See below. You can always try though you'll risk bricking it
  5. Where are you in the world as the used eBay market may be the best bet. There are a lot of Intel, Lenovo, IBM and HP cards that can be flashed to IT mode to run as a HBA on the cheap.
  6. What specifically are you looking to achieve with Windows Server?
  7. Optus at the moment but I'm looking to switch to MyRepublic or SkyMesh shortly
  8. Are you able to draw up a digram of what you're after? Chances are you're looking at a P2P wireless bridge.
  9. Are you able to draw up a diagram of it including IP addresses? Draw IO is an online free tool that'll work.
  10. Oh to answer the earlier question of the 8x3.5, it's because they don't have a backplane with expander. It's simply 8 x SATA/SAS ports - if you try and do that with 12 bays, you end up needing a 4 port card or an expander.
  11. I've used the 825 chassis a heap and it's fairly easy to work with. They are quite noisy though, not from the PSU but from the fan row behind the drive cage.
  12. War Gaming have really broken World Of Tanks now - arty can keep you permatracked?

    1. Ostwind


      they could do that before, lefh, bert, bishop, birch gun. Pretty much anything with near 6RPM can keep you tracked unless you have a repair crew/ toolbox or they miss.

    2. GzeroD


      all you need to do is git good. 

  13. You can put ATX or Zippy PSU's in some of them