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  1. Best 1U or 2U Server Case

    I know SuperMicro have some really nice short depth 1U appliance chassis.
  2. How Can i change my PUBLIC ip on my desktop pc ?

    You don’t have to renew leases on the local network side to renew a lease on the public side - they’re two entirely seperate systems, only joined by PAT/NAT by the router. Think about out it where you don’t have DHCP services running off the gateway - you don’t have to restart your local Windows DHCP servers to trigger a renewal with the ISP for the WAN.
  3. How Can i change my PUBLIC ip on my desktop pc ?

    You wont have to do the bits I've highlighted in bold
  4. Poster Imposed Thread Locking?

    Topic has come up time and time again - we won't be granting users the ability to delete, lock or moderate in any other form beyond being able to report content at this stage.
  5. Do something about status update notifications!

    I'll have to double check however as far as I know, notification stacking isn't supported by the software.
  6. Chat system?

    We used to have one back in the VB days however A) it was a pain to moderate and B) it wasn't used enough to warrant it.
  7. I want an app. Why can't we have one?

    Yes it does - we've already had members ask for API keys and they will not be provided.
  8. It's rare with proper bandwidth: Australia's current DSL network (ADSL, VDSL, EFM & EOC) can't guarantee a speed due to the physical state thus is removed from this discussion. This includes NBNCo FTTB / FTTN where DSL services are present. NBNCo FTTP and HFC are able to guarantee speeds however due to the cross connection costs charged by NBNCo (~$15 / Mbps), this means that a true 100/100 connection is in the thousands a month, not $99 from Telstra / Optus / iiNet Dedicated FTP (Vocus, Optus, TPG, Telstra, Exetel) This can have guaranteed speeds however again contention is an issue: TPG may offer a 400/400 service (Fibre400) for certain CBD addresses however at $399/month there is no way it covers the costs to transit internationally at anywhere near that speed. The costs to get off this island are still simply too great. Even transiting to other carriers such as Vocus and Optus is a struggle on this service - I've done quite a bit of testing on a few of our clients who have this connection. Telstra charges in the high 4 digits for true 99.99% speed guarantee on their fibre services.
  9. Unlimited data will not be a thing at least for Australia and similar countries in the next 20-30 years. At the end of the day it's all down to bandwidth: whether you get the connection via 4G, 5G, fixed wireless, NBN, fibre or any other method, there's still bandwidth costs from carriers - also known as IP transit, this is the cost to get from the carrier network to other networks where other services are connected. E.g to get from the NBNCo network to Vocus who might be one of the carriers for Google here in Australia, there's a $/Mbit/s charge. As long as that cost remains high, a connection where your only limit is the speed you pay for (e.g. 100/100Mbps) will not be financially available as the vast majority of connections are oversold: the service provider will by T amount of speed to go between their network and another provider (Vocus, Telstra) while they'll sell 50 x T to their clients, planning on not all clients using the max bandwidth they buy. The only way you can get those guaranteed speeds is by paying for a premium service: Telstra's business fibre 100/100 starts at $1150 a month.
  10. WPA2 has been cracked

    I’m thinking they may have patched it very discretely as the patch notes are quite vague. If you go into the firmware upgrade area, select “schedule upgrade” and click on the version number, it’ll present a screen where you can browse through all current and past change log notes.
  11. WPA2 has been cracked

    Was it you or someone else asking for the Meraki changelog history? You can get it through the control panel..
  12. WPA2 has been cracked

    New flaw..
  13. WPA2 has been cracked

    Update: no Meraki firmware fix yet
  14. WPA2 has been cracked

    Number of different ways you can figure that out