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  1. I see no point to - it's also there to stop double posting which can affect anyone
  2. I've without a doubt been shaped by Optus - chewed through 4TB+ per month when I first got it. Went down to 3/10 during peak. Complained to TIO, Optus suddenly fixed my area and I went back up to 80-100/40. I then asked for a static IP and now I'm back down to 30/35 at most times
  3. I think they'll end up forcing providers to state a minimum speed achievable. That way ISP's can't say "well you're getting your minimum speed"
  4. It still suffers the same issue - NBN (FTTP) can hit mega speeds but the issue is the CVC charges - you'd have this same issue with 5G setups. The connection between the carrier (NBNCo / Telstra 4GX / Optus 4G / TPG) could be 10000 Gbit/s however it comes down to what bandwidth the carrier has supplied for the point of connect (5G / NBN FTTP / NBN FTTN). For example we've got quite a few clients at work that have dual 10Gbit/s links between their office and the data centre however the WAN transit is only 250Mbit/s from the data centre. This is the same concept at work - the 10Gbit fibre (or for your example 5G wireless) is capable of great speed but it's limited by the connection out to the rest of the world due to cost. 1Mbit/s from the NBNCo is approximately $15.25 - sure you might have 1000 users all who have bought 100/40 NBN at $120/month collectively paying $120,000 however you as a provider might only buy 1Gbit of bandwidth at a total of $15,250 cost from NBNCo. For your reference:
  5. Those that are hacking normally get banned eventually however if you're given money by one, not much happens. I've been given a total of about $330 mil by hackers and Rockstar have taken a bit back. Having said that, I personally am seeing no issue with hacking cash in GTA 5 - it's so expensive to do anything and there is no reward for not killing everything and anything, even when it's another player trying to legitimately make money. The new free DLC will cost you about $55 million in game - that's about $700 USD if you were to buy it with Sharkcards.
  6. I just realized it's AoE 1 and not AoE 2
  7. No, the majority of the time they don't have to - they simply chose to stick with it because a) it works and b) the upgrade cost to move forward is too high. Business need to pull their heads out of their ass and stop sidelining IT projects. Systems need to be maintained & upgraded. It's not a simple buy it and you're set for life - versions change, features added, support moves on. Yes, there are certain cases where an app developer has not made a version compatible with the new operating system - well shit, find a new vendor. Windows 7 has been around for 8 years and Vista for 11 - they've had that long to update their software. I also understand that some hardware isn't compatible with newer OS' - either A) get new hardware or B) put it on a closed system and remove the risks of an internet connected device. Microsoft should not have to support a 16 year old operating environment. That's what Apple has done so well - they're forcing you to upgrade so they can stop supporting older OS'. That analogy has no comparison to the XP issue - companies have simply been trying to avoid the upgrade costs by sticking with what they have already. There is no justifiable reason for a company to maintain a Windows XP environment. Cost is not a valid reason - if you can't afford to maintain a vital business component because it's too expensive, there's something wrong with the business environment.
  8. Due to a number of factors including click counts, it'll stay where it is
  9. ^ You'll need one of the Server SKU's for it
  10. No - ISP's who service through fixed wireless
  11. Fixed wireless?
  12. As far as I am aware they are yet to be processed by LMG
  13. What error does it give?
  14. You don't even need PS to do it. Simply open up the server managed and go to add features.