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  1. Any other devices having issues? Is the DHCP scope from the router large enough?
  2. As Leadeater mentioned, Active Directory / a domain controller isn't really a huge issue if it's just a NAS that's going to be authenticating with it. You'll have an AD environment where you have email, network shares, printing, RADIUS (network access) and a plethora of other services all needing usernames, passwords & permissions - the AD server becomes the central point of management. What are you actually looking to achieve? A 24U rack is pretty pointless if all you're having is a 4 bay NAS and maybe a 2U server to play around with
  3. hi can you please change my display name I forgot to put in the rest thanks



      all fix thanks anyway

  4. Have you tested via being on a VPN
  5. Is it a personal PC or a domain joined system
  6. A few Had to spend about 2 weeks with Telstra (Australia's largest ISP) working around their NAT vs IPv4 routing for 4G/LTE services. It's a shame they don't deploy IPv6 properly
  7. Yeah I got it today on a few client machines - PITA given that we sell our own private cloud storage.
  8. As mentioned, where did you source it from? Under the ACCC's ACL you have the right to take the goods back to the place of purchase within Australia for repair, replacement or a refund (decision varies depending on major vs minor fault). If you need to ship it back to the retailer, you are entitled to your postage costs provided it has been confirmed faulty. Generally in Aus, PCCG/Scorptec/MSY/MWAVE will ship it off to the distributor here for whichever vendor (Synnex, Dicker, Ingram, Leader, MMT ect.) and have the disti arrange repair/refund.
  9. There are at present no plans to develop applications for any platform for the LinusTechTips forum or its subsidiary areas including Float Plane Club.
  10. There are global registries which list which carriers own which IP ranges - they then sell them to providers who sell them to end users. Thus it's very rare to have this happen
  11. Can confirm that the 5 packs DO NOT include the injectors - source: used to work for the largest Australian retailer of Ubiquiti hardware.
  12. This is really cool to see:

    1. Implosivetech


      when ur school blocked imgur

    2. VerticalDiscussions


      Man, thats incredibly destructive. Is the situation improving?

    3. Whiskers


      That's pretty incredible.

  13. Welcome to the world of NAT and PAT There are 4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses There are 3,706,452,992 Public IPv4 addresses Devices in your local network (your PC's, phone, printer etc) live on this private IP range. - (65,536 IP addresses) - (1,048,576 IP addresses) - (16,777,216 IP addresses) is a really common range for consumer equipment while is quite common in enterprises as it is a bigger range. Everything using IPv4 for an internal network will get one of the above addresses - when it goes out through the router to the outside world, PAT or port address translation occurs. This is where traffic outbound has its internal IPv4 address swapped for an external port number. Eg if I want to go to - my DNS lookup will tell me that has an IPv4 address of so my PC will send off packets destined for that address. Part of the packet is both the destination and source IP addresses. The router will then switch my internal IP address for my external address and add a port number to it. This is so that when the packets come back from Facebook, my router will know which device in my network those packets are for.
  14. Depends entirely on what you need to achieve. Beyond having a wireless network, what are you looking to get out of it? Statistics and analytics of users and locations? Your best bet is not to ask an enthusiast tech forum. Contact your local solutions provider for such things - qualified network designers and presales teams exist for a reason.