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  1. That was my main concern: the minerals in the return
  2. To be fair, I did at one stage contemplate doing a similar thing however we were on tank water in a new house which was heavily filtered and in theory, I could make it its own closed loop by dumping it back into the tank.
  3. > In InTune

    > allow cookies in Edge for O365 login

    > cookies blocked ?????

    > block cookies

    > cookies now allowed in Edge?

  4. For me, I always use one however that comes after 2 years of not using one on a wooden desk. Ended up polishing the desk smooth in that area from not having a mouse pad then noticed the mouse was having trouble tracking on the surface.


    Help me with my Message


  6. So I'm going to preface this by saying I'm by no means a networking guy; I've done the course material for CCNA but haven't sat the exams. I do however work as a level 2/3 technician for an MSP including solution design. One of the solutions I recently had to put together was involving the design of our own VMware IaaS platform and the biggest tip I can give you is to make the SLA your number one priority when designing this. What guarantee are are you giving customers in terms of uptime? Is that guarantee financially backed? If you're aiming to achieve anything higher than 99.9% you need to throw your ideas of PFSense out the window and get equipment designed for the job. The last thing you want to be doing is scratching your head at 2am on Christmas morning trying to come up with a fix for a failed makeshift router. One of my other questions for you is involving your total collocation; how many racks had you provisioned? If you're needing more than 2 x 48RU to provision production and DR for 200 virtual machines, you've got an issue. Colo; especially power and cross connects add up fast and eat away the margin.
  7. What're you actually using this for?
  8. You might as well apply: you're guaranteed not to get it if you don't apply.
  9. I heard that.
  10. Custom domains with Exchange Online (Office 365)
  11. Then why reply
  12. Adjusted rules around eBay links: No advertising of any non LTT/LMG material eBay/trading sites, personal websites or businesses except where appropriate. (Eg who can do data recovery in Vancouver, Anyone know where I can get this part?) Twitch/YouTube links are only allowed in user profile status updates
  13. Your best bet would to be have the router host a VPN server and use a dynamic DNS service as some are able to alert via email to a change in WAN IP.
  14. For the love of god, don't tag all of the staff. It'll get to the pointt where it's simply ignored. Now to the point - unfortunately this thread was a waste of your time as a few of the team and I had already decided that the rules were to be amended, we just haven't got around to doing it as I've been quite busy. It should be sorted this week.
  15. Why not use OneDrive or Google Drive? It'll be a bit more secure..