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  1. im not a pc pro i didnt know they had this limit. so i made too many partitions for games, for steam for origin games, for other smaller games, for movies, for dramas, for songs for video songs, for personal pics, for personal vids, for school data, etc. i recently learned u can mount a partition in another partition on a folder. now that i know this, i will do this for rest. but u know its VERY VERY HARD to manage data u have gather over 4 years on total of around 14 Tb of drives. so it will take a long tme for me. i m giving one of my hard drive to one of my friend so i need to get the data from that to my current drives. and even this is taking like ages.
  2. dude if u cant help just dont bother. thanks for ur help. bye have a great day.
  3. yeah i guess thats the only option for me to get it faster. but its still annoying and i hate all the big companies for these shitty reasons. i mean they say its 7200 RPM drive and its faster than Greens but IRL, like here today in my case it failed. miserably! i am hating them so much. and i didnt know before that there was a limit of 26 drives on pc. i have 1 SSD connected to PC and 4 hard drives. 2 Greens 4Tb each, 1 3Tb and 1 2Tb black. F*** WD and microsoft and all the big companies for ever by a horny horse and then a rhino and then a dinosaur
  4. yes THIS! im doing this. transfering from one partition to another on SAME HARD DISK. and this is WD BLACK. why are my speeds 30MBps max man? transfer rate to my 850 Pro are fine
  5. still, the old data i have like games, need to be transfered right? the transfer speed from WD BLACKS are 30MBps max? i never heard of that? thats my question how to fix this!
  6. BRUH...... im transfering from one drive to another, both drives are made on same HARD DISK, which is WD BLACK. my question is why are transfer rates slow AF 30 MBps.
  7. no u guys dont understand. there is no USB here. i am transfering data from one drive G to E on same WD BLACK there is no usb here
  8. so i have made all 26 drives possible in windows, not knowing that before its the limit. i have started to transfer all the data from place to another. i have WD BLACK 3TB drive with model WD3003FZEX. its only like 5 months old. got it for teh speed. now the issue is while i have like 12 drives made on this very hard drive and i have 3 hard drives connected to my mobo. while transferring data from drive G to E MADE ON THIS SAME HARD DRIVE WD BLACK, the data transfer rate is around 30 MBps... WTF is this ? i thought Black was supposed to be faster than Green drives as i get same speeds while transferring data from 2 drives made on same Green hard drive (i mean intra drive transfer rates) is it optimal? i mean i wants teh speed else why would i get black drive? its so annoying, any solution?
  9. if u can feel the "scratch" of the scratch (i mean if the monitor protective/mat coating is scratches) its not a big deal. if u look very closely under bright light (mobile phone flash light or something brighter) and u see the see the screen naked (cause of the scuff) and u STILL see that line thingy on bright images like white, that would mean its panel. its really hard to tell like this. but im more inclined towards panal damage.
  10. show some pics may be from front and also from a little angle, only then we can tell it here online without looking (although that light background thing tells me its panel but not sure yet)
  11. G502 is Too heavy for claw grip, at least for me dont get that if u claw grip ur mouse. honestly G402 is the best mouse i have used in all my years of gaming. its so great. i have used it side by side with deadthadder chroma and deathadder feels so weird and sensitive, so much so its too much. G402 is excellent, but its Achilles heel is its scroll wheel. but not many people use scroll wheel while gaming. its not bad, but it Feels cheap. i have G402 and i love it.
  12. hi. i have G402 Hyperion Fury. but this issue happened before as well when i only had Bloody V7. the issue is my mouse cursor just shivers and keeps doing that until i move the mouse physically. its annoying. actually VERY FREAKING ANNOYING. i cant stand this anymore. it has been going on like this for so long but i neglected it but now im done with it.some times along with weird SHIVERING of cursor, the cursor starts moving upwards or downwards on its own. this second shit is very rare now but shivering is too much to bear now. can anyone help me how to fix it? i have latest version of logitech game software installed. btw this dude's video shows EXACTLY the same issue i have the weird stuttering/jittering of moue for no reason at all
  13. u know that saying or making fun of that is not a good thing? its something that should not be made fun of. making fun of a religion is not something cool. terrorists say that does not mean they are Muslim. i deeply hate this thing on the internet. its mockery even if terrorists do or humans do like urself. pls dont use this!