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  1. TLDR; This is why I have such a passionate following and you're always wrong.
  2. Why would Nvidia want to divide a market they already own the lions share of?
  3. How about you just check the steam hardware survey stats and see how many more cards Nvidia sells compared to AMD. http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/ Look at how these numbers are RISING on a monthly basis. The 970 vastly outsells everything else near the midrange and high-end combined. The 960 vastly outsells the 380 - in fact it outsells the entirety of the 200 and 300 range from AMD still. Both of these cards have been getting pummelled by their AMD counterparts for *months* yet if anything Nvidia continues to sell even *more* cards. That is pure mindshare right there.
  4. What I object to is you dismissing that mindshare actually exists based on your laughable notion that people "upgrade in waves". Simple question - Do you think that people buy up all the cards on day 1, or do you think that these cards are sold over many months and years? 2nd simple question - Why do you think people continue to buy the 970 over the 390 by a huge factor? Because it's getting destroyed in every DX12 benchmark and even most DX11 ones today? Just use logic and you'll understand how utterly ridiculous your argument is that AMD "just got unlucky." You seem to have gotten your panties in a twist because you failed to understand that at that VERY moment I was being told about your "wave theory", I was also in discussion with other people on other subjects. My comments section does not revolve around you and your "theories".
  5. You do realise I get hundreds of comments every day right? What was your response to the 560 Ti vs 6950 and 460 vs 6850 again? Oh yeah, nothing. That's why you didn't get any further response. AMD just getting unlucky because people upgrade in "waves" you say? Right, unlucky, sure. Check the gaps between those cards and you'll see that your "wave upgrade" idea is a joke.
  6. Really? Funny how we haven't heard about anything like that from AMD. If you think Vega is competing with GP104 you're very mistaken. Vega will thrash GP104 but it'll come much later as well.
  7. The point I was making in the video is that AMD could have released a card to compete with GP104. It could have had HBM, possibly even HBM2, and it could have cost the same as what the GTX 1080 is gonna cost (think north of $600). It would have been faster, but most of you would still have bought the 1080 instead. This has been seen time and time again in the past with cards like the 560 Ti vs the 6950 and the 460 vs the 6850. Both times where AMD was faster yet completely outsold anyway. The 460 outsold the 6850 by 4-1. AMD is a company out to make money. Nvidia is too and they make more money by selling to their high-end buyers over and over. 680, 690, Titan, 780, 780 Ti, Titan Z, 980, Titan X, 980 Ti...now the 1080 another 25% faster than the 980 Ti. People just keep lapping up those 30% increases at more $$$ but that's a market that will eventually run out of legs. It's unsustainable. Nvidia is bottlenecked by wafer allocation at TSMC so they have to pick and choose which cards get made first. Those gigantic P100 Teslas at $10K a piece are way ahead of any gamer GPU and using up wafers like nobodies business. AMD will gain a lot of market share in mobile while Nvidia does this, it's really very simple strategy.