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  1. Could be that my gaming mouse (the faulty one) is just straight up used and abused, unlike my cheap mouse which isn't as.
  2. I had just been moving my mouse, until all of the USB ports seemed to have turned themselves off for a few seconds. And this happened because I moved the mouse by just a bit. Have been using another mouse and it's not problematic at all though, so I'm guessing the other mouse I have is really faulty right? Or could this be a problem with the power or something?
  3. So I can update my BIOs without having to worry too much about my data being lost right?
  4. Alright. Would updating it require me to reset my OS/reset all my files?
  5. No, I'm not sure what XMP/DCOP are. No OC. Win 10 is updated but not the BIOS.
  6. Everytime I would restart my computer, I would always get a BSOD error that says "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT". I've run a memtest and it did say that there is something wrong with the RAM. Is this caused by a hardware issue (faulty RAM), or driver issues? RAM: Gloway DDR4, 2x8GB
  7. Alright, so after a few more hours, I've had my keyboard AND my USB shut off along with the mouse, but it only happened when I was quickly moving my mouse around. Moving my other mouse around, however, and everything seems to be fine. It seems that moving around the faulty mouse was the only time I got my other USB devices to shut off. Is this still the mouse's fault? Or the mobo? Mobo still seems unlikely though because, as I've said, using the other mouse doesn't lead me to my other USB devices shutting off (nor does that mouse even turn off).
  8. I recently started to have this problem in which my wired mouse would turn on and off. The usb sound does not play when it does turn itself off. I've always had my mouse connected to a USB 2.0 port and it has been fine until the other day. When I do connect it to a USB 3.0 port, it has more chances of turning itself off. The keyboard consistently stays on however. For other usb devices, they're all fine, but I've had my USB headphone jack die twice (it's connected to a front USB 2.0 port), and then turn back on along with the mouse but both of them don't always turn off together, nor does my USB headphone jack die even. Is this a mouse/mobo hardware issue? Or something wrong with my PC's power?
  9. Yeah, I usually tap the headphone jack which usually does fix it temporarily. The sound usually gets messed up again when I do something like moving backwards.
  10. Oops forgot to mention they're actually fine when used with other devices like phones
  11. When I use my earphones, they have a tendency to leave only one ear working, which is why most of the time I have to adjust them just to keep the audio coming out from both sides. They work fine when I use them on a phone though. Anyone knows the problem here? When I use actual headphones, they work fine.
  12. Yeah, it's likely that the bump caused something to break/cause a short or maybe even the CPU heatsink coming loose. Forgot to update the OP though, CPU fan started spinning so if that's a solution for the CPU fan not spinning then my bad. I was using my PC when I bumped it btw. Screen froze so I restarted it. Dunno if it's a PSU problem that I can't turn it back on and that it goes on an on/off loop, with probably around 50 seconds everytime it shuts itself off. Anyways, my other PSU probably isn't strong enough to power the PC, and I don't have spare thermal paste around so i have to take this to repair.
  13. Small update, I tried booting with one stick of ram, nothing. Also,it goes on a loop of turning on, then suddenly turning itself off.
  14. I don't think it turns off after the first one though, haven't tried keeping it on for more than a minute. Any way I can reposition my motherboard?