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  1. Wdax09

    NH U14S

    I have a spec 03 so NH d15 isnt an option and 240mm AIOs will be such a hassle in installing.
  2. Wdax09

    NH U14S

    Can NH U14S handle Overclocks? Cant fit a taller cooler on my case.
  3. It's by chinese as well, so...........
  4. Exactly my first reaction too. People wouldnt recommend since it's a new brand. Heard it performs well even in Overclocking. Just kinda worried about hardware reliability. Dont want to be the first one experiencing leaks.
  5. ID Cooling frostflow 240L Bad ass. But few people have heard it. Been eyeing myself in buying one too.
  6. Anyone here tried modding Spec 03 to fit in a 240mm rad on top? Or any other suggestions in modding the corsair spec 03?
  7. Anyone here tried water cooling with a case of Spec 03? I am planning to OC and was wondering if I could fit 240mm rad on the top fan mount. Some say they were able to fit AIOs. Or is there any 120mm rad out there that can handle OC?
  8. I have removed my drive bays and is still wondering if I could fit a 240mm rad on top too. lol. got a spec 03 tho. but they're almost the same. I think the only thing that this depends on is your motherboard layout. I have an Asrock Gaming k4 z170 which has an I/O panel shroud which kinda block the rear top fan mount. So yeah, fck that.
  9. I can't find where that was said in the post though. Their sample picture has a 120mm rad on the rear, but it cant see where they claim to support a single 120mm?
  10. I was wondering if Spec 03 can handle a 240mm Radiator for liquid cooling on top fan mount? or would it obstruct ram slots?
  11. Well I guess im just gonna wait it out until alot of people has tried the AIO i want. Hahaha thanks!!!
  12. Just cooling a Pentium G4400(skylake). This is my first pc build and first time overclocking. Just gonna give it a try then upgrade to a better cpu in the near future. So hyper 212 wont do good if I upgrade my cpu to an i5 or i7 then?
  13. Thank you! Well i think it's a new product cos I havent seen much reviews about it, but those reviews say it is good. And in my country, it costs almost 50% cheaper than the Corsair h100. And looks way more bad ass too. Haha.
  14. I'm planning to overclock and I've heard many commends on cooler master hyper 212x. But it doesnt fit my rig "aesthetically" and I think liquid cooling will look better in my rig. Just thinking if the ID Cooling Frostflow 240l is better in performance than the hyper 212x when overclocking? I dont really mind if it isnt worth the raise in price. As long as it is better than the Hyper 212, I will overlook the price just cos it looks better in my rig. Hahaha. Thanks!