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  1. I dont use the on board graphics, i have the 1650s. Do i noods adrenaline software for that? Only xmp is on, no oc anything.
  2. Gpu hovers around 50 60 c Cpu around 80
  3. Yes,I'm running on the latest amd drivers And the issue exists only in apex
  4. Hello, cpu:3400g gpu:1650s ram:16gb 3000 mHz i try to play apex but i get super inconsistent fps,after starting up i get like 140 150 fps then after one game my menu fpu drops to 8 and gpu usage remains at 99- 100%. It only happens after playing a game , and it gets randomly fixed after a few games and it atlernates between this low and high fps conditions. Can someone please help me out???? Thanks in advance
  5. I want to make my own custom keyboard So i want some veterans to show me where i can get parts for it Thanks alot
  6. I have a webm video in front of which i added a text with video behind it But when i rendered it, it had black background. But the original webm doesn't have it. What can i do
  7. Asus b450 ma 2x8 3000Mhz Gigabyte 1650s 3400g These are my specs and i have low cpu and gpu utilization in games Such as Apex and warzone Ive done a bios update, ddu, nothing helped. My gpu and cpu don't reach high 80s
  8. Yes i checked it is running at 3000mhz, i updated my bios, i tried ddu, didn't work. Now I'm going to do a fresh install of windows. Even Google doesn't show much hope
  9. But him and I have the same gpu and cpu, then why is it different for us?
  10. here take a look at my cpu usages my gpu isnt even reaching 80% meanwhile the guy in video is almost maxing out his gpu
  11. would a bios update be of any use? Im atleast 4 version behind and 2 3 of them say improved system performance .But im a bit scared to do it cuz im worried im fuck it up so is it worth the risk? Please advice
  12. Mine is cl 16 3000Mhz 2x8 Around 80 or lesser fps in apex
  13. He's getting more frames than me Why?