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  1. I watched CBT Nuggets videos for fast and simple introduction for the topic/chapter I read Wendell Odom's book to understand it completely.
  2. why would they put most of the ports on the right?
  3. Choice 1 is not a router. It is an Access Point.
  4. Digital. We collected DVDs before and it took a lot of space, eventually we gave them out and throw everything away. Space is important. I invested on a NAS to centralize all my digital files, mostly media. By going digital, we utilized internet a lot on what we pay for, though still high price and poor speed (our region sucks).
  5. In my opinion, LTT helps a lot of people to understand and enjoy their pc and/or gadget especially the gamers. More importantly, it helps a lot of bored people everywhere in the world who is browsing in YouTube but LTT makes a lot of people jealous for how their rig is crap. I like the As Fast As Possible series, entertaining and very educational, like ELI5. I want LTT to review the GX500 because I am planning to buy that one. Thanks a lot LMG! Congratulations! You guys deserve it.
  6. I bought things separately, not bulk. Some was in Japanese Yen and Philippine Peso. Overall, the cost in USD (converted at that time) was a little over 100. Explanation on why I picked those parts: CPU - Before HTPC, I was using my laptop and never had any problems playing my media. I then compared my laptop's CPU to the cheapest Ivy Bridge CPU I can get (haswell was expensive) and I was blown away that my laptop's cpu is weaker than the low end IB cpu. Motherboard - I need native USB 3.0 support (will be explained later). Haswell chipset was expensive. I want it small so itx. At that time I want the CIR to turn on/off via infrared remote and only Asrock motherboard have those so picked them. Unfortunately I cannot get CIR to work. RAM - 1GB is more than enough. (Though at the moment I was given a 4gb stick so now my htpc has 5gb ram, yeah overkill) PSU - 80+ for efficiency. 80+ bronze is expensive. 500w was the lowest and cheapest psu I can get. More than enough. Case - I want cube itx not long(vcr/dvd) like itx cases which most htpc cases look like. USB flash drive as OS drive - I want SSD like performance. I want it fast and snappy. I want it to load images right away. HDD is slow and noisy but SSD is expensive and lowest capacity on the market that time was 120GB which is too much. I had the benchmark tool for usb flash drive and at their website there is a ranking on which USB flash drive is the best. Sandisk was one of them. I still want SSD though. Build log: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/88781-build-log-htpc-itx/ This will help you: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Supported_hardware
  7. If you want BD, you need Windows. Go to XBMC forums, there are lots of build guides there. For your reference, look at my sig. I usually play 720p-1080p rips, I use openelec.
  8. THIS: Browse youtube on your phone, tap share, click "Send to XBMC". Every day, I just fire up my htpc, browse my subscriptions on my phone then tada~!!
  9. I would wait for ASUS GX500.
  10. Very light gaming. I haven't finished Torchlight 1 yet since I bought it 2 years ago, I am talking about games on that caliber. I bought 1440p PLS monitor primarily for movies. Hopefully after 2 years, I can build my dream rig. At least when I finally built it I will have a good monitor that is already available. I will work on a oil refinery at Thanh Hoa as an IT guy at their office. I saw you are from Hanoi, I will be arriving on that airport. EDIT: Is it possible to change the thread title? Change to: "Laptop that supports 1440p external monitor".
  11. Since 3 years ago I want to build high end gaming rig. But my job requires me to go work overseas for a very long time. This is just my 3rd month since I came home, then this coming October I will be going to Vietnam. I just want to enjoy the my remaining days and whenever I would take a vacation, every 5 months for only 2 weeks. Hope you all understand my situation.
  12. <rant> I bought PB278Q and so excited to experience the picture quality that PLS gives and also for the 1440p. Bought it for productivity use and mostly movies and tv. And my laptop is 5755g, not knowing that my current laptop cannot run 1440p shattered my world. I am really sad. </rant> What laptop would you recommend to buy? Light-medium gaming (hopefully can run arkham knight in medium when it comes). Built in display should be 1080p and IPS. I am thinking of going for Lenovo Y50 (non4k). 860M seems powerrful. My budget is in the same price point as Y50. Thank you