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About Psittac

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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Z270 MHIX
  • RAM
    16g G.Skill 3600
  • GPU
    Asus 1070FE
  • Case
    Phanteks Evolv ATX TG
  • Storage
    850evo 250gx2 Crucial 240g
  • PSU
    Antec 750 edge
  • Display(s)
    Acer27" 1440p144hz + LG34" 1080UW
  • Cooling
    Monsoon hardline
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 rapidfire + Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma
  • Mouse
    M65rgb + corsair rgb pad and mamba + razer rgb pad
  • Sound
    DX7 + HE400i and Blue Lola

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  1. Psittac

    I Hope We Don't Get a Noise Complaint...

    Klipsch/Denon 4 life *edit: please ignore the media box that has been replaced by an nvidia shield
  2. Psittac

    Monitor wont go to 240hz

    try a different dp slot on your gpu
  3. I tried everything I could think of and I mean everything to get my AOC Agon 352UGC to go past 60hz, spent over an hour on it. Along the way I started wondering if I ever set it past 60hz as I've had it for a year or two..... and can't remember. Got to the point that I figured "if it's been at 60hz this whole time I'm apparently fine with 60". Right as I clicked on the LTT Forum I had one last idea, try a different DP port......... And tada..... 100hz >_< Thanks monoprice vs amazon video for showing the ufo test and making me wonder how my display does on it, That's an hour of my life I'll never get back, better be worth it.
  4. Psittac

    Our EPIC New Setup!

    What is that couch? That's probably the only setup I would replace my current couch with.
  5. I posted this idea on the live stream Linus just did, but thought I'd get a better audience here. I honestly don't know if it's something about the internet bringing thing's out in people or just giving them a megaphone, but people really love to be angry/complain/cause drama. I'm getting back into World of Tanks and went to watch the release video from WG about the Frontline mode....... And of course one of the top comment's was a guy bashing the game because he doesn't have enough time to play it to get the rewards........ I mean seriously? You have work and family obligations so the maker of the game needs to cater to you and you're going to pound your spoon and raise your pitch fork? Your to busy to game, freakin own it. Anyways far to many people have attitudes like this about many thing's. I'm just a little worried that most of the world is literally that dumb and/or selfish.
  6. Psittac

    Thoughts on this rig?

    Is the corsair memory on the QVL of the board? I know first gen ryzen had issues with memory operating at full speed.
  7. Psittac

    Thoughts on this rig?

    agreed, but a gaming rig shouldn't hold anything that can't be downloaded on a whim. Cloud and off system backup should be for anything important no matter the initial setup *edit: a google drive account can hold all important document's and I'd imagine any music or photo's someone has. It's when you get into legacy software that you have an issue, IE: programs that can't be easily replaced. At any rate if you aren't comfortable with a potential fresh install from time to time then don't go raid0
  8. Psittac

    Thoughts on this rig?

    yes but unless you're pushing clock's hard it shouldn't fail. Raid 0 mean's both disk's operate as one disk with the size of the two added together, also means the speed is "doubled" because it split's the data transfer to two drives at once. I have my OS drive as a 970pro and my second drive as a raid 0 2.5" setup, have had no issues in two years. *edit: for ssd's failing, namely sandisk, I have a number of them in my own builds and builds for friends and family and over the past several years I have only had data corruption due to user error..... namely a loss of power to the system without a proper shutdown. All of them were still useable except for one crucial ssd because the power strip was switched off when I was trying to unplug something else. I've only had one or two ssd's fail out right in many years over almost a dozen systems.
  9. Psittac

    Thoughts on this rig?

    Random thought, 2x 500gb 2.5" ssd's in raid 0? Not sure how the price compares (sandisk makes excellent ssd's)
  10. This did it for me, I was in BIOS
  11. Psittac

    Antlion Audio ModMic with Asus MAXIMS hero VIII

    Haz Maximus Hero IX using Modmic 5 Topping DX7 and HiFiman He400i's, absolutely no issues. Plugged the mic into onboard where my gaming one's left off and no issues, plug and play. Even have the mic cable neatly tied into the custom xlr cable I have and it's a quality wrap, infact I prefer it to just the headphone cable, not in the way as much.
  12. Psittac

    Steel Series Arctis 5 + ModMic 5

    I think you're missing the point, you're putting a modmic on a headset? That defeats the purpose of both products
  13. Changing audio on any system makes for a frustrating experience, even going from known good product to known good product. Microsoft has got a little better the past year or two but it's always a headache. A couple questions, have you tried it without the isolator since purchasing it? Have you thought about some sort of UPS to clean the power? Also when you mentioned your monitor........ you aren't using audio jacks on your monitor are you? If so remove that asap.
  14. Psittac

    Antlion Modmic 4 very terrible audio quality

    I just got a modmic 5 today as I threw my headset the other night out of frustration (thought I was done throwing periph's), anyways one of the ear's on the headset was pooping out off and on already, this just put the final nail in the coffin. I have to add that audio issues in windows are so hit and miss on any product, then throw in usb audio and you have a nightmare. My friend had a usb headset that he gave away because he could rarely get it to work. Myself, I have audio problems all the time with multiple product's, but once you get it working just don't change it. I attempted to get my audio to work on a backup razer headset that I lost the trrs adapter to and did several funky things. In the end I decided to go back to my now mono headset and it wasn't working when set exactly how I had it set before, it's just M$ an audio that's the problem. They have improved but it's always finakey. With all of that said I plugged in my modmic today with no issues, since it was the same onboard input it picked up where I left off with no problems. The response from my usual discord group was a little echoey and a little baratone, however I flipped some little switch next to the mic on the boom and the echo went away, and I have a cold that makes me sound a little baratone. I have always wanted a modmic but didn't get one until I needed a replacement, I'm very happy and I can easily say that the product support on this forum was key in securing the product in my mind. I'm a part time audiophile so I have the whole dac/amp with xlr can's so being able to put a quality mic on them was a no brainer. It's so nice to not choose between high quality audio and comm's. also I had mic volume issues on my previous headset (sennheiser game one) and that's with onboard audio with a higher end motherboard (maximus hero IX). I would highly recommend the usb stick that Joe mentioned, his advice has worked well for me in the past. And though USB can be a pain, my dac/amp is usb with zero issues. Since it's a product he is recommending I wouldn't think twice about getting it. (the non-antlion usb stick since you're UK)