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    Z270 MHIX
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    16g G.Skill 3600
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    Asus 1070FE
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    Phanteks Evolv ATX TG
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    850evo 250gx2 Crucial 240g
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    Antec 750 edge
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    Acer27" 1440p144hz + LG34" 1080UW
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    Monsoon hardline
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    Corsair K70 rapidfire + Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma
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    M65rgb + corsair rgb pad and mamba + razer rgb pad
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    DX7 + HE400i and Blue Lola

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  1. How do I get an FTP server on a VM to send it's data to the host server without going through the switch? I think I'm limited by the array already reading and writing to it's self but I'd still like to know a cleaner way of doing it if there is such a thing.
  2. Maybe someone covered this, but why wouldn't you do a Dell R710? Configured with 12TB 64g ram and dual 6core it's only $620 and that's with quad gigabit https://www.servermonkey.com/refurbished-dell-poweredge-r710-6-port-configure-to-order.html I'm sure for under 2k I could get something to rival the purposed system. *edit: This R720 configured with 8x2Tb 96g ram and dual 8 cores is under $1500 https://www.servermonkey.com/refurbished-dell-poweredge-r720-3-5-8-port-configure-to-order.html Just put the ssd where the optical drive is like I did on my 710
  3. Can someone explain to me what separates different raid cards? I remember everyone hating on Dell raid card's and recommending the LSI card's but no one said why. I just upgraded my R510 from 12x1Tb raid 5 on the perc, to 8x4Tb on the lsi. I had zero issues on the perc. Extra question will either of these cards pass through the extra 4x1TB hdd's that I have in the machine even if they can't raid them? I will know eventually but I'm initializing right now and will have to wait on new install. I know that the LSI is 8 port so I doubt it'll do two separate raids and I know the 700 while supporting 12 port's won't make two raids. Anyone have a good guide to initializing a raid array? Someone else did my R710 so I never had to pick the proper setting's and this time I just guessed.
  4. Awesome! Thank you very much, I will put that to use when the time comes
  5. Both are Windows Server 2012 R2
  6. I've never worked with it before, I'm getting all of my information from a friend who has done all of it but I can only bother him so much. My only goal is to be able to share files from one server to the other for Plex, one of them has more processing power than the other. The R710 has dual cpu's that are each more powerful than the one cpu on the R510 If you have any advice I'd greatly appreciate it
  7. Just what I needed to know, thank you
  8. I've got a DVD with that I want to copy onto a usb stick for my mom, her disk drive is broken and doesn't want to wait for a replacement. I know how to mount an ISO to a USB drive using Rufus, I just don't know how to get the ISO off the disk in the first place.
  9. I'm setting up a 10G connection between two of my servers and have Brocade 1020(B) dual port's on each with Brocade XBR-000180 transceiver's installed, can someone tell me what fiber optic cable this uses? I don't know the first thing about terminology and don't want to just buy one that looks like it'll fit from the pic's. I also can't make sense of any googling that I do because I don't know the keywords I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated, Thanks. *edit: here is the exact ebay listing for the transceivers https://www.ebay.com/itm/153356536793 I can also take pictures of the actual transceivers if that'll help
  10. Yeah, they're stealing from people at a disadvantage. It makes me want to actually learn the stuff I've been meaning to learn. Google has an IT program that's really cool but I have a job that I love so no time or energy.
  11. Yeah I'm starting to realize that, I think I need to know more to do it successfully. I'm thinking that I need to learn more about my managed switch first of all
  12. Would a VPN do anything or make it difficult for them to RD?
  13. I just dove into the world of anti-scammer video's on youtube and I love it. Does anyone have advice on how I could mess with these "Windows Support Center" scammers without compromising my computer? I could set up an older computer just for that or use a VM or something. I don't expect to be able to go after their computer or anything but I like the idea of wasting their time, I'd take a couple hours out of my weekend to mess with them.
  14. US $900 I'm either going to beat the prebuilt on performance and match price or match performance and beat the price. Currently it's an 8700 1060 16gb ram 256 ssd 1tb hdd Budget is still shoe string because she needs everything inc chair monitors and peripherals and knowing her overall budget she won't make it with a $900 prebuilt I'm just going off pcpartpicker, is this something most sellers do?