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  1. I'm glad to hear that it might just be the memory. I've tried all the RAM I have which is all non ECC. All of them work with the 4570 and all of them work with the E3-1231 V3 in my B85 board. I'll have to pick up a couple sticks of ECC RAM. The one other thing I am concerned about is that when looking at the error code. The codes description says Pre-Memory, I'm not exactly sure what that means but it sounds like it's failing before the memory is being checked? Anyhow, I'll try and get some ECC to test this out. I appreciate the quick reply.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had some information on using an Intel E3-1231 V3 in either of these boards.(X10SLM-F / X10SLM+-LN4F). I was under the impression that this CPU would work after a BIOS update. Similar to how Z87 boards support 4690K/4790K after a BIOS update. I happen to have a 4570 that I used to update the BIOS to the latest revision on both of these boards successfully. They will both post with the 4570 but get stuck on post code 15 (Pre-memory North Bridge initialization is started). I can't seem to find an individual supported CPU list for these boards. Super Micro only lists that they support Xeon E3-1200 v3 and v4. But the E3-1231 V3 is sort of like the Devils Canyon of Xeon? Anyways any help would be great. It would be great to be able to use at least one of these boards. Thanks
  3. So I have 3 monitors and a TV hooked up to my GPU. I tend to use the 3 displays side by side most of the time and switching to TV only or duplicating a side monitor to the TV. Anyways, I switch the monitor setups a lot, and for some reason (started in windows 10 with 1440P monitor only) when I switch from say. TV only to My 3 monitor profile it will make my middle 1440P monitor have a weird fuzziness to it. It still shows 1440P and the same refresh rate. I tried changing the refresh rate, resolution, powering it off for a minute. The only thing that will fix it is if I restart Windows itself. This never happened when I had 3 1080P monitors, it only started in Windows 10 with 1440P, it could happen in previous versions of Windows, but I've never tried. Also this doesn't happen every time either which is good... but annoying at the same time. If anyone else has had this issue and resolved it I would be super grateful for some info. In case anyone is wondering the monitor that gets the problem is a MG279Q
  4. I have this CPU and a motherboard that is capable of setting all the cores to the max turbo boost. Did Intel change something in this CPU compared to the older versions? I'm able to set all the cores to turbo at 3.8, but when checking the frequency it never passes 3.6 on all cores at full load.
  5. So I haven't deleted or created anything yet. I used mdadm/ext4 to create the raid can you recommend how to recover it?
  6. So I created two RAID 0's the other day. One was created and stayed persistent on reboots. The second however didn't, I can't figure out how to find the array now. When I ls /dev/ | grep md. The only thing I see is md,md127,md127p1. The md127 is my first raid 0 that is working fine. I can see the individual drives when I grep dev sd. I'm stuck and not sure where to go from here =/
  7. I've read some forum posts saying people have got them to work on Linux with ease. It's the Windows 8 thing I'm worried about. LINK Lots of good info on it, just not exactly what I'm looking for.
  8. Shouldn't need to, it's like connecting two PC's using a patch cable.
  9. I'm thinking about buying two of these LINK and putting them in one Windows 8.1 PC and one Ubuntu 16.04 PC directly attaching them using this LINK. Before I do this I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Would it be hard to find drivers on the Windows side, would I have to change anything on the NICs Firmware etc?
  10. The choice between two raid 0 or one raid 10 isn't for a performance reason, just figured having them separate would be safer in a way. But I have no experience with that, was just an assumption. Anyways, thanks for your help. Between here and reddit I think I have all the information I need.
  11. Hmm. I'd really like some increase in performance. So I think I'm going to do either RAID10 with all four discs, or RAID0 a set of each and use rsync for nightly backups. Would you recommend one over the other? For now it would be on the same system in either situation.
  12. How much of a performance increase on reads and writes would I see from raid 6?
  13. I can't afford a cloud service to store that much data at the moment. But I do have two systems and the backup could be stored on the other. In the event of a disaster or theft I'd be screwed I guess. It's not that it's very important data. It's just years of buying movies, ripping, encoding, then re ripping and re encoding because I found better encoding settings. Lots of time basically.
  14. Ah but that's the problem, one half of my RAID10 will be for backup. Right now I just manually backup with rsync. Which I'm sure is a better system then relying on RAID10. But..., well I guess I could just raid 0 two of the drives and just cronjob the rsync like I am now. But basically I'm trying to use the 4x 6TB drives as my main storage and backup. Just just the main storage. So I wouldn't have a backup to replace the file. Or are you suggesting that it's still safe since most likely only one or two files will fail and I can just replace them.