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  1. Well maybe Pascal is unbeatable because they can't get Volta to beat it...
  2. The 56 draws less power than my fury, but I'm fine with my 530W PSU, so 750W is a bit extreme, 600W should be enough for mostly everyone granted that my cpu isn't that power hungry (6600k). With the power saving mode, the 56 is on par with reference 1070s and it draws something around 30W more, that's not that bad for efficiency in itself.
  3. Major Dick move from nvidia though. They shouldn't talk like they're entirely out of touch... nobody wants an Intel situation with them sitting on their asses because they think no one can begin to touch them
  4. It does provide a nice 20% or so performance efficiency boost, which is a good improvement on power efficiency unlike this launch seems to be.
  5. For DSBR, it seems to be a power efficiency feature in power saving mode. As I saw in techreport it does that: (Article link) It's a good sign if Navi indeed is a multi die solution akin to Ryzen, because the power efficiency gain is significant with power saving (+ a bit of undervolting maybe?), making those shrunk to 7nm, then glued together, quite a compelling solution.
  6. Tile based rendering is used in the power saving mode to gain 50 to 100W for V56 and 80 to 150W for V64, judging from techreport a rule on the matter, giving up less that 5% decrease in performance, which is somewhat a good sign. It's not perfect, but it can have a decent efficiency if it's less powerful, which could get interesting with multi dies products.
  7. You need to get your facts straight. Amd hasn't hyped Vega for quite a while now. The only performance numbers they showed were accurate. Over hyping hasn't been there for a while either, and was only kept alive by some individuals who weren't part of AMD in any way. Both products aren't that bad. They're not great, but they remain okay anyway.
  8. Unless if vega is their base design for Navi sub dies Ala Zen arch
  9. Saw a few weeks ago that they are already producing navi and zen 2 on 7nm as prototypes, or at least they'll have those before 2018 ends, so if all goes well, we could have both in 12 months. The scalability factor of the Ryzen line up could be beneficial for them to iterate faster, as they have less dies to engineer before having actual CPUs ready. (Could be the same for Navi, Where they could only tweak began on 7nm and scale those dies with infinity Fabric). At least it seems zen iteration time-frame is more dependent on 7nm processes being ready.
  10. Was going to post about that! @CPotter going pro?
  11. I think his point was that it was still doing it for him so in his case.. he should wait, since he won't leverage the extra gpu power because of his monitor anyway. Just like my fury is enough for my 144hz/1440p monitor for many games I still have 6 months to finish, which makes waiting the better option, as whatever will come out then will be cheaper for the level of performance not yet needed today! As mentioned, slippery slope indeed !
  12. At 1440p with a Fury Nitro, I got 144fps in cs go, basically all old source games, in all bioshocks except the last one where it sometimes dips into the 120fps range, in all platform games, as well as alien isolation most of the time. DOOM runs fairly well as well (Overwatch as well, when I tried it (basically all e sports titles)) However, even if it's not optimal, 75-100 fps range with freesync is noticeably better than 60fps locked, even if it underutilize the monitor a bit. You'd have to have a bit more than 1080 ti perf with a more gaming oriented cpu to attain 144fps in all games, so I guess above 75fps in AAA games with freesync is livable until at least Vega 20/Volta. On topic, this may show that AMD finally understood we just want the bloody damn cards and that they should just stop waiting to release them and release them as soon as possible.
  13. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. One could say running is not as worthy as it's tactically poorer. Besides there are archery and golf which are bordeline with your definition
  14. How about movement precision? Fast reflexes? High level of concentration ?
  15. Have you ever took a deep look into esports to say that? Esports player aren't often as obese as people thought they would be because pros have a minimum of athletic training such as running etc, to tune their body to be ready for high stress situations. Even former NBA players end up chipping in that market recognizing similarities between esports professionals and NBA pro players in their training