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  1. That and besides, OC'd 1080 ti are well into that consumption territory anyway, but no one is actually complaining about that and Temps.
  2. Titan xp doing 11 at 250W gives 13 at approximately 300W as well, so it's almost the same power efficiency isn't it? TDP might be the cooling rating of their cooling solution, which would give an idea on how well it could be overclocked ?
  3. The rain is the only way to cool it so call it the review from Linus
  4. Why?
  5. Well when Adnantech says "has a cost advantage"... yes... they're so used to damn overpriced parts that an 1000$ 10 cores is for them a reeally good price because it used to be 1700$, while not considering we could have 14-16 cores from amd at the same price. (I won't trust them anymore with that kind of ridiculous reviews... you can say anything but cost advantage, and seeing the performance difference between the 1800X and the 7820X is quite similar, they cannot seriously advise to not wait a month for Threadripper to see what happens, since it could offer not that far performance for quite less with more complete platform in a small time-frame. But they seem to advise a cash grab.)
  6. People are dissapointed because x299 isn't more efficient than Ryzen, nor is it cost efficient; making it less appealing than some wanted it to be.
  7. From my understanding, entanglement basically mean that the quantum state of both particules are to be seen with one another. You can then see the effect of entanglement when you measure the state of one particule, which will set its function to a given value. However, since the particles are entangled, the second particule may change of state immediately since measuring the first one measure the two particules set, measuring them both at the same time. As other have pointed out, knowing the exact probabilistic state of particules. That makes it unusable for quantum computers. You'd have the risk of flipping a bit somewhere along the process thus changing the key. There are error coding codes, but they'd become unpractical if the probability of getting many bit flip is non negligible. Sending photon successions without even one being measured is absolutely non trivial, and if possible may require insane amounts of money just to make one channel. That aside, you'd need a direct channel for it to work, as going through one intermediate node would break the entanglement.
  8. Because on the other hand capitalism works? Not really either. Issue with not regulating at all is that some people lack the ethical values to do things and it would quickly descend to hell with people stealing, killing and other ways of ripping off other people. Pure competition isn't healthy competition in most cases.
  9. It may handle both because it's meant to work for the lesser memory, so putting better memory cannot makes things worse, while amd cards are meant for the better memory, implementing things only possible with HBM and not gddr variants.
  10. You guys realize that it's not like that? You just can't replace one memory by the other and expect it to work the same. HBM type of memory have quirks which change the design of the core in order for it to take advantage of it. Slap a gddr5X memory on it and it doesn't work as well anymore because it's not meant to.
  11. They're basically being fair in applying those rules to everyone? In the US or in China lots of businesses benefit from anti competitive rules that protect them in their own country, so they replicate it everywhere else, which the EU doesn't accept. If it were up to me, the EU would be even more annoying by implementing stricter rules and more importantly, enforcing them even more often
  12. They could use the mega case from corsair, having the mini ITX build for the game server, and the other dual CPU quad GPU system for the players. They could easily make a zero latency cs go 10 vs 10 player game with that.
  13. How isn't it fair ? It's the best Intel has to offer as of right now. People can't make numbers up for not yet released CPU. By this logic it's not fair for nvidia to compare their cards to r9 fury X's and RX 580 since Vega beat what AMD currently offers. But as we all know, if amd didn't want that they should have released their cards already
  14. Neither do we know how these even perform to be fair it's not like they purposely compared them to older models
  15. Don't forget the pci lane unlocking key you have to buy to use extra PCI-E lanes for raid setups, for which you have to buy another key (not included ) but only purchasable with Intel ssds ! That way it can works with non intel ssds, but you have to buy them anyway! Is your business wallet ready for bankruptcy ?