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  1. Ahah because in China most Google apps are already banned anyway ?
  2. laminutederire

    Epic (or supergiantgames) randomly raise prices... during sale

    Wrll difference is that for steam sales everyone gets money for it and do not operate at a loss. Here Epic clearly is operating at a loss, which is not legal at least where I'm from.
  3. laminutederire

    Epic (or supergiantgames) randomly raise prices... during sale

    Operating at a loss purposely like that is kind of illegal in many countries though, because it breaks fair competition, so in a way an outrage is kind of legitimate. (Peopke should just ignore it and let it die on its own)
  4. laminutederire

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    You just have to cd /mnt/your letter drive to access windows files, and cd to linux only files folders when needed. It's trickier to access them from windows directly but if it's really needed, you can move or copy them to windows territory! I first started using it for git, and then to learn c++ a bit with it, and I always used visual studio in tandem, and both communicated rather well what issue are you referring to exactly?
  5. laminutederire

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    Well not really. The main issue with wsl is gpu access for opencl/cuda. Other than that its basically just a terminal like linux terminals
  6. laminutederire

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    Mostly machine learning people who need linux because of unfit support of windows for most things they need
  7. I guess it's a matter of perspective I'd rather them bring cuda and opencl support through it. That'd help them retain a lot of deep learning researchers and engineers on their platform. I'm however suspecting it probably has more to do with nvidia not wanting them to do that, like they're blocking cuda capabilities on non quadro cards in VMs most of the time. that being said, I use it extensively as well, and that particular instance is the main issue I have with it so far, which means I agree that they did work on it a lot since it first came out!
  8. Still missing gpu support in WSL for deep learning task. I don't understand why they are still not trying to do that. It should be one of their priority to keep developers and softwares on their platform...
  9. If its true it's certainly not a power issue since zen2 based processors are supposed to have the exact same TDP as zen 1 segments. Maybe they will overclock more and therefore pushing a bit more when overclocked a lot, but that's it
  10. Ok. Itll either be superseded greatly or will be a fad if you prefer. In both cases it's not here to stay in its current form.
  11. To be honest, in 5 years the rtx we have now won't be useful nor exist though. Either it'll be overwhelmingly be superseded, or it'll flop.
  12. Actually play and origins are not as great as steam but they still have more features as epic and yet everyone thinks those are garbage and you still have people defending epics score for some reason...
  13. To be fair, nvidia did make bold claims about it being easy to implement if my memory serves me right. So in a way, not having games for it while understandable isn't entirely acceptable considering those claims. (And to be fair, they could have trained DLSS models for way more games or they really wanted to. That would not take 3 years to do per game, that should be around a week to a month of training the network, and around the same time to include it in the AA pipeline, so that could have been implemented more widespread.
  14. It actually isn't. Its smart to not assume anything and just wait for a proof of it on amd or Intel gpus. Just like those exploits touch more Intel than amd since Intel squeezed the original idea to get as much ipc out of it, I wouldn't be surprise me to see amd and Intel gpus to be at least less impacted by those exploits for the same reason.
  15. laminutederire

    Dr Su will present Zen 2 and Navi at Computex 2019 (May 27th)

    Well if rumours are to be believed, CPUs seem to be fine, but mobo chipsets aren't. Considering that, they can present end of may the CPUs at least, show off a bit of performance, start sending review samples and do a proper release for consumers in July?