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  1. Nvidia next chip now called Turing? [UPDATE]

    Aka the best cryptographer of that time... that should deter cryptominers from buying those...
  2. Galaxy s8 manual upgrade

    In my case it is flashing the aql5 then upgrading to android o. Pretty straightforward granted the images to flash are good enough. Since no software is from Samsung officially, what is the best way to make sure what is being flashed is something that should be flashed? By the way, Samsung PR dep is very lacking in basic manners. It should disclose the order or tell the rest of Samsung to deploy a manual update through smart switch or something. Because when Belgium and Danemark get the update but you don't have it in France, you're just sad
  3. Galaxy s8 manual upgrade

    Has anyone tried the manual update of the s8 available on XDA dev ? I'm personnally on the fence for doing it, as i want to make sure I'll have future ota' and that I won't trip Knox, since my camera sometimes have lens issues and I don't want to get a void warranty preventing me from fixing that if needed
  4. Intel is developing their own version of smartglasses.

    Makes sense, they first expanded into i9, now it's time for eye2.
  5. Why is windows 10 so hard to use?

    You shouldn't settle for Linux... why having one when you can have both!
  6. Wait until the headline: "from violence to rape: how far will games are going to push our kids? "..
  7. Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    It is losing something very important which is the soft power it had. I'm from France, and my country isn't doing that well economic wise, but the soft power we have helps us keeping afloat the country and rebound. Issue with the US right now is that there is a strong distrust of the rest of the world regarding Trump, and the image of the American dream has been shattered by his actions. That will eventually lead to less smart people from the rest of the world to come there and eventually it will decrease the influence of the US in key industries such as the tech industry in profit of Europe, because researchers will more easily stay in Europe to research and teach, and most importantly in profit of Asia, which will probably replace the us as the concentrating place of money and industrial research. And in the end, what will matter will be the politics agreement between Asia and everyone else compared to the US and everyone else. At least with Trump, the US has showed a strong desire to close itself to immigration etc, which is key for the country development, and key to have new views on current subjects.
  8. Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    It is also what makes it crumble in recent years... (Hello Donald)
  9. Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    You can hate on people selling at stupidly high prices, only to complain afterwards of prices too high when they themselves want to buy. That's the first thing. And as a non American person, I can see that capitalism is very flawed and that it leads to absurdity in so many cases now.
  10. Etherium tops $1,000 spiking GPU prices again

    Funny thing is that PC hobbyist is a generally selfish breed. The number of people I've seen refusing to sell one of their cards to fellow gamers/hobbyist just to make an extra 100$ by selling it to miners... No wonder it is impossible to build a pc at decent prices when even the people suffering the same prices are not even trying to help out, just because they got into the game earlier and that they can sell their cards at the highest price possible, while having working pc's anyway..
  11. Why do people like Apple products?

    Well it can alleviate concerns over fingerprint scanner placement, that type of Things at least
  12. Why do people like Apple products?

    I'd suggest you getting to a store and try something like the s8 hands-on. I had an s4 with lollipop, and I'm now running nougat on my s8, and these are worlds apart UX wise. There are a lot of shortcuts and ways to tailor your experience to what you see fit. Even more so than it used to on lollipop or older. You may still prefer iOS, but I personally felt a strong difference that I can just advise people on the fence to try!
  13. I'd beg to differ on their subjectivity. Morals being the thinking of good and bad, they rely heavily on cultural beliefs and so on as well as values of the society. (Kant is crying in his grave reading this but anyway). However, ethics dealing with right or wrong situations, it makes them reliant only on societal values, making them more objective than moral is. Remains the unequivocal truth that ethics do not care in any sense about legality. Legality sometimes care about ethics, I do not deny it, but the other way around does not. I'd explain that by the fact that what is legal only depends on who is in charge, and therefore is an expression of his own values as well, and not only the values of society.
  14. Ethics do not care about legal loopholes...
  15. AMD cancels primitive shaders driver support

    Is this decision part of the new strategy coming from the new guys over at RTG?