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  1. Android 8 beta program Samsung related question

    It doesn't exist in Europe for whatever reason it seems. We have Samsung members instead, where I haven't found a way to apply for the beta program
  2. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    It can, but it will game okay anyway. I run my 6600k with my fury at 1440p, and it holds up okay in almost all cases at 60+ fps. It's not optimal but it's okay for 1440p gaming.
  3. Statements that trigger tech fans.

    Never had that much issues with those to be honest. I sometimes wonder what the fuck people try to download
  4. Android 8 beta program Samsung related question

    Well I should have less issues since the beta in those part of Europe come 3 to 4 release after the beta in the US/UK/Korea.
  5. Hi, I have absolutely no idea when I'll get to test that out on my s8. I tried to find a way to participate in the beta, but it seems like it is closed for now in only a few countries which aren't mine. I read however that a second wave of beta testing will be done in France, Germany etc.. Does anyone know if I could have a chance to get into that program knowing I live in Switzerland with a French carrier and the phone bought sum unlocked in Switzerland? It's only France and not Switzerland apparently for the beta, so I'm at a loss on whether I should try to get in
  6. NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact they do not use the same cpu in those graphs at the end?
  7. Ubisoft Giving Away AC IV: Black Flag for Free This Holiday

    Or go to ubisoft main page it's first on that
  8. Cultural bias dies hard. For instance many countries saw France as lazy when the working time for blue collars went down to 35 hours from something like 39 or so. They said it would never work, etc. In the end, productivity went up and the same work was done anyway. Still, even though it has been proven to work there and in other countries afterwards, you'll always see german, swiss, american, chinese or japanese (and so many other cultures) say it doesn't show dedication and that it is a bad thing. Overall happiness in the workplace is disregarded in most companies and itll take a few generations to change
  9. I'm not that sure it would go down first of all. The reason why is that its properties as stable investment will not change, and since basically every rich entity stores money for long term as gold/materials akin to gold, and/or art and everything which is not supposed to change of value over time. It is not in the interest of the richest, and of nations and even some powerful companies to see the value of gold drop, so the fall you'd see would be controlled big time to not destabilize this. So it might go down slightly, but it would be as usual. Would we still be under Bretton woods agreement it wouldn't have budge even a tiny bit for that same reason. Secondly, the scenario you describe is somewhat improbable in itself. Would there be an easy to exploit large pool of gold in nature, we'd have found it already. If there remains a huge stock of gold, it would be difficult to get it, and the production costs would force producers to sell gold at the same price or even at an higher price. Just like it is with oil in a way. You see gold as a normal commodity, that's why you expect it to behave like any other commodity. Exception being that its properties give it a use which won't change its price drastically. The only things which would maybe get cheaper would be jewels made of gold and other elements, like engagement rings of normal people etc. Solely because gold isn't used there as a money placement, and that it isn't pure. As for what you said last @mr moose, it's the sole reason I think bitcoin will die at some point. It cannot live to the expectations of people as a currency for people, because it is unusable in practice because of its high volatility. And right now every time I read this forum I laugh, because I see people bitching about gambling in SWBII, while people are drooling all over the possibilities of betting on bitcoins on the next thread, which shows the current state of society. Gambling is an addiction of society. It's an apparently easy way of getting rich without doing anything except not looking at risks. And as it always is, reality catches up eventually, and the craze around it makes some people very poor and some very rich, just like in casinos, because there is a blind escalation fed on the desire to get rich and be a part of something in a confine mind framework. They only see what benefits they can have on short term without seeing that the bitcoin value has attained states where it is faaaaar away from its real value, the value it has on its own without speculation.
  10. BitCoin Hits $13,000

    That's what people said about subprime at the time..
  11. BitCoin Hits $13,000

    It would be the perfect crime, it's a legal grey area, so no investigation, no attempts to freeze the money. The only flaw compared to usual financial scams would be that governments won't protect the person who lost money by paying them back, like they did in a way in 2008 for instance. So the money stolen isn't coming by magically to any pockets. As you said, speculation is off the roof on that one, and it's not a good sign. If it wasn't going to fail, it surely will once the greediest people will want their share of that pie as well
  12. The only way Intel is going to do something about it would be that they'd be forces to recall all 6th-7th and 8th gen processors to be replaced with 9th one which support the right kind of platform without the security issue. It probably will never happen since you could technically get an update... but considering it's Intel's property, it should be an option. That'd force them to urge OEM or do the work themselves. In the end they screwed it up..
  13. Star watch dogs ftw!
  14. Of course it does, it searches on both your computer and the internet for what you type, and since Bing is their search engine it contacts Bing. Should the search engine tied to it to Google and it would contact Google and not send anything to Bing, that's my understanding of it at least
  15. Its data collection can be turned off without deactivating it totally, so that's enough, isn't it? I mean, that they moved normal functionality to Cortana while letting you deactivating the main components of Cortana (which are the initial components), which collect data on you to function properly (which is perfectly normal since voice or writing recognition need data to work anyway), is okay.