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  1. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    So working on making it better or skipping this generation does make sense yes. If you know that your product is useless, work on something that isn't... You're the one being ridiculous here. You conjecture stuff with apparently absolutely no idea about how r&d works. You assume they're sitting on new tech to make a profit just because you are used to them releasing X% improvement every Y months? Understand that when you're on a mature technology, with Moore's law on current transistors tech nearing its end, the obvious solutions don't work anymore, and finding new technologies is becoming increasingly harder. Especially for games which are designed to be optimized for older generations, it makes it increasingly harder to deviate too much from that older tech because the behavior might not be optimal and blow back in your face even with a better product. So go live in your world of paranoia where companies refuse to give you the products you want if it pleases you, but if you want to live in the real world, you'll have to learn to be polite, and to think of every aspect of the problem instead of obsessing on one idea based on a false premise and insulting everyone who tries to get you out of this bubble you're building for yourself. Oh and by the way, no one cares that you can overclock CPUs well, it doesn't give you any credibility in the discussion about how products should be released. It just says what type of consumer you are, not what type of person you are.
  2. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    Then do your own chip which performs better... you know sometimes it gets hard to refine really polished products. When Nvidia CEO says Pascal is unbeatable it's mostly because Volta doesn't beat it. They could release it yes, but it's very likely they would release products less than 5 percent faster anyway, so that would be real stagnation. I prefer a company not releasing anything than a company going full Intel and releasing the same thing over and over again with minor tweaks which don't change that much anyway. Have you even worked in R&D in those companies?
  3. As of now your phone can handle more data in than what your provider will give you anyway. And the few networks which Don't move too fast into new networks are often the most reliable. There are so many countries where coverage is so spotty just because carriers just don't care enough to have a good one and prefer changing distribution methods in bigger cities and leave behind everywhere else. And now.. do you really need a 1GB/s connection on your phone? To do what? Download something very fast? From where? To download the equivalent of your phone storage in less than 5min? To watch videos in 4K on small was screens on which you wouldn't see the difference between 4K and 1440p and even 1080p? To use it as an internet connection for your computer? Good luck finding any affordable ssd supporting that speed anyway (and that's assuming you'd get this data rate through your Usb port without any issues...) They would be better off bettering their 4G networks so everyone can get close to the max data rate that their 4g phones can go up to. Better for everyone, since people wouldn't have to change their phones...
  4. When will people learn... 4G phones are more than enough right now, the band with bottleneck is on the ISP side, not on the phone... so why do they insist on pushing those useless tech and why do people even buy into that... Isp price gauging in some country is so damn ridiculous i have to keep an international data plan from France to pay less for more in Switzerland for instance. And it would still be viable in other digital 3rd world countries like the US.
  5. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    Since other people apologized, I won't because first of all I was talking to Mr moose, and secondly because bragging is something I do not indulge. We all have something to brag about, but humility has always been good for mankind. You may not care how it is, and most people like myself would want products to arrive faster, but most of the time, the companies just don't have the technology to really do much better than they currently do anyway. The pricing is often more an issue with consumers than it is with them, as people pay premium when they shouldn't etc, placing the price equilibrium way above where it should. All of this to say that if you want better products for cheaper faster than it already is, well by all means make your own products or work for the existing companies to make it happen, just like the rest of us.
  6. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    Well just the fact that most people assume that nvidia will give them X percent more perf next gen just because they did previously just tells you how much they don't even understand the tech industry on the tech side. They think of it like X amount of work and Y dollars invested give you a Z amount of performance more in your final product (which is obviously false.) Because of that they think that the company has a product better from a given amount just because time has passed and they feel entitled to give it because of the instant gratification myth of our society. But the business side is just the end of the equation, and the company sometimes doesn't have the choice to delay release because the technology isn't there to back up a new product. Unless they're Intel and re release 3 times almost the exact same thing playing on their margins.
  7. 1070ti Rumored to be a LOCKED gpu

    They don't release it mostly because Volta doesn't really offer much more than Pascal anyway for gaming (hence why the CEO says it's unbeatable). They haven't changed of architecture for a while and it does seem like they don't really find a way to find a better arch for gaming, or at least not significantly better ones. So they have to stall until they find one, or to have the possibility to shrink the architecture down, or leverage better yields to release fatter GPUs for every price point.
  8. They're geniuses. Release something great you can't produce cheaply and tell you are selling them at normal prices. Then you give a few of them here and there, you say you're on it until you come up with a way to make them affordable. That stops sells for the competitor without needing an actual product!
  9. Would you take a flight without a pilot?
  10. Good thing he pays less for Ryzen Respect restored!
  11. Buy a high end gsync monitor and it could easily add up to more than 11% of your whole computer setup price. Displays can be pricey, especially when tech constraints are added
  12. Leaked Review of i7-8700K.

    You'd have to factor in that the only overclock they put on the 7700k is just puttibg every core at 4.5GHz while we all know you can push it more. When you compare at stock, marginal difference, and when you compare OC, the huge gap isn't a huge gap if you push the old one closer to it's limit. Lots of them go to 4.8-5GHz, which would yield 0 gaming benefit..
  13. They even quote this game mode in the trailer! @Syntaxvgm it's not like they have their own building tech in game which is different from PUBG, and it's not like PUBG dev are crying because they know epic is better than them at making games and therefore will soon have something more polished than their own game.. which is why they whine
  14. HYPERLOOP in Canada

    The train they used is capableof going up to almost 600km/h, the limitation isnt there
  15. Salty fanboyism alert. They said exactly which cpu they are referring to. They had less cores on their system before, that should tell you exactly what you need to know. That and they can choose whatever cpu they want, you don't have to judge what they take. In this case there are obvious reason to go team red. You have great perf for a much lower cost, and for something you'd want to use spread out as boilers, it's actually better not to have 4000€ worth of hardware laying around for some people to grab. Since it's for a distributed cloud, they won't overclock cpus, so Intel perf isn't necessarily as impressive as they benefit from more overclocking headroom. Finally ryzen pro can maybe offer some encryption goodies whivh are preferable for a distributed system of the sort. They have plenty reasons to go this way.