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  1. Maybe the reason there is no 8GB modules listed is that AMD reserved them all?
  2. Isn't it supposed to be oriented towards data science with huge data sets, with no data swap between memory and disk so that the entire data set access is facilitated?
  3. Seeing I can run mirror's edge catalyst in hyper settings with a supposedly needed 8GB of Vram no matter what, while I only have a 4GB Fury... it is acceptable if well utilized.
  4. Except when nukes are involved. I think they may be more dangerous than we thought. I'm thoroughly okay with malware etc, but I'm clearly not with making nukes available for anyone to grab. It's reeeeeeeaaaally dangerous and could bring the world in quite a chaos..
  5. To be fair that kind of organisation have somewhat serious attacks each day or each two days
  6. Those are useful for very unexperienced users sometimes. Like recovery tools which install uninstall drivers for newbies. I remember once, thanks to those I could have given instructions over the phone to my parents for them to reinstall Lan/wireless connection drivers, without having to spend more than 5min on it, or having to take care of it myself, with a direct access since the laptop couldn't do anything with Internet. Those program are useless junk to us because we know how to do it ourselves, but we're the minority.
  7. If nobody buys from them they have to change.
  8. Why haven't they sued before signing the contract though?
  9. To be fair an iPhone is kinda worthless if you just put what it costs to build. They sell them for 5 to 10 times the producing cost. That's why Qualcomm wants to tax them on the final price, since there is a speculative factor on apple's part and that the modem is necessary for them, they need one for the phone to have that high of a value, therefore Qualcomm could ask a bit more. But then again patents in the US are weird so they can easily build a large monopoly for a decade with those.
  10. If apple signed that in a contract when they bought the modems, they kinda have to pay.
  11. Or I'm just not tagging everyone a genius when they aren't. Henri Poincaré, Gauss, Euler, Galois, Fermat, Pascal, Einstein, Planck or Boltzmann were geniuses for instance, and that guy is miles away from them. I don't deny he is smarter than most people, but that is that contrast only which make people believe he is a genius, when real geniuses can be compared to other geniuses of history. What can you seriously give me as an argument to support he is as brilliant as the people aforementioned ?
  12. Yes, it costs a fortune but the section size is significantly smaller which makes orders of magnitude less air to suck out
  13. Hmm like Steve Jobs was a scientific genius? I'm just saying that he puts an abstraction barrier between what he asks for and what his engineers do, which make him say things which sometimes, for trained engineers like me and others, sound ridiculous. The real genius of Elon Musk was Pay Pal which made him a lot of money, which he is known for reinvesting in projects. Leader in several industries which are? It seems like an overstretch to me. He is a leader in currently niche markets, on which he takes a gamble on, but may never take off. The most powerful he has is his image and the trust people have in him, but I am not aware of any of his contributions on the actual crux of the matter of his latest projects, hence me comparing him to Steve Jobs. He may have a vision but it doesn't seem like he fully understand what the scientists are doing for him. To ne faut with him he has a great persuasion power, but he often base his reflexion on premises which are not givens at all and sometimes are just ridiculous. And that's not just me saying that, it's basically any person with critical thinking trained in philosophy enough to see it. I'll try to find again an example of that tomorrow, I'm a bit swamped tonight.
  14. That and Musk himself isn't very bright if you ask me. He doesn't do much, his engineers do, and because of that he sometimes says things which make no sense at all. But my opinion of him aside, the whole thing is something that people have thought of already and have not done it for good reasons I guess.
  15. It's actually possible to do so, but it is really expensive to do so. (They did it in Virgo and Ligo to detect gravitational waves if I remember right, but their tube section wasn't as big and it was costly as hell but they did it because they could afford it in name of science, which musk won't be able to do if it's too costly)