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  1. Watch _ dogs 2 isn't actually that bad, r6 siege isn't either. They're not doing everything wrong.
  2. I smell fan boy around here. Nvidia isn't so far away, they have competition from low to mid range as of yet, just zs they said Polaris would do and they have Vega for upper tier. While we don't know much about how it'll perform in games, we know that it has particularly smart features nvidia doesn't have at all, and those innovation are the one weighting in the balance in the end. Why? Because their cards last longer, and outperform their competitors through time. For smart consumers that means less or at least not forced update cycles and so on. That rewards the consumer, and this is why they have a better branding morally, and in the long run that counts as long as they keep nvidia at arms length, which they have done for years now, because that makes consumer accept to wait a bit longer etc. As for the professional market, amd innovation are pretty relevant for that segment even more so than for gaming, and most importantly, intel wants a chunk of that Market and they have so much more resources to do so that you see their fgpa competing quite significantly with nvidia raw horsepower offering, because ultimately sheer performance will always be shadowed by smart performance. So I don't think so nvidia is so far away of touch. They have competition basically everywhere else than the high end gpus, which Vega will soon attempt to compete with, which shows they're not in a situation to be lazy and wait for real competition since it's already here. Since he clearly have a worship of nvidia, he won't believe that interpretation which is more literal anyway.
  3. Well I don't deny that, but they had a response as well, but not as drastic because the surplus amd get from gpu isn't enough to compensate the overwhelming r&d budget difference between intel and amd on the cpu side, hence them not being as afraid as nvidia could be.
  4. Amd has overall a better image quality I found. Runs smoother but it feels less crisp (a bit cheap in a way). So I guess both have their strengths. Well a budget 1080ti would be quite crushing for nvidia.. Nvidia sure look like they're milking people with the same thing for... like 3 years now though.
  5. They played somewhat safe because they didn't knew how ryzen would sell. Now that they know it sells fairly well, they know they am have extra budget for both r&d dept and therefore can go the extra mile. The cpu market is ten times larger than the gpu market, that secured them financially. It isn't impossible for them to go back and dethrone nvidia. They can push extra money on the gpu dept and gradually come back. They won't inverse the tendance right away, but two generations of superior product in a row should suffice to make up their brand image. Unless they expect Vega up to 1080 ti territory? And what platform are you referring to exactly ? The success of zen is a promise of a smoother sail for shareholders and therefore looser budgets than previously when the situation was meh-ish. While nvidia has cash, they haven't made so much innovation for quite a while now since pascal is almost only maxwell on a smaller node. That may show some frailty on their part. I don't think either they release anything just yet, but mostly because they just can't since it's not finished. Arm probably won't ever take over the laptop segment for instance, because of compatibility and overall maximum performance. But I agree for the apu part.
  6. Because they're seriously afraid of AMD? I saw someone pointing out that the CPU market is so much more lucrative, and therefore Ryzen success gives an edge to amd in terms of r&d budget on the long term, which hasn't happened for a while (explaining why nvidia could be consistently ahead for a few years). Therefore nvidia would be trying to milk customers as much as they can before amd comes back in a big way and takes the lead. That could explain the new release of the titan Xp, and could be a motivation to cash on a new architecture even it's unfinished or tweak able to be better.
  7. Hello there, I am currently enrolling in a master's degree program in computer science, but I still have the choice of the school in which to pursue said degree. I have a broad idea of what I want to do afterwards, and I was hoping someone could have additional insights to help me choose. I know I want to work in r&d, and my areas of interest are computer graphics, AI, and hardware design (on a more software sided approach). I could work in companies like AMD/Intel/Nvidia/Arm etc, as well as in EA/Ubisoft/Valve etc. Or in research labs of IBM/Google etc.. The best options I have are the two swiss federal schools (EPFL and ETHZ) and i was wondering if one had an edge on the other for the specific areas, since they seem to be similarly placed on a lot of things.
  8. In the last two one it was okay I found. Okay she still has some left, but it doesn't look unnatural
  9. Why having women as lead character unpleasing for the majority of men? @manikyath it does tend to get less stereotyped with increased realism. Looking at the tomb raider games for instance. We got used to character looking somewhat realists, which tend to make our eyes go mad when proportion are suggestively inappropriate
  10. As loud as a Veyron, but.... less powerful
  11. To be fair, cs go doesn't handle well low framerate independently of server tickrate. You can try it with bots on a powerful machine, like I did. I had to go around 120-160 fps not to feel any input lag, even though I was locked at whatever the fps cap was at, since it would have gone up to 300+ fps otherwise anyway. Surprisingly it was like that even with a 60 fps monitor, and a 144 Hz monitor of a friend of mine.
  12. Some people call me crazy because I cap it at 140 fps, because I don't need it to go at 3 to 6 hundreds fps... nice community indeed
  13. Apparently China will get 128 tick server as well... (on another slide of that presentation ) That's kinda ridiculous that they have it but we don't
  14. Banking apps randomize the layout of keys to press so that makes that approach impractical ! That could be useful for passwords for social media and so on, but that accuracy you guess might be overestimated due to a lot of variations. Whether you have a huge phone or not, which keyboard layout you have (actually being french might fuck part of their system up since we have azerty keyboard and not qwerty). You have to take into account how people take their phones (one hand or two), if they are left handed or not, and so on. That creates a lot of variety which could help fool their algorithm.
  15. Your post made me think of how jedis are so damn op in star wars battlefront (this isn't a rpg, but man do I hate this game mechanic in that game because it makes sense they might be overpowered)