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  1. It may be because ubisoft doesn't intend you to buy everything, and that won't lead you to having a more expensive game. I haven't played for honor, but if it's anything like R6 siege, you get the important stuff and the rest is just nice to have but not necessary. I'd argue EA is worse with their dlcs because you get significantly less playable content and it's still a full priced game. And by the reasoning, hating on ubisoft for this should lead to hating on valve for cs go, but nobody is doing it
  2. That's because vlc was a student project 20 years ago
  3. Old people because they don't know any better? Look at the absurdities you can sometimes see on this forum from people interested techs. Imagine how it can be with regular people and for change averse elderlies
  4. Buy an alarm clock? More seriously, you put it on flight mode without charging it? In my experience, overnight the battery drops less than 5% in flight mode, so you can charge those 5 percent in the morning if necessary? It doesn't charge, but the battery drops a bit so it starts charging again a bit sometimes, and that spark could suffice if the charger is bad or whatever.
  5. Only charge phones when not sleeping? I haven't let my phone charge overnight for basically... 2 years. When it's off and not charging the risk is minimized. Not cheap on components is indeed necessary as well. You don't need to sleep with the phone close, you can put it away on the desk for instance. Basically, not letting people falling asleep while using their phone, because their sleep cycles might be delayed because of that
  6. Well, in this case it's China, they're known to like cheaper version of everything, so what goes around comes around... There are also a few ways to prevent this kind of accident with precaution. And that's why the discussion on whether child should have one is present, it's because they don't know any better when it comes to safety.
  7. Why the fuck would a 5 year old have a phone anyway? I second your hypothesis, those accidents have been happening for years to be fair. I remember a girl in my city who started a fire with her iPhone (the first one). She left it charging overnight in her bed, it overheated and caught fire. Why was her phone on at night? Why was it in her bed in the first place? Why had she a smartphone at her age? All the questions that should pop up in court when they sue.
  8. People seem to forget any 80ti card from nvidia is a rebranded titan nowadays, that pascal was just maxwell with a smaller node which gave better clocks. Talk about a refresh... If amd wants to push the old chips with significantly better overclock, to help refining their manufacturing process and achieve good clocks for Vega to crush pascal, it could make sense. Besides, you put a 480 at the same clocks as a 1060, and you've got a significantly better card from amd.
  9. Yeah for half the planet it won't be available without huuuge shipping fees; so I stand by my statement .
  10. Wait to see the actual prices in stores to say it's a good bargain
  11. Ahah when seen in a proper course it feels more natural, because you see the problem and try to solve it and you end up building softly or logistic functions As for the notations I hear you! I had the same issue with differential geometry.. Hmm yeah that works well with other methods (you can drop data points or features randomly as well to see if it's better (which is a common method for random forests )). I heard about boosting methods for random forest which could be implemented with neural networks, have you seen that? Edit: read through the first article in Google search which is the first in Google scholar and it seemed appropriate enough to share it with you to illustrate what I asked right above (here is the Link to the pdf). Oh and have you tried convoluted nodes and node pools? Works good with image since those can have the same features when a translation is applied. It could make sense in your case since the words can be placed at different places in the sentence. (It depends on your representation of the data though (does the order count in yours?))
  12. That and even a machine can't understand what the fuck is going on in obscure parts of windows source code To the OP, a few countries are thinking about universal wages to prepare for the loss of employment due to automation. France has a candidate who strongly fight for it (for the wrong reasons, but still).
  13. I was just teasing a bit since every multi-layer perceptron can be represented as a single layer one. It's just that the transformation is non trivial and a real pain Anything between 85 and 95% should be well enough i guess. You don't want to necessarily overfit. Even with your SVM results you were pretty much spot on, tweaking it could've yielded a good enough result without over fitting on the data too much. That was my biggest mistake during my first kaggle project, hence my emphasis on that advice! (Purposely over fitting is a good exercice though)
  14. Ahah you didn't wanted to do a one layer perceptron ? Does everything converge correctly?
  15. Is there the same issue with image quality as in for honor?