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  1. Tested without the switch, everything works now. It was just the connector.. I'm just going to hide in shame somewhere. Oh well, I'm sure the new connectors will come into use at some point
  2. I just tested with the Switch after the router. Router > Switch > cable to pc. Did not get a signal. Went "fuck it, let's crimp on ANOTHER connector". I don't know if it's the Switch after the router, or the new connector again. ( I checked the previous connector thoroughly, seemed ok ), but it's working now. :P Time to download all the things. Will troubleshoot later on again with a direct connection. I am using shielded connectors. Do I just need to make sure the shield from the cable touches the metal shielding from the connector?
  3. I don't think anything is grounded tbh. I just peal back the shielding and clip that off to put the connector on. It's not running close to power lines though. I purchased shielded because I figured, why not. Seemed like a good idea at the time, sounded "safer".
  4. I realized I used Cat7 RJ45 connectors. Not sure if it makes a difference, but found that some of the pins were not perfectly lined up with the cables. So while it is sending/receiving signals on all 8 cables, it might not be strong enough? Ordered some new ones to test.
  5. No, I don't have another computer or router unfortunately. I have added a switch in between though. PC to Switch = 1000mbps. But actual speeds are limited to 100mbps. I'm currently crimping the ends of the leftover of that Cat6 I have, and will see if I can run that in-house between the rooms to test. Sadly not really in a position to move PC around (WFH, I need the PC online :P). I'm guessing I'll have to replace the Cat6 cable, but hope to find other solutions as removing the current and re-running it again will cost my quite a bit of time and money. T568B. I tried A as well to see if that somehow made a difference (did not). Both ends are the same yes. I can confirm this with the tester I use as well, as it sends a signal through each wire in the cable. So it shows "Sending signal 1" and at the other end "receiving signal 1". That is repeated through all 8 wires (so easy to spot if a wire a connector is not crimped properly, or if the ends are mismatched (in which case it could be something like, "sending signal 1" and at the other end "receiving signal 4".
  6. Hi all, My Cat6 cable is not running at 1000mbps (limited to 100mb), but with a tester shows that all 8 wires are working properly (signal sent/received on both ends on all 8 wires). The light at the back of the router (where the cable plugs in) shows Orange instead of Green. Help TLDR: I moved into my new house late last year, and as of a few months ago started working from home full time. As a result, I moved my computer from the living room to the other side of the house for more privacy. We had not done anything in regards to re-cabling the house, so I just had an old Cat5e cable running around the house to connect my PC. That cable worked fine, gave me full 1000mbps connection (have a 1 GB fibre connection).That literally went out an air duct above a window, around the outside of my house, back into the house through the letterbox at the front door, through the hallway and into the front room where my new office is. That was a good temporary solution, but not a permanent one. So I ordered 100meter of Cat6 Shielded External cable. I crimped both ends to test the line with a tester, and it showed signals on all 8 wires. I never tested to see if it would run at 1GB though, kinda just assumed it would. Now I connected that through my house (Goes out a wall, up the side of my house (hence external shielded), into my attic, over my attic, out the other side, down the side of the house and through the wall back inside). It works, but noticed it's limited to 100mbps. I've recrimped both ends, same result. I'll measure the cut-off I have left over, as I did not use all 100meters, guessing maybe 40 to 50 (I think it should carry a 1GB signal over 100 meters though, before it drops off). halp
  7. Insanely cool tech, with some real world applications as well. Loved the little short beyond the basic product viewing itself. =)