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  1. thelude

    So my EKWB Predator 360 leaked...

    Man that blows. Thats a lot of expensive parts you have there. Keep on trying to see if EKWB will pay for those damage parts. According to them they are trying to help all affected customers. Good luck.
  2. Swiftech showed some new AIO at CES. Updated their H series of AIO. Looks nice. http://www.swiftech.org/FINAL_KS_AIO.pdf
  3. I have received this game yesterday from bestbuy thru preorder. Doesn't this game released on Friday? Should I play this now or wait till friday. Will Sony ban me for playing this early? What should I do? Thanks.
  4. Walmart Anniversary Sale (Canada) starting this Thursday. Whats included: -Xbox One 500gb -BF Hardline -Fifa 16 -Lego Movie Game -Rare Replay -12 months of EA Access (another 10ish games) $350 Best deal I've seen since the Xbone launch.
  5. thelude

    Which Ultrawide Monitor?

    watching all of the Hobbits again. So freaking awesome.
  6. thelude

    Which Ultrawide Monitor?

    Bought the Dell UltraSharp U3415W. Simply amazing.
  7. Found out it is license from swiftech.
  8. Guess I didn't see the news.... Lock thread plz!
  9. Has anyone seen this. Can Thermaltake even sell this in North America?
  10. thelude

    Radeon FURY X reviews suppository

    Didn't AMD say its going to be overclockers dream. And how does Nvidia gpu clock so high. My 970 can hit 1.5ghz.
  11. thelude

    Radeon FURY X reviews suppository

    He is currently OCing. Doesn't look good. Boost is 1050 (According to spec sheet). He got it up to 1100-1120. Anything above 1150 is crashing.
  12. thelude

    Radeon FURY X reviews suppository

    This is not mine. This is from royfrosty on another forum. He got the FuryX early and did some bench. Looks comparable to 980TI? SoM 1440p SoM 4K Heaven Bench
  13. thelude


  14. thelude

    Free Domino's Pizza [1 code] GL!

    I live in canada so no dice here. boo. oh well. good luck to whoever use it.
  15. thelude

    Free Domino's Pizza [1 code] GL!

    Congratulations. Here's your code valid for one free Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza. This code must be used online, and is for carryout only: NONO15A-WDXD6RZXX7 Enter this code in the coupon codes section of Dominos.com or on any of Domino's mobile or tablet applications to redeem Expires soon.