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  1. Does anyone know hoe to remap/configure a RGB header on a MSI motherboard.? I have the z270 m7 with a cablemod led kit, but the green and blue pins are swapped on the header/leds.
  2. Added some custom reservoir mounts, a new Alphacool pump, and a new draining system to the loop. If anyone is interested in seeing this let me know ;P
  3. Grab a buddy's psu and try it out with your system. My best recommendation for troubleshooting a non booting pc would be isolate the problem. Most of my issues have just been with dead psu and motherboards. How old is your psu?
  4. 59-65 c is perfectly fine. Done be worried unless you get above 80-85c.
  5. Has definitely crossed my mind. The main thing preventing me from currently doing so is that I just bought all of these compression fittings. Do not currently want to switch all the fittings for hardline tubing. I probably will down the line when I upgrade the system.
  6. Added some red corsair fans, adjusted the placement for my leds, and got avexir 8gb x 2 kit. Any suggestions on what I could possible do next would be appreciated.
  7. Yah I saw the video today of him draining his loop. I think it's awesome that he's working with mayhem to hell troubleshoot the problem. I'm interested in what the actual problem could possibly be. I'll be adding pictures of my rig after each significant change.
  8. It would be a bitch, and I do not know if you would have room, but it would be sick if you could do some pass-through fittings into the PSU basement and have the pump down there. I personally like to hide my pump, but its definitely personal preference. Good build man.
  9. That definitely crossed my mind. I thought about going with pastel coolant, but after Jays experience with them I decided to go with "non-staining" dye and distilled water. I will probably switch to pastel fluid when I get another 970, I wasn't too satisfied with the result of this dye. The amount of the dye that I had to put in this loop was far more than anticipated.
  10. The reservoir is far darker than I would like.