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  1. jackreading007

    re-instilling windows 10

    Great, thanks bud.
  2. jackreading007

    re-instilling windows 10

    i have 4 drives, ca i just delete the drive that the OS is on and keep all my games and programs on my other hard drives. would this be ok or is it better to delete everything with a fresh install?
  3. i was planning on upgrading my gpu but dont know if my cpu or ram can handle it. im planning on playing fps games at high refresh rates at 1080p for now and then eventually going to 1440p. i have a 6700k at 4.5gh and ddr4 2400 (15-15-15-35).
  4. jackreading007

    PUBG G sync input lag/latency

    do you prefer to use g sync or not and why? ive been using g sync for the last 6 months but was trying it with it off. i can not really see as clear when panning but the input latency and everything just feel more snappy as my refresh rate is consistent and not dropping with my frames. i have a 240 hz monitor and this is probably why when i put g sync on and get from 120-150, sometimes dips to 100.now im just thinking that its probably better to have it off so that my game feels "consistently snappy". what are the best ways to run g sync? maybe a lower frame cap so there is not as much fluctuation on frame times? im not a input latency freak or anything, anything is better than a 60hz. but when theres so much d sync in the game already i just think this ads another layer of issues (input lag)?
  5. jackreading007

    high SA an IO voltages?

    ive got io down 1.12 but sa at 1.24? would that be ok?
  6. when i overclock my ram using memory try it on my msi z170 m5 it sets the SA an IO voltage of my 6700k to 1.25. it shows up in red for a warning, is this safe and what are safe voltages?
  7. 6700k msi z170 m5 hyper x fury ddr4 2400 16gb when i try the memory try it function in my bios it loads the memory i set it at but my SA and IO voltage shoot up into warning zone. what is a safe io and sa voltage for the 6700k?
  8. jackreading007

    144hz monitors

    can you set a 144hz monitor refresh rate to 60 ?
  9. jackreading007

    arma 3 screen jitter/freezing

    hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me. im getting really choppy and freezing gameplay when playing online on arma3. my pc should be able to handle the game so i dont know whats going on, it seems to be when its demanding scene or its loading things in. sometimes its so bad the game will just crash and theres a black screen, esc works simetimes or logging out. i7 6700k msi gtx1070 16GB 2400 ddr4 hyper x fury installed on 250gb ssd
  10. jackreading007

    ram is maxing out on new build

    it wont show anything as ive restarted my pc . my non page pool keeps increasing until my pc uses up all its ram. ive mainly noticed it when downloading, every mb that i download just adds to my non page pool untill i have to restart my pc. ive gone into the registry and changed ndu value or something from 2 to 4 and it seems to have stopped my downloads going towards my non page pool. still creeping up though. very slow i must say, use the pc all day and dosent hit a gb but it dosent decrease when i close my programs and am idle
  11. jackreading007

    RAM Hogging HELP, this can't be normal!

    i cnt advise you sorry, ive just fixed my problem with my non page pool getting so high my ram maxes out and my pc crashes. its my first pc build and no one could help me on this forum lol had to do it all my self via youtube. my compressed memory was the thing flashing orange at the top of my processes. found out from that about page pools and then so on. does sound like a memory leak though id say. if it is google that is using up your ram on your processes then try googling about or youtube it for a solution to a google memory leak
  12. jackreading007

    RAM Hogging HELP, this can't be normal!

    you have a memory leak id say, check out your non page pool memory on task manager it will be unnder performance and memory then will say page pool and non page pool. when you open internet windows or download it will fill it up and not get rid of it. im still working on this fix myself
  13. jackreading007

    ram is maxing out on new build

    its a fresh build.
  14. jackreading007

    ram is maxing out on new build

    because its at 99% my system and compressed memory is the problem id say, always been the lead indicator from the 3 times its happened now, always flashed orange. yes system and compressed memory, so therefore i am not being able to utilise my ram.
  15. jackreading007

    ram is maxing out on new build

    16gb so enough