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    diabloinfinnity reacted to Kalm_Traveler in best ram for 9700k   
    Generally 3200mhz CL14 is the sweet spot for Skylake-architecture-based CPUs in my experience.
    I went for 4000mhz CL17 on my new 9900ks rig mostly just for fun. Was running 3200mhz CL14 on a previous 9900k rig and honestly I can't tell any performance difference. I tested that 9900k rig with 2666mhz CL15 and could tell it was a bit slower than the 3200mhz CL14 though.
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to Vejnemojnen in best ram for 9700k   
    Crucial Ballistix Sport LT  -3200mhz cl16 : not uncommon to reach even 3800-4000 MHz @CL16 . They are Micron E-die sticks, with great potential for overclocking 
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    diabloinfinnity got a reaction from Ben17 in best ram for 9700k   
    what ram should I buy for a 9700k? 
    im getting my friends 9700k and was wondering what ram I should pair with it to get as high fps as I can in games like pubg and Escape from tarkov and battlefield ?
    worth getting 3600 cl16?
    its coming with 2666 cl15
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to SgtKenzo in Bottleneck?   
    I doubt it...
    If anything, the GTX 1060 is gonna bottleneck the 3700X
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to Slottr in new cpu and mobo, can i keep my games?   
    Yeah exactly. So say if the games in steam, you'll have to tell steam where to find the game files. It's super easy
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to Fasauceome in NEW GAMINNG CPU   
    The ryzen 5 3600 is the budget gaming king right now, for an improvement over your 6700K it's what I recommend. 
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to homeap5 in re-instilling windows 10   
    No, you cant. All programs, even installed on external drives, writes their configurations on C drive. Some even need special registry entries to work. You'll loose almost all configurations, game saves (except when you use cloud save) etc. Clean install should be your last option if your system works really bad and you don't know how to fix it. Otherwise try to fix real problems. If you don't know how - ask us.
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to 21rkosta in Is this site legit?   
    will the site actualy let you download the game- yes
    is it legal- probobly not
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to CobbleWalker in GTX 1080   
    Do you have a 1080 and are complaining about performance, or are you just curious. Having both 8 pin connectors in is really the only way you should run the card.
    Edit: Just realized there aren't any cards out with 2 8 pins, so you're just asking. I'd advise you run the 1080 with both 8 pins, as you really shouldn't run it with one, although you can. 
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    diabloinfinnity reacted to Enderman in SSDs and RAID 0 Questions   
    then its not the second SSD making it faster, its the clean install
    adding a second SSD without raid literally does nothing to your boot speed
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    diabloinfinnity got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in Best Graphics Card   
    ok well i guess im going for the 390 lol . Now i know what gpu im going for any idea on the model, i.e EVGA or MSI. 
    i see so many going between £200-£300, is there a sizeable difference?