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  1. looking to get a second monitor for my setup,I have a 240hz tn for competitive shooters. was wondering what the bets monitor is out there for some immersive single player games. should I go ultrawide 1440p? im thinking a curve would be nice. but then with them new 1ms nano ips displays should I grab that? what are peoples thoughts?
  2. what ram should I buy for a 9700k? im getting my friends 9700k and was wondering what ram I should pair with it to get as high fps as I can in games like pubg and Escape from tarkov and battlefield ? worth getting 3600 cl16? its coming with 2666 cl15
  3. currently own a cheap 144hz 1080p TN. play fps games and rpg's mainly ips vs tn? big difference ? would love a ips for rpg games but would I regret it when palying shooters like Rainbow six?
  4. so I should go any higher? 3000 cl16 seems to be stable at 1.37? and how can I check the heat as the pot above mentions? cnt find dram temp anywhere?
  5. i have my memory at 1.35 v at 2800 will that be ok. new to overclocking memory and i know that's stable aslong as that voltage is safe. all i can find is it saying niece a cool voltage at 1.2 on the internet
  6. at 4.9gh 1.315 v and some cores hitting 85? fans on full blast. I'm getting abit nervous. any ideas? no workers failed yet 20mins later. like with prime 95 my fans ramp up at some point during the test every now ad the and that's when im at 85 will cpu heavy games brig me to the same temp or would this just be prime 95
  7. should that be enough? thought a bad mount might have done it. should I use prime 95 to stress test? I have my ddr4 overclocked with 1.35v to so maybe that's why temps are higher
  8. but for basically idle on the web and downloading a game its abit high right? with my 6700k at 4.6 id have 26-30 idle and 65-70 under load? TEMPS UNERLOAD FOR 5 MINS
  9. just got the 9700k and had a nightmare fitting my dh15, sliding about everywhereee. think I need to reseat it? at 5GH 1.32V
  10. will be fine. just make sure you have 3200 cl16 and should be happy with your build. if a gaming machine id recommend the 9700k.
  11. fixed all my problems in bfv and borderlands 3. can anyone else test this? maybe low latency mode broken in off state in dx 11?
  12. what's the new low latency mode set to in nvidia control panel?
  13. ok kl thanks, and by that do you mean just finding the location of the game file?
  14. my os is on a m.2 and I have 3 ssd's that just have games on and some monitoring software.
  15. getting a new mobo and cpu tomorrow, can I just make a fresh install and re attach my game drives after and everything will be ok? or will my games stutter and just a bad idea?
  16. yh not on a budget but just wondering if there's something worth waiting for. I was waiting for amd but intel still holds top in games. 8 core last longer than my 4 core did?
  17. Hi I have a 6700k currently and am sick and tired of the bottleneck in bigger games such as ghost recon and bfv. what's my best option here? - 2080 with a 165hz monitor
  18. When I turn down volume on headset it turns down my volume in windows os. is it better to have my game volume maxed and use windows volume or visa versa ?
  19. I have hyper x fury ddr4 2400 15 15 15 35. as ram speeds are becoming more important whats a decent upgrade from this. would 3200 16 18 18 39 be decent?
  20. it says hpet is not installed in device manager, but in my bios its on. should i enable it in device manager or maybe disable it in the bios. are these settings conflicting each other? first pc build sorry.
  21. i have 4 drives, ca i just delete the drive that the OS is on and keep all my games and programs on my other hard drives. would this be ok or is it better to delete everything with a fresh install?