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  1. It sounds like an ok idea but as some people have said, the cost of doing this would be enormous and the UK doesn't really have the hugest amount of money in the world. But also think about all the delays in peoples days if they are traveling down the motorway, only recently the Highway's Agency has started work on a motorway near to where I live and are working to turn it into a 'Smart Motorway' which is to make travel times reduced and less congestion on motorways, now whilst they are doing this work which is reported to take at least 2 years to complete, people who are traveling on the motorway are experiencing delays and there is more congestion on the motorways. So if they did add this project onto the 'Smart Motorway' then it would cause more problems because the public do not like the delays and sometimes the wireless electric charging might not be what most people need because there is more petrol car's still on the roads than there are electric or hybrid cars.
  2. We've just done that and now we can't enable it again after holding it down
  3. So my dad bought a wireless mouse for his laptop a few weeks ago and it seemed to work just fine until after a week it stopped working properly so he decided to unplug it from the laptop and use the trackpad, however the trackpad didn't work even with the wireless mouse receiver unplugged and today he's gone out and bought another mouse but still the trackpad is not working so I come here to seek answers and solutions to this problem. Dad's Laptop- Toshiba Satellite L850-1EK
  4. So I was scrolling down my facebook and came across this from my friend and as you can see by the photo he's looking for a new PC, now many of us have told him to look at getting a custom built one and thats why I have turned to you lot on the forum to give me a hand in helping him with this
  5. HP Pavilion 500-319na is the system name
  6. as I said in the post a hp case that had a system in already until I swapped out the motherboard and processor, its around the size of a micro atx case
  7. i5 4690k and yeah im open to other uk shops
  8. cpu cooler, how could I have forgotten and I am shopping at www.scan.co.uk my budget is no more than £50
  9. Hello fellow people of the linus tech tips forum, I have been shopping around for upgrades for my pc and I am looking for a new cooler I originally wanted to put in a AIO system but my case wouldnt support one (my case is some hp one) so ive decided to go for an air cooler but I dont know what to choose. I want something that is silent and so I am able to install it easily as I have quite large hands. Hope I get some good suggestions from some of you
  10. spends £1000 on top spec laptop, ends up burning house down whilst playing farcry 4 on ultra settings causing at least £5000 worth of damage